What is the highest daring promise of his life?

Today is 9th marriage anniversary of Sia and Naren. All of them are eagerly waiting for them. Sia’s three sister-in-law seems the happiest among all. They were decorating the room and bed with roses for their one and only respectable brother and sister-in-law. Yes, today they are in real mean going to spend their first night of marriage. Sia is holding her breath while waiting for her adorable husband, her one and only idol of her life.

Why they took so long time to begin this new life?


Sia belonging to a very rich family, where her parents and 3 elder brothers along with their families loves her a lot as she is the only daughter of 3 elder brothers. Sia just completed her higher secondary exams.

Her 3 brothers were quite established in their family business and were living a happy life along with their wives and kids. Among 3 brothers Sia’s elder brother voice is the final one just after her father.

Naren who was the neighbor of Sia. Both had an intense affair since childhood, about which almost all were aware. Naren who belonging from a poor family whose mother died long back. He has 3 younger sisters and his father had a small tea stall. He is pursuing his 2nd year of commerce. He takes tuition class for bearing the expense of the education of his own and his 3 sisters.

Naren is the ultimate hope for his father. As a poor father his only concerned was about his 3 daughters’ marriage. So, if he would get a good job after completion of his degree then this crisis might get end substantially. Now only a year away when Naren and his family was waiting anxiously for his completion of education.

But Naren had always a fear that Sia’s family would never be going to approved their relationship, while Sia blindly believes upon her brothers. For her, if in future her parents would go against this relationship, then at least her 3 brothers would be convinced her parents and rest all family members because she had a faith that her 3 brothers never let her cry at any cost.

Among 3 brothers Sia is the only sister, so she was most lovable for them and here among 3 sisters Naren is the only brother, so obvious that he too the apple of his sisters’ eyes.

As all were aware of the affair of Sia and Naren where they have strongly opposed this relationship. For them, Naren is not at all eligible for Sia as per their status and standard, so at any cost, they not gave acceptance to this relationship.

Now Sia’s parents and brothers decided to fix up her marriage as soon as, so they already started searching for a well rich groom, because at any cost her parents want to get released their daughter from Naren’s gripping of love.

Sia was so strong in her decision that she prefers to die but would never be going to compromise with her love. Sia and Naren were in intense true love, where the rejection from their family could never allow them to take their step back from their decision of marriage. Both are strongly determined to face the hurdles that would come in their way.

Here Sia’s family already fix up her marriage without her consent and finalized the date too with a well rich groom.

Naren now very desperately came to her house to ask her hand from her parents. He told his parents that he loves their daughter and wants to marry her with their acceptance but before that he needs one year time for his establishment on his own feet.

By listening to his daring confession about love and marriage proposal towards their sister, Sia’s elder brother slapped Naren in front of her whole family. They humiliated him by triggering their richness and his poor status, which made him cry in front of all but he told one word before leaving that if he loved her truly and purely then none could separate them. But none is ready to listen to his voice because at any cost they want to throw him from Sia’s life.

Now for both Sia and Naren, only one option left and that to get married as soon as unless Sia’s brother would give her marriage with some other else as per their status and standard without bothering for Sia’s love and happiness.

At last, they both got married after a long fight in the absence of their family and relatives. Only Naren’s 3 or 4 friends were there as a witness for their marriage registration.

A storm came just after that incident as it was quite expected, but both are now so bold and desperate that they became fearless.

Sia’s whole family along with her parent’s withdrawal their all relations with Sia for forever. Even her elder brother slapped her and now when he raised his hand on Naren then Sia strongly hold her elder brother’s hand against slapping to Naren by telling that ‘’brother you have full right to slap me forever but don’t dare to raise your hand ever against him as of now he is my husband.’’

She stands like a wall in front of Naren to protect him against her family. Her entire family not only abused Naren but also his family too. She defied them.

After a long battle of tussle, they together begin the new journey of life. For Sia, it does not so easy to swallow this agony of her family’s partition of relation from her for forever. This detachment shattered her substantially.

Now Naren is the one and only who with his utmost love and caring could help her to come out from this trauma. Their new journey of life now waiting to show them the real hard path of life.

Now the question arises that whether Sia could able to cope with this new hard rock of life? Let’s see…..in her new beginning ……

Naren’s whole family’s expense depends on his father’s tea stall, but as he grown up to 15 years of age, started taking tuition. So, that at least he could be carried the weight of expense of the education of his own and his 3 sisters. He was a meritorious student since his childhood by holding the grading above 80%.

Naren’s loves his 3 younger sisters as like a mother more than an elder brother. He tolerates their all naggings and pampers them just like a mother because he never wants to realize them the absence of their mother in their life for a second too.

His sisters too love blindly to their one and only brother. Whatever they need always raised their hands in front of their big brother not even to their father also.

So just after married, he took a hard and daring decision which not only amazed Sia but also gave a new way to explore Naren’s new character because as of now she only habituates to see him as a lover …mate.

Naren told her at marriage first night that ‘’ now he had the dual responsibility in his life first is Sia and next is his family. As of now, his priority is to settle his 3 younger sisters’ life by giving marriage to them, so until and unless he could do that, he would never be going to sleep with Sia. This hardest promise he did with himself.’’

What made Naren take such rigid promise of physical detachment from Sia, even after being legally married to her?

The feeling of guilt in front of his sisters and father forced him to do that. As an elder brother, he always wished that only after giving marriage to his 3 younger sisters then only he would marry Sia, not before that but due to Sia’s families’ pressure upon her which forced him to marry her early before his established on his own feet.

Sia always supported him like a perfectly understandable partner.

Naren now stopped going college just after the next day of their marriage because now the circumstances forcing him to earn and take the responsibility of his wife and family. Now he goes every day for the interview to get a job. But who is going to give him a good salaried job, as he not yet completed his Graduation, so withholding the mark cards of his higher secondary he started roaming here and there for a job.

He can’t wait for getting a job so started working as a newspaper vendor, taking more tuitions. He just working like a mad since morning 5 am to 10 pm. He not even bothered for a while too about his own future and career.

Though he left his study he not at all compromised his 3 sisters along with Sia’s education career

Finally, he got a job of a salesman in a private limited company but the salary was not so good, but he never showed his disrespect to any work whether to sell newspaper or tea or anything else.

So, after many years of struggle and suffering finally, the day come when now his 3 sisters got married after completion of their Graduation and well settled in their life happily.

In this long period of battle, Sia never ever exhausted from a moment too towards her husband’s decision. In fact, she idolized him and always supported him like an eternal soulmate, because for her it does not so ease that even after being married he preferred to live a bachelor life just because of his hardest promise, without escaping from his duty towards her.

Sia just amazed day by day by seeing such eternal bonding of brother and sister relationship. She always compares internally with Naren and his 3 elder brothers.

Here Naren who never thought for a second too about his happiness and desires, always his duties stand first then his priority. He alone settled his 3 younger sisters’ life by giving proper education and marriage, and their Sia’s 3 elder brothers couldn’t able to settle one younger sister’s life. For them, their happiness, name, and fortune always come first in the name of so-called status and society in front of their only sister’s happiness and life.

Naren not only married Sia but also established her in society by giving her higher education. In this way, they crossed their happy married life of 9 years without any physical bonding.

For Sia, Naren is the ultimate man in her life for whom not only she feels pride but also idolized him as an idol of her life.

‘’It is never too late to be what you might have been – said by George Eliot.’’


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