What is the meaning of an illegal affair?

 I was not so young to understand those…..but after seeing those do not know how to react. Then I thought if I say it to others would they rely on my said wordings? This is those thoughts which popped up in my mind just after that incident……..


14th May, the day when I first being humiliated by my relatives …year I not mentioned because it’s not so vital for you friends…only the date I mentioned as it’s imprinted on my mind profoundly.

It is the marriage function of my cousin sister when I was just in standard 8th. As its one of our close relative, so we went 2 days prior to the exact marriage date of 14th May. We both sisters were quite happy as our final exams were over a month ago so we could be allowed to enjoy the function at its full fledge. My both parents were employed; they took 4 days leave for that function.

I exactly not remembered total how many uncle and aunt had attended the function because we generally in our childhood failed to remember all of them along with their relationship with us means like whosoever is my father’s maternal aunt or my mother’s cousin brothers.

Generally, in such functions, we find that all guests as per their age and taste make their own small groups for making fun. My father loves to be with my uncles, mom with her cousin sisters and we both sibling too made a group as per our age group. I with teenagers group and sister with college going one. In this way, we all were ecstatically passed our 2 days.

Entering of main characters……..

Liya aunt who stays at abroad with her husband and 2 sons who were just married and not came for that function because they both were being engaged in their new project launch and her husband usually not preferred to attend such Indian functions where he forced to stay for 2 or 3 days. He once in a year visits India but Liya aunt often comes here for the sake of her relative’s function. We Indians always loves to give special preference and honor to those selective relatives who stay at abroad and we feel proud to introduce them to others.

Therefore, guests love to flock near her to have a clear view of her foreign lifestyle. In fact, Liya aunt carried herself in a very decent way; she looks quite attractive in her 55+ years of age. She always makeup herself from top to toe with all imported brands. I especially love her fragrance the imported perfume she used and her pendant an authentic Diamond which she wore all time.

Her dressing sense was quite bold than us she never bothered what others think about her such skin fitted stripeless tops with her trousers especially when all women wore sari at the marriage function. Maybe she wanted to mesmerize all by her looks. To be honest I too love her look and the way she maintained herself at that age. Not only her looks but also her way of talking also fascinated even a 1-year kid also. I do not think Liya aunt had also a single enemy in her life because her wordings would never hurt anyone.

Seems all male guests at least once wished to talk with her because they want to sit close to her. Why I blamed others when I found my father also being very friendly with her.

There like her someone else also present at that function who could compete her desperately, and that was Aadi, son-in-law of my uncle who came to attend his sister-in-law’s marriage. Aadi who was a ground engineer by profession stayed out of hometown has 8 years old daughter. I used to call him as Aadi bro, he loves to do pranks with all and none felt anything wrong in that because he was the son-in-law of that house. In fact, he was a prankster and mischievous person.

Moreover, he was so handsome that girls and women love to be with him. Many times, while doing pranks he used to touch girls like to touch her shoulder, back, belly even he kisses openly any woman at her cheeks and shoulders and to hug. I noticed that even no woman or girl felt bad when he used to do all those very openly in the name of his prankishness. In fact, for all of them he was very extrovert and prankster so none found anything wrong in all those.

Even he did jokes with me and sis too many times but we both know how to avoid such pranks because we always had the fear of my father as his rigid and strict attitude never allowed us to behaved such casual with boys. Therefore, in that case, we don’t want to spoil our enjoyment with our small mistake by accompanied him.

When both being introduced……

After the formal introduction of Liya aunt and Aadi, seemed the total ambiance refreshed once again. Earlier alone Liya aunt was the center of attraction in that ceremony but now she got her perfect accompanist. Both had that absorbent quality to come close very fast. Seems like both were missing that ambiance of each other. Now after make known to each other they both don’t felt that urge to talk or spend time with others that much engrossed they were in themselves.

Eve of the ceremony……..

All were shining in their ethnic wearing especially women who seemed just competing in their traditional makeover with others, I too wore blue and beige combo lehenga.  But among all ladies our Liya aunt when came out from the room, everyone glared at her for few seconds. She looks different for the first time she exposed herself with the ethnic wearing of mauve color sari along with sleeveless deep round cutting golden colored blouse, opened curled brown hairs, deep mauve lip color, golden high heels with her Kajal eyes looking just awesome.

I’m quite sure that day, none in that function after seen her in that gorgeous look couldn’t predict her exact age, in fact, her looks had been pretending that her age shouldn’t be more than 45 years.

Many of our relatives compliment her even my parents also. I too glorified her told ‘aunt you looking really good! Tell me from where you learned all those makeup tricks’… usually, teenagers have always that eager to learn such beauty tips from those whom they found best looking among all so that they could make over to self as like them. Because girls love to do makeup then what is wrong in that if I too asked her about her makeover secrets. My mother in her slow voice scolds me that ‘how voraciously I asked her so personal things openly and what she thinks that I don’t have any etiquette.’ I just ignored mother’s wordings by saying sorry to her.

Their Aadi who also looked enough handsome in his ethnic wearing of maroon sherwani with beige dupatta. His wife all time seemed busy with her daughter. Liya aunt acclaimed the couple by staring at Aadi that they were looking beautiful among rest other couples. Now in return, Aadi eulogized her by saying that ‘you are looking just awesome my electrifying young lady ….au…nt………’. Aadi’s wife smiled at her husband’s compliment.

I just shocked when………….

All of them were gathered at the hall surrounding the married couple as rituals were going on, priests chanted the phrases loudly, we girls were standing behind the bride carried flowers in hand. The priest then asked for garlands which were not their then one of my aunt suddenly told me to brought those garlands as it might be left inside the room.

I went straight to the room to brought the big tray of garlands while returning I heard some whispering noise coming out from next room.  I just tried to listen those wordings, while going close to the door heard that someone telling……..

 ‘’I was waiting for you and I know you too anxiously waiting for this moment. Come on Aadi …..hold me ….aa…….aa……..Aa…di….i never get such satisfaction in my life… bite me ………ohh Liya! I too need your everything. Don’t ‘bite liya…..its hurt…..uufff …..I just want to play …more…….aa….haaaa…….’’

I push the door I was just shocked by seeing those, my hands loosen it’s gripping and the garland’s big tray fallen from my hands ………speechless…. couldn’t’ believe my eyes. Liya aunt and Aadi brother were in nude doing what…..and their clothes were beside the bed.

They both became addled by getting me into their very intense private moment. Before they reacted to my presence, I just ran out from there. After seeing all those I just bemused, suddenly sister pushed me, she asked ‘where the garlands, I was just silent staring at her asked her wh..a.t? she again asked me where is your mind… you went inside for taking the garlands, then where its, as the priest is waiting …tell me? I replied her in a very low voice that ‘don’t know’ .. she told what are you saying then where you went? I don’t felt necessary to give her any reply because what I say to her when I not understanding what’s going on me.

It makes me bemused……………..

Suddenly Liya aunt told ‘’sorry Panditji (priest) for delayed, here are your garlands; she is not found those garlands might be she wouldn’t have searched it thoroughly. Now you may have solemnized the ritual.’’

She stood beside, I don’t know how to react on anyone’s comment then, she suddenly holds my hand and asked would you like to take some makeup tips from me, as I’m quite free now? I stared at her don’t know what to say her, she holds my hand strongly and took me away from the ceremony hall at outside garden near the artificial waterfalls and made me sat between her and Aadi.

She told me that if I spell out regarding those sequences about her and Aadi in front of anyone then it will be hazardous for my life. ‘’So whatever I had been seen behind the door it should be locked for forever in that room only  and if I tried to play trick with them by telling about their relationship to anyone then Aadi will tell to my parents and all guests that I tried to get close to him at behind the door and when Aadi refused me then I just in revenge mood spoiled his name along with Liya aunt  in the name of illegal affair.’’ Her threaten voice acted like an anesthetic upon me.

I was quite surprised by their original transparent nature. After that incident neither I talked with anyone nor I could make my mind with the situation. Throughout the function, all were enjoying except me because first time in my life I got humiliated and when I was aware that it’s not my mistake that I had seen them in that position but still I hadn’t any word to prove my innocence.

My mother and sister often asked me that either I had any fight with any of my friends or whether anyone told me anything. What I said to them when I really puzzled.

Next day when all guests were getting ready to leave my cousin’s house. Aadi bro and his wife came to say goodbye to all while leaving he just came to me and gave me a doll as a gift and in his low voice told me ‘’be grown up now my little cute baby doll, this is life and just enjoy it wherever you get and in whatever mode you get that just enjoy it fully, don’t ever sit for judge what’s good or worst just be with the time then only your all desires will come true.’’ I just had no words to say him in reply.

Liya aunt would leave at night as her flight timing  was at 10:45 pm, like others she too hugged our parents and sis but when tried to hug me I just back my  one step, she understood so hold my hand and gifted me imported perfume and whispered that ‘’never dare to spoiled her name as she was being so famous in all relatives for her well-mannered attitude, position and status and moreover who will came to believe on a school going 13 years of girl’s wordings.’’ I stared at her.

Just don’t know how to react…….

I remembered on my way at express train I sat in the window seat, and the whole long way just thought about them then suddenly my elder sister sat beside me just took that imported perfume from my hand and sprayed on her by seeing that I just snatched that perfume from her hand and throw them out of window along with that doll. She surprised asked me the reason for my such unusual arrogance towards that 2 gifts, where she also knows that how much I love the perfume when its imported one especially. I told her that the perfume is stinky one and the doll looks very ugly like a witch.

 What is the meaning of those terms?

Now after coming back my mind always tried to find out the meaning of particularly those words said by Liya aunt and Aadi bro which I heard from behind the door and those terms were ‘’satisfaction, hold me, bite me, need more, play…….’’ Those 5 terms really puzzled me. Because a 13-year-old girl defines those terms as per Oxford dictionary.

  • For me what more satisfaction Liya aunt needs in her life as she had everything in her posh life then she told about which satisfaction?
  • Why Liya aunt and Aadi bro told that same word ‘’hold me’’ …….. as I remembered they both were quite fit and healthy then from where they both had been falling?
  • Why again both used the same word ‘’bite me’’….. for me, if I bite my sister while doing fight then mother just shouted at me for that then why they both bite each other as they were not at all fighting like we kids do usually then what need of bite and why?
  • I need more chocolates and ice crème when it comes to my choice able eatery items then what they both needs as on that day in buffet dinner more than 45 items was their then about what needs they were asking?
  • And lastly ‘’Play’’ it’s really made me laugh on this particular term as I played the whole day with my friends at the garden on those days but why they want to play and that’s too in closed-door means which indoor game they want to play?

Hope friends now you can understand that for a 13 years old girl its toughest to interpreted those terms as per her age and circumstance. Many times, I tried to say those things to my sister, friends, mother but every time I failed as I really don’t know how to define those words and situation and moreover how could I uttered about anyone’s naked posture………yak KKK KKK

So, I left the idea to told anyone about that night incident due to insufficient knowledge about sex and physical relationship and its related vocabulary.

I was completely surprised about my Liya aunt’s nature because up to now I have known her as the most decent spoken one in her captative accent but she unfolds her mask now I just from my core of heart only hates her, in fact, she is the ugliest woman in my life I have ever seen. And their Aadi, for me he is the biggest flirter who by the name of his stupid pranks just searched out the way to mingle with women and to touch them as per his ease.

Now I really laughed at myself whenever those thoughts pop up in my mind means about that night bed scene, their physical sexual relationship and the situation when they both were so scared from a 13 years old girl that needed to threaten me.

Even once I tried to tell to my sister about that but when sister asked me that what I had seen then I felt so ashamed that even I couldn’t have uttered about their nude posture secrets to none.

 Earlier it’s suppressed in my mind where I failed to share those secrets with my closed ones. But today I have no fear of anyone because I’m now bold enough in my Blog ‘’BRAVERYTRUTH’’ where I have that freedom to tell those bitter truths of life where none have that daring to stop me from exposing or unmasking such characters.

Now friends if you also like me faced certain things in your personal life then you are always welcome to share with me through email …..I will wait for your comments.



  1. sachinukhrrjee says:

    I recently had the good fortune of reading your article garding an illigal unfair was well-written and contained sound, practical. You pointed out several things that I will remember for years to come. I look forward to reading your next atticle Thank you.

    1. braverytruth says:

      Sachinukhrrjee-Pleasure of mine too 🙂

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