What kind of qualities in women attract men?

Men Are Attracted to Valuable Women. Men fall in love with women through 7 main stages, which are Appreciation – Infatuation- The Attraction- Impression- Conviction- Reaffirmation- “I Love You”.

But, appearance is the first thing that attracts men. Then, men will steadily get to know the woman, mainly the personalities of her. There’s something so unbelievably sexy about a confident smart woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. So, somehow it can be said that the way men fall in love is from outside to inside.

Look at yourself as a color. You may not be everybody’s favorite color but one day you will meet someone who needs you to complete their picture.


For immediate attraction to men or women, there are 4 S’s in any situation…

  • Straight – Have the confidence to stand up straight.
  •  Smile – Show an enjoyment of life and welcome attention.
  • Style – Show something unique.
  •  Something – Every person has something they are particularly attracted to. Is it red hair, tallness, sexy shoes, spicy smell or geeky glasses? That is the mystery.

What attracts a man to a woman?…………

Face………. Appearance is the first thing that attracts men. She should be cute. The face is the most defining feature of Women, especially when they have big beautiful eyes. I don’t mean she should look cute, but be cute on the inside. She should be affectionate, funny, flirtatious, mushy and should make her man want to just hold her in his arms and never let go. But they still love that face, the spots, the freckles and every little imperfection on it. Maybe beautiful eyes, a crooked nose or deep dimples. They can find something so weird in the face, so beautiful, it blows your mind.

Curves………. Men love curves. they are programmed to respond to the softness of a woman’s body and demeanor in this sharp-edged world, and contrary to popular belief they are very much in love with the bothering love handles or embarrassing thighs. They don’t judge when they see curves.

Smile………. The smile is the best painkiller in life. Dealmaker. The ability to make another person laugh is a gift. That gift is indeed one of the most prized qualities in a woman that a man seeks. It fills him with happiness and energy. Being witty emphasizes quick thinking capabilities, which in turn alludes to intelligence. If you ever find a guy out of your league, just flash a smile, he will respond. Every man responds to a genuine smile. And again, not looking for a celebrity here. Just flash those gorgeous gems and see the magic. The smile is the only thing that attracts men to women and women to man. The smile is the most beautiful thing we are blessed with unless it is unbiased.

Happy ………… By the time a man is 25 or so, he should know that a happy girlfriend/wife is important. If it takes too much effort to keep a woman happy, because that’s not her natural state, many men will move on. They want a girlfriend, not another job. A happy woman is an amazing sight to see. The character trait of being happy is incredibly attractive. People, in general, are put off by melancholy and angst. A happy person is an attractive person because people want to be around them. This is true for both men and women.

Successful woman ……….. I think success is attractive to both sexes. There are many advantages but as far as relationships go, if a woman is busy and good at what she does, she will be happier and that helps at home too. This is provided she is also wise enough to not take out any work-related frustrations on her man but usually, the successful ones realize this. So it’s a good thing all around. Success, yes. As long as it is accompanied by confidence.

With success comes confidence, control, ambition. Those are all very attractive if you can handle them. I know men that portray confidence, success, power, but they surround themselves with smaller, weaker personalities. The same thing would happen with a successful woman in a relationship. An insecure guy wouldn’t be able to handle that, because they are not that, whether they pretend to be or not.

Directness ………….. Men really like women who mean what they say. Are you interested? Say it. Are you not interested? Say it. Saying no when you mean yes and saying yes when you are not fully interested removes any sort of trustworthiness that women have. Seriously, no games. Say what you mean. Like you, men don’t like to be played with.

Confident men use humor to see if she can be fun if she has a friendly, open-minded and welcoming personality. He will sexualize in his tone indirectly and directly to see if she is his equal but also if she can have fun.

Integrity ………….. If she is honest and has a nice soul, she is definitely a beautiful woman. Lying is one thing which neither gender likes it. So being truthful n honest makes a woman come across as a potential partner.

Physical attractiveness………. Men like beautiful and sexy women. Men are attracted to youthfulness. However, beauty and sexiness depend upon the way a woman carries herself. Elegance plays a huge role in enhancing everything about a woman. Of course, body type, fragrance, dress etc come into play.

 Men love it women who are open and honest about their desires and turnoffs. Physically, Women have beautiful bodies as long as they take care if it, and have good hygiene. It is usually in their art, to be beautiful. Every Women is beautiful and unique. I look more for the personal character traits, then the physical traits, but they usually follow each other equally.

Cleopatra was no hot stuff. She was an average looking woman but she knew the ways of men and understood what they valued the most. She had the knowledge and skill to seduce men and keep men’s attention. She was surrounded by beautiful women but men were drawn to her.

Imperfections ………….. Makeup is not necessary I have found women who can make me be amazed at how such a beautiful sculpture created by an architect for Cytherea as a gesture of her elegance could be living. The style is also a major thing I notice. Men like a woman who has her own look and is comfortable in the clothes she wears.

Have to stress the point again, because we are so much obsessed with the cover girls that we forget being organic is being sexy. Almost every guy agrees too much makeup is a turn-off. They want to see some natural beauty in you. The mole is absolutely okay, so is the buck teeth. They tend to associate you with your marks and scars, and it makes you uniquely attractive to them and distinguishes you from rest of the crowd.

There’s probably some science behind why some faces are considered beautiful, but again, I think this is subjective. I personally like women who look unique and are comfortable in their own skin.

Composure…………Men love nothing more than a woman who can handle situations calmly. No erratic behavior. No irritability. No yelling. No crazy stuff. I am not denying that some men are irrational. However, those irrational people are not attractive. When a person knows that they’re not always right and are willing to reason, the attractiveness quadruples.

Quirks ……………Every person has a quirk. And your quirk may make you more adorable. She should understand men. Men love being the knight in shining armor. She should understand that men love acting tough in front of their girls. Knows how to flirt/banter and women who can comfortably tease them and display a good sense of humor.

Optimism………. A woman who knows how to be positive in adverse situations is definitely worth being with every single moment. For she will push her man to do his best throughout his life.

Loyalty………….. This counts the most. Everything is acceptable but for example, if you answered with “yes I did” to his “Did you have sex with him?” he’ll be heartbroken for sure. Just be loyal, to your friends, to your family, to your man and all to those who matter. And don’t be over possessive, rude, ignorant. Also, avoid gossips. 

Crazy and smart……….. Like one hundred percent full on retarded. She should make us do things we’d never even consider in our wildest dreams. She should get both of us to do stupid, incredibly stupid things just for the thrill of the deed and of being together. We should be able to have meaningful discussions, talk about the global political scenario, the world economy, climatic change, war, poverty, hunger, life, and death.

Understanding……….. This is very important if you want to attract men. Here I’m talking about men and not boys. You must never judge too early whatever might be the situation. 

Acceptance ………..I won’t say all women are fault finders and criticizing all the time, but too many out there to do. Isn’t afraid to accept her mistake and change her mind. They don’t compare. A non-judgemental, non-messy partner, is what any guy desires.

Femininity……………  Men Are Attracted to Feminine Energy. The soft voice. The softer touch. Makes sure she’s heard. One of the biggest mistakes most women do is they show a lack of feminity, in that they are emotional cold, they are up to their ass with this bullshit mainstream romance in hiding their intent to the man they desire.
Don’t ever think he isn’t also talking to other women to decide who shows intent to him, vulnerability to him, and that includes not just feelings but her sexuality in the tone of voice, in behavior. It will be a deciding factor no matter.

Independence…………. An independent person is attractive because there is no love lost when each of them has to do their own stuff. There is no compulsion to do everything together. There is no need for constant pampering. A relationship is a teamwork. Each needs to know how to do their own work independently in order to play. Has an informed opinion even if it doesn’t match mine.

Resemble his mom……….. If a man found there is a girl who is similar to his mom, he would rather give up the former. Maybe because right from the childhood they saw their moms as an epitome of a perfect woman, that they desire women similar to them.

Caring ………… She certainly should be considerate of other’s feelings. If ever someone is in trouble and if she helps that person out without expecting anything in return, that’s really commendable.

Behaviour…………. The most important. How you treat people around you, your opinions and your behavior matter to them. Treating him respectfully and sweetly, if not flirting at the first conversation, makes a very good impression upon them. So if you like the guy, just don’t come into a vulgar mode. Most probably he will run far and never come back.

Kindness…………. I find kindness more attractive than mere beauty. Absolutely! Looks is what makes men attracted, but the kindness is what makes us remains. It is one of the traits that make someone immensely attractive to any guy for her pleasant company.

In my opinion, beauty is a too common trait among women. I find all women beautiful. I find their smiles all attractive. And with relatively little effort, women with more modest look can improve their appearance amazingly. But kindness is a deeper trait of the personality of the woman. It is pleasant. It’s more scarce than beauty I think. It is refreshing to be around a kind woman.

                        Frankly, women are still unsure what attracts men to them. Hot bodies and gorgeous faces are in, but getting the right man is still a difficult task at hand. If a woman has all these traits, I guess no man would ever stray and every man will love his woman passionately.

Sometimes none of the above. Sometimes they just like a girl, without rhyme or reason. The world stops for him when he sees the girl, and they’re not going to trade that for anything in the whole wide world. This is something completely unique to guys only.

“Men Are Attracted to Women Who Connect With Their Hearts!”  



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