What relationship advice for horrific lascivious sibling?

Immaturity of an unlikely story………………

Elisa 24 years old pursuing her MBA and Kevin 12 years old her younger brother studying in 6th standard. The sibling’s strong affectionate bonding never revealed to outsiders about their long age gap of 12 years between them. Their working parents forever felt blessed for their such strongest caring bonding. Kevin was mostly attached to his elder sister Elisa than his parents. In fact, Elisa was forever the 2nd guardian after parents for her younger brother Kevin.


Parent’s late procreation………………..

When Elisa was 12 years old her mother gave birth to her 2nd child Kevin. Elisa was very excited throughout the pregnancy cycle of her mother. Every evening she anxiously waited for her mother until she returned from her office Elisa wouldn’t ready to go for sleep post dinner. Her parents generally returned at 9 pm when Elisa had already been forward towards her bed.

Elisa loved to serve dinner to her mother in those days with the intent that it would serve to her sibling by her indirectly, not only that she loves to sleep with her mother so that she could feel the utmost closeness with her sibling before they stepped in the world. She became so possessive towards her mother’s pregnancy with the extension of months.

Her parents never planned for the 2nd child as a working couple it’s really very toughest to take care of their infant when they both stayed at abroad, not in India where at least you could hope for any helping hand of a maid for homely activities. Her parents planned to terminate the late conceiving. When they found that their teenage 12 years daughter just a few months ago begins her journey of the feminine cycle. But due to late age pregnancy, the abortion might be life risked for her mother when Dr. also not affirmed for that termination. There her parents now in a big strain that how could they disclosed that pregnancy to their daughter Elisa and moreover how would she react on that.

Wished for a live playing doll……

Elisa since her childhood forever missed the accompany of the sibling when she found her alone after returning from school none was there who would play with her. Her working parents had always failed to give her time. They tried to compensate for their absence in her life with the variant of dolls and toys whereas she always demanded live talking doll who would be her forever associate. Elisa still remembered that how badly she waited for the weekend holiday when she could enjoy her full 24 hours with her parents.

She often asked for the sibling from her parents as her buddy but her parents rebuffed her wish by made her understand about their engrossment in the strict regime of life. With time now Elisa accustomed to her loneliness when her growing level of study forced her to wash away from those thoughts of the sibling.

But those phases were no more as now she was a teenage girl with growing hormonal and psychological changes then would she now acknowledge her parent’s late conceiving?

Felt like dream came true………………..

Her mother one night asked her circumstantially that “if now she gets a sibling about whom she had been craving since ages then would she welcome them full heartedly or would else feel as her antagonist who came to share her everything?”

She laughed thought her mother was in prankish queried her but after a pause when she found that her mother does not respond to her laughed then she tried to assume those said statements of her mother. Before she further queried her mother, now her mother taken her little hand and put them on her lower abdomen so that she could feel her sibling.

Elisa delighted by heard that she embraced her mother tightly kissed her cheeks, chest and the most to the lower abdomen. She told her mother while crying that she already forget about her dream but now God has been fulfilling her wish lately so from now onwards her mother’s each small responsibility was upon her.

Since from that day, little Elisa took indirectly the custodianship of her younger coming sibling. She forever wished for a brother so that her makeup items and dresses could be saved from their hand, unless if she would get a sister then she should definitely have to share her all personal items with her.

 To love unconditionally towards her sibling was one side but to share her choice able items with them was on another side, so there she would be a little self-centered, behave like other typical siblings. Actually, she wants to feel all those warmth in that purest loving bonding from love to fighting with her sibling for each small things irrationally when their parents would stand for impartial judgment every time. These were all her hidden long pending wishes which now going to come true very soon for her.

Adorable someone entered ………

Elisa’s mother just before stepped in at operation theater for delivering her baby finally asked her adorable daughter that what she wished brother or sister? She instantly replied brother. Exactly that happened when Dr. affirmed them about their baby boy. Elisa still remembered that since from that day to up to now she adored the most to her loving younger bro……Kevin. Even she was not allowed her parents also to interposed in his any issue. From study to personal issues, everything was under the strict observation of Elisa. Her mother always felt blessed for Elisa as in behalf of her presence Elisa very firmly had taken care of Kevin.

Elisa now became more sincere as days passed by towards her 6 years old brother Kevin. Even in school if any of his classmates hit him while playing, she never let them go without punished them on behalf of her little brother. In fact for Kevin now her elder sister Elisa was the foremost guardian who never skipped from her any duties since birth to till now on behalf of their parents.

Later 6 years ……….

With growing time their bonding became more profound. Now Kevin became 12 years old teenage boy and Elisa the appealing one 24 years old pursuing her final year of Bussiness Management. Kevin possessiveness never allowed to share his sis’s inclination with none in this world. Elisa’s friend often used to come to their house and when he found that his sis hug her friends he just suddenly ran up to her by left his study and hold her tightly in the intent to make realised others that he was the sole one in his sister’s life who had the only right to show his all love and affection towards her, none else.

Kevin now begins his pubescence, the time of life when sex glands become functional, covered with fine soft hairs. Elisa still liked to give her younger brother a bath like his childhood days but Kevin felt sheepish for bare in front of her sis. Even many times his dong becomes rigid when it get the sensation of opposite gender’s touch especially in half bare. For all those causes he now tried to skip for taking a bath by her sis Elisa. But for Elisa her Kevin was still a kid.

The erratic approach of juvenile ……………..

Kevin’s life was entangled with his sis Elisa the most. His attachment with his sis was so profound that he never felt the necessity for any other buddy in his life for sharing his personals with them. He never felt hesitant to share his every issue with her. In fact, up to his 10 years, he had been cuddling his sis, which was being objected many times by his parents but he never heard them.

Both were so accustomed to each other’s exposures that no place for shrink between them. Elisa as 22 years old young gorgeous with good physic was enough exposed in front of Kevin like she often came out from washroom in a towel after had the shower. Not only that she even used to change her jeans in front of her teenage bro when her hams were being gazed by her bro when she in prank used to told him “don’t stare my hot limbs …..bro, better you watch your girlfriend.” Kevin in laughed replied her “why I need any girlfriend because you are my forever girlfriend whom I adored the most….”

Their bad habits or imperfection………………

Elisa while changing often forget to lock doors in her room. In fact, she in her carelessness many times while changing her lingerie forget to lock her room and when Kevin without knocked just entered. There Kevin after had shower often shout for his towel from his sis. Both had an even frailty of entering each other’s room without prior knocked.

Now if they had been questioning by their parents for such negligence then for that they both had enough justified clause to shut their parent’s mouth. Like for Elisa she lead her initial 12 years of life in lonely ambience where she never had that necessity to lock her room while changing her dresses because neither her working parents stayed at home all-time nor she had any companion then, in that case, she was enough accustomed with her freeness in lonely house and when after 12 years Kevin entered in her life then also she didn’t felt that necessity to lock door in front of her infant bro. Which in result became a strong habit.

Now, what about Kevin why he was so careless? The answer was as simple as their casualness, for him, Elisa brought up him since his birth. Everyday Elisa gave him a bath and after that only she wiped him where the towel was being carried by Elisa only, then suddenly in that 12 years old when he was so accustomed to his sis caring how could he remember about such small things.
Finally, they both affirmed that they were so exposed to each other that never felt that necessity for any privacy where they could ask each other’s permission while entering their room.

 They not even felt shy ever due to opposite gender. For them they were sibling had taken birth from the same womb then why they feel shame on each other’s body.

Immaturity when starts to query?…...

Elisa due to her negligent often left over her lingerie on bed after her changing when Kevin was habituated of all those girly things since his childhood but now her childhood days were gone so one day while holding his sister’s bandeau asked in curious to Elisa “sis why you wrap or wore this unusual odd piece because apart from this single piece of wearing almost all dress of ours match equally then why you wore this and why not I need this?”

Elisa laughed like anything on his such whimsical query then replied him “bro… you are still a kid, be grown up, ok let me explain to you because I’m a girl my private organs differ than a boy. Like you have already begun with fine thin lines of mustache which girls never similarly we both have the chest but you will never be grown up in size while mine will and that’s the reason I wear the shapewear and you won’t …..hope you bit understanding my point my little toddler……….”

Preadulescence symptoms erupts……………..

Kevin during his earlier days even helped Elisa for clasped her bandeau from the back but now he had been growing towards his maturity when his sister’s bandeau’s temptation fragrance often tempting him. Elisa never used loud makeup but she loves to use the redolence the most which he likes often to take the aroma from his sister’s bandeau. Kevin now often sneak peek at his sister’s alluring physic while she came out from the shower.

Actually, he tried to compare the physical difference between them because up to now for him they both were siblings with no differences but his immature mindset couldn’t be distinguished the gender.

Now Kevin’s genital glands behaved abnormally whenever he gazed Elisa’s tempting wet physic, her bosom, ham, back…..He tried to understand about his such natural ejection of dong but failed to summarize.

Many times Kevin used his sister’s undies and when Elisa caught him during his changing then he excused her that he loves her brighten colorful undies as his ones were not so colorful designed one so he loves to wear Elisa’s undies.

With passing days his curiosity grew high with his physical visible symptoms. Whatever his query he knew that his sis would definitely solve them by making him a crystal clear understanding.

Feeling of envious towards someone special…

Years passed by, now Kevin 16 years old young ravishing with soft thin mustache and beard. He felt scared the of the blade for his shaving in his initial days when Elisa taught him how to do all those. Very honestly Elisa still shaved him.

Their parents often mockery on Kevin that “now at least he take his own bath but his dependence for his shaving on his adorable sis yet not gone.” With his growth in the mustache, he now begins to feel more possessive towards his sis.

Elegant Elisa 28 years old now working as a software professional in an American company. She was in love, with Perry tall Pleasant guy. She introduced Perry first with her adorable younger bro then her parents and while introducing Kevin, she told Perry about the significance of Kevin in her life. In fact, she also affirmed Perry that “if Kevin wouldn’t accept him as her would be husband then she wouldn’t be affirmed for this relationship.”

Now for Perry, it’s really a complicated matter because he didn’t want to lose Elisa from his life at any cost but their relationship’s acceptability had been depending upon Elisa’s teenage younger brother’s acceptance, was bit amazing for him. As he still failed to understand the intensity of their bonding. Generally, girls always wait for their parent’s acceptance of their affair but first time Perry met with the unusual attachment of sibling where elder sibling depends on her younger’s approval.

Their very private moments……..

 Elisa hugs her friends but the hug was contrast for Perry. Which was only thoroughly observed by Kevin. Her Parents also liked Perry except for Kevin, who couldn’t spare his presence in his sis’s life. Perry often came to their house while dropping her from office they spend few quality moments. One thing Perry knows very well about the significance of Kevin in Elisa’s life so whenever he came to their home he first met and wished Kevin, sat for few minutes with him then to rest others.

 The couple talked for long hours at midnight even her each affectionate words for Perry was enough displeased for Kevin. Now Kevin’s eye was constantly upon his adorable sis’s posture. Not even that many times he narrated Elisa that among her all friends Perry was the one whom he didn’t like. When Elisa asked the reason for his disapproval towards Perry then he unable to give her justified clause against Perry.

Perry and Elisa often enjoyed their very personal moments when Elisa as usual forgets to lock her room due to her old bad habit. Perry sucked her lips for long while necking her he often used to touch her bust and buttock. Elisa with her tongue often licked his cheeks, neck, shoulders…….

Preadulescence emotions erupts……………....

 Kevin first time had gone through such closeness of Elisa with someone else. He felt his ejection firmly now even at night he noticed that something unusual feelings happened to him. He failed to diagnose those ejections he holds his erupted organ and tried to stabilize that but it couldn’t and finally, he oozed first time in his shorts on the bed.

Why did that happen? Which thoughts not allowed to calm his mind? What are those unusual feelings which he failed to control by self?…………………. These were all those thoughts which now not allowing his mind stable.

He noticed firmly that earlier also he couldn’t resist anyone’s presence in his sis’s life but never such physical changes happened. Then why this time? Is their physical intimacy was the root cause of his ejection? Yes…………..he truly found ultimately the real cause.

His feelings now changed drastically towards his sis. He gazed her bare ham. Elisa never used bandeau while she was at home for her ease comforts. When Elisa hugs him he now feels different than earlier, he tried to embrace her in that way the way Perry do with her. His sexuality grew up as days passed by. He now imagining her for all those acts which Perry used to do with her often.

His sneak everytime during their privacy enhanced his manhood rapidly. Now he never shit on his bed, in fact, he now learned slowly for self-gratification. Even now for his arousal, he kept secretly one of his sis’s aromatic bandeau below his pillow, his quench of thirst goes hike with time.

Behavior changed…………….

His definition of emotion towards his sis now diverted to irrational. He now stopped fighting with his sis, nor argued for small things which were the biggest change which was being noticeable by all from parents to Elisa. Elisa if now touched even his any part of the body he reacts to her. He now stopped to undressed his upper body parts in front of her. Locked often his room, hide his every facial expression from Elisa. Even now stopped his random chat with his sis.

Elisa asked him many times about his sudden change but he failed to reply because how could he told her that she was the main cause for his sudden silence. He now anxiously waited for Perry at their home so that he could take the flavor of the aroma of their lovemaking, from where he could learn all those warmth nesses.

When manhood erupts……….

Like other days, Perry came to dropped her when their parents went to a marriage party and would return lately. Perry as usual after spending few minutes with Kevin now followed towards her room. Elisa in her half short jeans with sleeveless beige top looking hot. They begin with their embrace usually but that day their embracement seemed to be turned to the extreme. Perry while playing with her ham and waist when his ejection goes to the extreme. The first time they’re bare in front of each other.

Perry was in his extreme of foreplay when both were ready for their coition. Their every act of carnal knowledge had been grasped thoroughly by Kevin when his private organ became stiff who now wants Elisa for implementing his unfulfilled lust. His anger towards Perry with the feeling of manliness now visible in his mischievous act.

His manliness ego not allowing coition between them. When suddenly he entered the room and hit Perry and by seeing that Elisa now couldn’t resist her younger brother’s innocence and in return she first time scold him in front of Perry that “how could he forget the minimum etiquette of knocking the door when the couple was in their extreme privacy, and moreover they were undressed and he was not so kid that couldn’t understand the depth of their privacy.”

Within a second the whole ambiance turned a pin of silence. Elisa was so ashamed of Kevin’s unusual behavior that before she asked for an apology from Peery, he left her house.

The turmoil in relationship ……..

Elisa cried like anything because the first time she felt embarrassed in front of Perry for her adorable bro. Kevin didn’t know that how could he made her understand that what went under him when he found her sis in nude and was about to surrender her chastity to any other man. He couldn’t tolerate her tears as the first time he found Elisa so upset. He now tried to console her when he holds her in his arm, embraced her with the intent of making her calm down.

Both were emotionally unstable, exactly at that weaken mindset they both lost their sense when both surrender their physic to each other.

Kevin licked her each organ randomly. As a teenager who first time had been taking the flavor of intense lovemaking never behaved harshly with his mating partner because his every attempt of stroke towards his partner always pretends his tenderness like his fine soft hairs of the chest.

Whereas for Elisa who already had experienced harsh sex from a matured man, 34 years old Perry, first time discovered the essence of sex from an immature 16 years old guy. (Yes……….’guy’ not ‘bro’……as she was in her extreme utmost phase of pleasure when mind stopped its natural procedure of thinking)

Elisa sucked his lips, his chest, shoulders. They both take the random flavor of licking, necking. They didn’t take much time for their foreplay as Kevin applied only those tricks and postures which he was up to now learned from Perry while sneaking them from outside during their intimacy. The dalliance last until they reached for coition.

Post-coitus when Kevin in his exhausted was freeze upon Elisa by burned out his all physical strength on her, when the opposite also now wanted to change her posture and the mind now ready to come out from its unconscious level exactly at that crucial phase with their opening of eyes and consciousness hits the mind, within a fraction of second the Cosmos had changed its definition of relationship between them………..

The accusation of the Sin……

Elisa by hardly pushing him back slapped and hit Kevin constantly when he also lost his all strength for forever to defend himself in front of Elisa.

Elisa burst like a volcanic eruption. She told him in her extreme hatred that they did the biggest Sin of life and for that Almighty would never forgive them, forget about this birth but would never in their coming 100 births.

She made him realized that he was her sibling whom she brought up since his birth then how could he forget his limits? How he further define their relationship with sibling or mating partner? What respect now he would hold for her? How he would further designate her ‘Sister’? Would they ever behave normally like earlier?

Along with these also many more queries were there which from now onwards to till their death would be remained unsolved for forever and their utmost pleasant purest bonding of affection now changed to a sinful hatred one.

Elisa also summarized him that now she realized that why Kevin didn’t like Perry and his presence in her life as her lover because Kevin was in manly jealous where he couldn’t tolerate any 2nd man in her life as his ill mindset already forgets the limitation of their relationship.

Finally, she warned him that from now onwards he would never dare to call her Sister as he already lost that right.

Self-actualization wasn’t sufficed to erase the error.…….

It’s true that she adored him the most than others but it doesn’t mean that as a brother he was her only sole relationship in her life. Where his immaturity not allowed him to differentiate the relationship’s definition and its linked up affection.

The 16 years old Kevin within a splash of time just turned into a matured man. It’s true that he trapped under the obsession of immaturity where he never thought that his Sister also has a personal life where she has the full authority to love and care her utmost closed one. As for him, Elisa was completely his own utmost closed one who only had the authority for relished her love and care than in that aspect how could he accept any other in his place.

 Perry entered in her life just a few months ago whereas Kevin was the only man in his sis’s life who begins his journey from his birth with her so in that case, he was the foremost one eternal relationship who would continue the same affection for forever with her in his life. Then in that aspect when he found that Perry came in his sister’s life and within a very short span he became the beloved of his sister who enjoyed thoroughly his sister’s love and utmost affection then he felt enough jealous towards Perry his possessiveness increased like anything.

As he was not accustomed to sharing his Sister’s love with none which slowly turned him violent and the phase came when his immature feeling of enviousness turned to manly ego and exactly at that moment he without thinking for a second just hit Perry. Then he did his coitus because at that crucial phase his manly ego at any cost wants to prove himself as an eligible mating partner for Elisa than Perry. Because his subconscious mind now at any cost wants to get back his sister’s utmost affection by snatching it from Perry by overlooking his consciousness.

When forgive and forget not work out………

Their Parents observed the sudden major changes in between them. Earlier they thought that the siblings might be had a fight but with passing days their ignorance to each other wasn’t swallowed by them as it’s never happened ever when they both extended their tussle for so long. They queried to both personally but both skipped the topic.

Finally, the day came after 6 months when Elisa got married to Perry but before leaving the house for forever Elisa and Kevin want to interrogate with each other. Exactly the night before the day of her marriage Elisa called up him in her room. Kevin in his stammered steps entered after 6 months in her room. Elisa locked the door first time desperately both were quite hesitant for introspection.

Before Elisa could say anything, he just tightly holds his sister’s feet and begged to forgive him. He burst with cry Elisa by seeing that she couldn’t be stopped her also. She holds him and hugs him for making him stopped from cry but his guilt failed to stop him. He asked his sis that would he allow him for last time to lay on her lap exactly like his childhood days?

Kevin in his sis’s lap cried for an hour, seemed like his all remorse of ill thoughts towards his adorable sister washed away with his tears. Elisa cried while consoling him, she affirmed him that not only he alone was responsible for that worst incident, in fact, she equally was responsible for that because up to now she was the one in his life who brought up him under her shield by feeding him with her ethics and knowledge like an instructor. Now when the instructor herself often engrossed in her lovemaking with her boyfriend in front of an underage child openly then it’s quite obvious for his sex eruption and for that moment it’s really difficult to distinguish between unwanted desire and pure affection.

They both with time entangled in their personal life but now that openness in their relationship had washed away after that nightmare left behind the guilt only.

Who is responsible?……….

Then who is responsible for that illegal relationship the western open culture or caste?

Moreover, if both had the intention of illicit then they would continue their physical intimacy after that night also but they never and their repent for that act had already proved their immaturity and carelessness.

Elisa and Kevin both siblings had a long age gap of 12 years where their intense attachment was quite obvious. Generally, siblings with less age gap always grew up with handhold where both were accustomed to similar physical and mental development. But in this case, their huge gap was the main cause for all those ill thoughts cultivation. When Kevin already started to take the aroma of his sis’s lingerie, imagine her for his self-autoeroticism exactly after 12 years of age all those issues popped up within him.

 As a teenage guy, he cultivated such irrational thoughts when he found the opposite sibling’s frank attitude in her postures at full youth from her dressing to her personal affair. Due to carelessness, she forgets to lock her privacy and hide her physic from her growing teenage bro because with time privacy need for each and every relationship for our civilized culture.



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