What relationship advice for teenager sibling?


Let begin with the definition of Teenager!……….

The teenager……..the term of which all are aware but the most interesting aspect is the teenager himself/herself not aware of that and its consequences.

 As per biological term a young person whose age falls within the range from 13 -19 years, are called teenagers because their age number ends with ‘teen’. During puberty, rapid mental and physical development occurs. Adolescence is the name for this transition period from childhood to parenthood.

I already portrayed about a sibling’s real life horror story in my latest post ….”What relationship advice for horrific lascivious sibling?“, where I narrated about the sibling that how their long age gap of 12 years turned to over possessiveness and openness where even they forget the limitation of their relationship and the result ultimately went to the extreme of physical intimacy between them.

Their frankness towards each other never felt them disinclined ever in any aspect of their life, even doesn’t bother for privacy of locking their room during changing their dress because for both they were sibling who took birth from the same womb of their mother and moreover when they were habituated of living the careless life without any shy or privacy since ages then how could they suddenly behave the opposite way of reserve and cautious about their physic.

Elder sibling should follow the vital perspective towards their teenage sibling…..

  • Don’t be over possessive towards your teenage sibling as its the root cause for the cultivation of jealousy and obsession.
  • Make them learn from the beginning that you also have some privacy in your personal life.
  • Too much extrovert and boldness towards your own matured life openly in front of them may destruct the teenager’s concentration.
  • Due to which privacy is significant, so lock your room while you engrossing in your own private life.
  • Taught them the difference in the parameter of affection for each individual relationship.
  • Don’t indulge or ignore their irrational behavior.
  • Along with love, strictness also mandatory towards your junior so that they should obey and respect you also.

 Is really long age gap between sibling healthy ?………

We have seen that sibling with less age gap say from 1 to 5 years always treat like friends where they get the opportunity to grow up with handhold. Where they both are quite known about their same physical structure and mindset. Where they learned each and everything almost parallel way.

Now when the age distance raises above 6 to 15 years or more, then everything from physical to emotional mindset varies between them. As now when the elder one is standing on adolescence but the younger one still in its infancy, and exactly from that crucial phase psychology turned towards each other. As the elder forever treats with the younger like a kid whether the younger with time reach to its teenage but still not ready to accept its mindset by avoiding its adolescence. Here begin the fluctuation and things slowly go worst with the passing of time.

How psychology fluctuates?…..……...

Adolescence can be a difficult time for both teens and their parents. In this stage of development many hormonal, physical and cognitive changes occur.

A teenager mentality popped up with various unusual thoughts because those are unknown factors for them and when they query from us in their ease accent about such things which makes us feel quite funny towards their thoughts. Which many times embarrasses them in front of us and they opt for suppress those queries within them for saving them self from the hand of mockery by others.

Now with the aid of fast technology even they don’t bother to query from us because of they now more comfortable with social media at least where none will mock on their such queries.

But the thing is it’s more hazardous for them because they get to know beyond their subject of the query from that tool. For example, in my post where the teenager has curious about lingerie and about which when he asked about bandeau and the difference in shorts for girls and boys then his elder sister explained him thoroughly without hesitant.

Physical changes became discomfort………

As of now neither parents nor even teachers elaborately explain all those to a teenager for which their thoughts and strange query about biological changes are quite natural.

With the beginning of puberty when the teens undergo with emotional and behavioral changes. Again when the teenage first time met with ejaculation, which occurs on average at age of 13 years. All those sudden changes were enough to feel discomfort.

With the growing of hormones in his 16 years old when now suddenly the teenager found his young elder young sibling having sex with her boyfriend then his desires erupts. He one night suddenly discharges semen in his shorts. He felt yakkk……….

Is too much frankness healthy?..…………..

Every relationship has possessed its certain limits which beyond if we go then it’s turned unhealthy. The long age gap between sibling often makes them incautious towards each other like when the elder desperately ignored the younger’s adolescence and openly do their sophisticated activities in front of a teenager inexperienced guy then it’s quite obvious for premature ejaculation Which even forced a teenager for self-gratification.

Then it’s proved that the elder’s frequent mature activities very openly about their personal sex life are the root cause of arousal within the teenager.

Affection when turned to possessiveness….…….

We all are more or less possessive towards our closed one’s love and caring but as we grow towards maturity with time we firmly differentiate the caring towards each sole relationship. But a teenager since infancy to up to the age of 15 or 16 years circumstantially so accustomed to their closed one’s caring that suddenly it does not so ease to accept some third person’s interference in their closed one’s life to shared out their proportion of affection. When a teenager’s possessiveness cultivates the jealousy and ultimately which outburst with their arrogance. As the immature mindset failed to differentiate the definition and parameter of affection towards each relationship.

 Why obsession forget its limits?……………

The unstable mind of teenager become so obsessed and whimsical sometimes that even its arrogance ready to cross the limit by abolishing the definition of relationship.

Which I narrated in my post when the teenager did coitus with his adorable sister young elder when he found that her sister doing foreplay with her boyfriend and was about to do for their coition then he outbursts and forgets his each limit.

Why this audacity happened?…………….

This is all root cause of our over leniency and ingenuous towards our teenage sibling. This is the very crucial phase of life when you neither be harsh with them nor too much soft. Better handle them like a mature person and make them understand to each vital aspect of life thoroughly under your hard observation because an elder sibling it’s your responsibility to show them right path of life.

As a sibling only has the liberty to know their younger’s each standpoint because friend circle is supposed for our few particular moments of life not for 24*365 and for parents it’s not always possible due to their busy life to query for each aspect and moreover after a certain period of time we become reserve with our parents also.

Then sibling is the only and last option left for us who in real mean could show us a right path of life because they are aware of our each vein thoroughly where either by following them we could demote or promote our life.

For all those elder sibling’s responsibility is forever the highest for built up their younger sibling’s life.





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