WhatsApp brings Dismiss as Admin and High Priority features

WhatsApp launched new features include High Priority notifications and the Dismiss as Admin feature on iOS and web. These alleged upcoming features have been spotted in the latest beta update on Android.  The ‘High Priority’ feature allows users to manage push notifications better. 

WhatsApp new Dismiss as Admin feature

WhatsApp brings Dismiss as Admin and High Priority features

WhatsApp is now rolling out ‘dismiss as admin’ feature for Android and iOS which is long overdue. WhatsApp was first found testing this feature back in January 2018. This feature will let group administrators demote other admins, but group creators can’t be dismissed from being an admin. 

Meanwhile, in the latest WhatsApp beta version, the app has added ‘High Priority’ notifications that will enable users to manage push notifications better. It is similar to the pinned chats feature that WhatsApp had rolled out last year. The app also recently allowed users to post their Instagram stories directly to their WhatsApp status.

The ‘High Priority’ feature

# The High Priority feature allows users to manage push notifications better.

# If the feature is switched on, users will see the incoming notification pinned on top of the notifications center.

# This works in both private chats and groups.

# The particular feature can be accessed from the Notifications Settings menu.

# Moreover, if your smartphone has other applications that have a similar feature, the notifications should be shown as in a chronological order.

The ‘Dismiss as Admin’ feature

# Another feature called as Dismiss as Admin is specifically for WhatsApp Groups.

# The admin feature in a WhatsApp group allows users to add or remove people from the chat.

# A number of different group members can be named as admin.

# An admin tapping on it pops up a message ‘You can’t dismiss (first name) as admin because they created this group.’ Interestingly, members don’t get to see the popup but act directly.

# This feature will allow groups admins to remove others from the admin position without removing them from the group.

# The particular option can be seen under the Group Info menu.

# Since the feature is aimed at demoting other admins, WhatsApp will not the creator of the group be demoted.

# The feature is currently in beta-stage testing on Android and is still under development for iOS.

# It is available on WhatsApp for Android version 2.18.116 and iOS version 2.18.41

How the ‘Dismiss as Admin’ feature varies from earlier?

# Earlier, administrators/creators could promote participants as admin, but in order to demote them, it was necessary for them to leave the group, and add back as a normal participant which is a tedious process.

# But with the latest update, users will no longer need to go through this hassle. Means admins can directly remove other admins without going through the process mentioned above. You can now open the Group, tap on Group Info, and then tap on the participant.

# If one of the participants is not an admin, you will see an option to ‘make admin’ and if they are already an admin, there will be an option to ‘dismiss as admin’.

# The feature is available on WhatsApp Web interface as well.

# However, while you can dismiss other participants as admins, WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to dismiss the group creator as admin.

# On the other hand, if the group creator changes the phone number using “Change Number,” other administrators might also get the ability to dismiss as admin or remove from the group. Noted that this feature is currently not tested.


As the feature is now in beta for Android, it might be a while before it rolls out to everyone. But you can download the APK from WhatsApp official website and side-load it. In case of iOS, it is available right away from the App Store.

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