WhatsApp Consecutive Voice Messages, Group Call Shortcut Spotted in Android Beta

WhatsApp Consecutive Voice Messages, Group Call Shortcut Spotted in Android Beta WhatsApp is rolling out updates to its Android beta app that brings the code of two key new features called Consecutive Voice Messages and Group Call Shortcut.

The consecutive voice messages feature is new functionality that allows users to continuously play consecutive voice messages, while the other provides a shortcut button for users to make group calls.

WhatsApp Consecutive Voice MessagesGroup Call Shortcut Spotted in Android Beta

WhatsApp Consecutive Voice Messages, Group Call Shortcut Spotted in Android Beta

WhatsApp Consecutive Voice MessagesGroup Call Shortcut Spotted in Android Beta WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will play voice messages in consecutive order. The changes are available in beta version 2.19.86.

First spotted by WABetaInfo, these features are available on 2.18.362 beta update for WhatsApp. However, only consecutive messages feature is available for public beta users on WhatsApp.

As the name suggests, this feature plays multiple audio messages consecutively. Users need not press play on every single audio clip.

Voice chats are taking over the messaging world, and this latest update will make it even more popular. The update adds an icon which makes it easier to initiate a group call in the app.

That’s why WhatsApp is making a big improvement in the way your voice conversations work.

If a user receives multiple voice messages from a contact, then WhatsApp will play these messages consecutively. The user will not need to click the play button for every single voice message.

How consecutive voice messages feature will work?

# The new voice messages feature allows users to continuously play voice messages if they are sent directly after each other.

# The feature works when WhatsApp detects two or more voice messages.

# If you receive multiple voice notes from your friend, WhatsApp will play these notes successively so that you do not need to press the play button for each audio file.

# All you need to do is to tap the Play button on the first audio, and the app will automatically play all the other voice messages in a sequence, removing the need to manually play each clip.

# At the end, you will get a sound alert as well.

# To verify if the feature is enabled for you, you can ask a friend to send two voice messages, play the first voice message and, if the second one is automatically played, the feature is available for you, as per WABetaInfo report.

# The consecutive voice message feature needs the 2.19.86 beta update, in order to receive the activation from the server.

How to use the shortcut button to make group calls?

# WhatsApp has started rolling out new WhatsApp group voice calling and WhatsApp group video calling shortcut update in the form of a dedicated calling button.

Presently to make a group call on WhatsApp for Android users have to call one person in the group and add the other members.

# The WhatsApp group video calling and voice calling feature was first spotted in a beta build back in November.

# With the new icon, a user can easily call all the members in a group chat, either by voice or video.

# This feature was earlier found on WhatsApp for iOS. When the feature rolled out to your app, there will be a new group call button in group chats. 

# If you look at WhatsApp group screen, you will see that there is a dedicated WhatsApp call button on the top right corner in the group chats.

# Once you tap the call button, there will be a slide-out tray which contains a list of the WhatsApp group participants.

# Select the participants and you can start the WhatsApp video call or voice call.

# The new WhatsApp version update (v2.19.9) was first reported by WABetainfo.

# The new WhatsApp group calling feature update could be a positive thing, considering the earlier WhatsApp group calling update was an uphill task.

# The new WhatsApp update for group calls and video calls means that now WhatsApp video calls and voice calls are easy to connect without having to go for multiple clicks to perform a WhatsApp group video or voice call.

# If you want to download the latest WhatsApp Android update, head over to the Google Play store or you can also visit WhatsApp.com/Android.

Another WhatsApp update is almost here:

WhatsApp video playback directly from the notifications panel

# WhatsApp for iOS could soon add the ability to play videos directly from the notifications panel.

# This was spotted in iOS beta version and is expected to roll out for all users via the App Store soon. 

# With the new feature, WhatsApp iOS users will not need to open the app for playing videos sent to them on the platform.

# The support for video playback directly from the notifications panel will be available for videos sent by individuals as well as groups.

WhatsApp ‘Share contact via QR Code’ feature

# WhatsApp is testing ‘Share contact via QR Code’ feature, which is similar to what Instagram offers.

# It lets WhatsApp users generate a QR code with their contact details, which can be scanned by other users to directly save in contact book.

# The feature is under development and is expected to roll out for Android as well as iOS users.

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