WhatsApp updated Delete for Everyone feature – delete message even after an hour

WhatsApp updated Delete for Everyone feature to let users delete sent messages within 4096 seconds or 68 minutes and 16 seconds, compared to 420 seconds or seven minutes deadline earlier. The updated version of WhatsApp for Android beta allows users to delete a message for everyone even after an hour.

WhatsApp updated Delete for Everyone feature

WhatsApp updated Delete for Everyone feature

WhatsApp introduced ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature last year now WhatsApp updated Delete for Everyone feature where users are allowed to delete a message for everyone in a chat up to 4,096 seconds or 68 minutes and 16 seconds. As of now, a user has to delete a WhatsApp message for everyone is 420 seconds or 7 minutes.

The feature is currently live for WhatsApp Android beta version 2.18.69, with the stable release for Android and iOS to follow soon. This means that only WhatsApp Android beta testers can take advantage of the extended deadline for ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature as of now.

Once again the Delete for Everyone feature comes out with the flaw

Last year in November, WhatsApp rolled out the Delete for Everyone feature to allow globally its over one billion user base to revoke messages in case they sent those to a wrong person or a group for Android, iOS, and Windows users.


The concept is quite similar to self-destructing messages available on various other instant messaging applications such as Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.

At the time of the launch, it allowed people delete sent messages, including media within seven minutes of sending them. Both recipient and sender get a notification when messages get successfully deleted. But later on, this feature has come out with few drawbacks like,

# If someone has quoted your message on WhatsApp before you delete it, you will still be able to see that message making the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature ineffective.

# Another popular workaround that lets you access deleted WhatsApp messages even after seven minutes involves disabling mobile internet and Wi-Fi on your phone. Next, choose Settings > choose Apps > WhatsApp and hit Force Stop.

# Next, a third-party application called Notification History came into the limelight for showing deleted messages as part of the complete notification history log despite others have deleted them. This third-party application could also notify a receiver when a sender has deleted the message.

Although the feature is quite useful, but some users argued the deadline for deleting a message was too short. That’s why WhatsApp update its feature where users will be able to delete sent messages even after an hour.

For a while now, researchers have discovered shortcomings in WhatsApp’s implementation of deleted messages. Recently, a report claimed that recipients can easily have access to the deleted messages as they are saved in the device.

WhatsApp’s upcoming features

Apart from the extended timeframe for recalling a message, the beta update also comes with the ability to forward Stickers, an upcoming addition to the instant messaging platform. This new feature in WhatsApp is already seen on Instagram and Snapchat.

In brief, Instagram lets you add time and location stickers along with other stickers to photos and videos that you share as Stories, which automatically disappear after 24 hours.


To be noted that most of the features tested under beta versions do not necessarily make it to the final version. Also, the WhatsApp updated Delete for Everyone feature is available only to Android beta testers while an iOS update is likely to arrive soon, as per the WAbetainfo reports, a website that regularly monitors the beta updates to WhatsApp.

Depending on how well it’s received, this extension can be expected to make its way to the stable build soon. It is also reportedly making its way to the iPhone app soon.

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