When a man is victimized in a marital relationship?

Rodney and Melina did arrange marriage. Rodney wanted a none working woman to get married as his job entail moving around. Rodney was very focused towards his professional life and due to which he never fell ever for any woman in his life.

 Melina was his first, last (may be) and only love. He gave his soul to her and trusted her words because in return Melina said she loved him……

She gave her word that she isn’t a careerist woman and all she needed was a stable family with a well-settled future.

He trusted her each said word and they went ahead and got married.


He was in the US, looked forward to visiting his home for the first time. He planned to take her to Niagara, as he wants to see the happiness and excitement on her face when she saw the spectacular sight of Niagara. Finally, they left for the trip, along with two more couples and she fought with him throughout the trip and made it a nightmare. He was made to feel small and felt extremely embarrassed. However, he let it go. Their days were peppered with good and bad days. When days were good, they were extremely good and when days were bad they were just horrible. She would walk from the house to the streets all alone. Being a temporary worker on a work permit, He would be scared, embarrassed and worried for her.

When they regret their marriage?……….

 Years rolled by, they got a child. Her parents got to him the cruelest people he has met. Enough said, her parents virtually changed her to act against him and his family. They wanted to take control of their lives through his wife. They lied to her, brainwashed her, they would present one-sided cooked up stories to her and it all culminated in his marriage breaking up. She ran away from his marriage along with his child. He has been robbed of the joys of fatherhood by his wife and gets crooked parents.

She broke his career, that he now rebuilding. He lost out on lots of good opportunities to go abroad and see new places due to problems in his marriage… He longed to take her and his child to new places. He wanted to take her to Ireland someday as it was her dream destination.

They had agreed that they will go abroad once both sets of grandparents get a chance to spend time with their grandchild. Rodney got offers to go abroad too and his office initiated visas. Later he found that she had found a job for herself. He had to let go of his career opportunities and kept hoping that one day he will get to see his child sleep next to him. She would assure him that they will live together again if he did what she asked him to. He set everything aside did everything she asked.

By surrendering the self-respect…………

 Rodney surrendered his self-respect in the hope of rebuilding their lives and to see his child with him. But every time he did what she wanted she would lay newer terms and conditions. At one point it just became way too overwhelming. He realized that she is a ruthless, heartless liar, who never really loved him and lied to him at every step. He said they must live together for the sake of their child but she chose to blame “fate” for their child’s fatherless life. She said she can live without him.

She might have stopped reciprocating to him because of some XYZ reasons but that never meant her love was not genuine. Love just can’t be faked. For her maybe the priorities have changed or she might be interested in somebody else and that might be the reason she doesn’t want to continue.

He was naive and cursed himself to have trusted this girl. To him, Melina neither deserves an institution called marriage nor does she deserve motherhood.

He more than willing to divorce this useless marriage now but a ruthless girl that she is, she will not respectfully separate from him and declined to divorce him as well. Neither did he have a way to see his child? It is ages since he saw his child and he knows the little one is being raised by some of the most uncultured, ruthless savages that he knows of. And yet there is a feeling of helplessness.

When all the doors are closed………

Now Rodney has lost all hope, to an extent that he did not even wish to see her ever again. He does not even want to try for a divorce. She is just not worth anything in his opinion.

She is now living with her parents enjoying her career, posing selfies in social media and spending money, time on herself and when time permits taking care of his child. He sometimes sees wonderful married women who are childless and pray day in and out for a child. Life is never fair right? Here is an undeserving woman enjoying motherhood while the ones that truly deserve motherhood don’t have a child!

Anyway, he just hates her now. Do not want to see her face again. She turned out to be a ruthless, heartless, irresponsible pathological liar.

Today Rodney still recovering from a broken marriage. He misses his child. And he slowly rebuilding himself more aware of realities around him.

He has never met such a bad person in his life and he regrets his decision to marry her. And he hopes no one in this world ever has to go through what he went through.

After loving, Rodney came to the tearful realization that he had married a selfish heartless woman who valued her self-indulgence more than her partner’s and children’s well-being and that she would never change.

Yes…a man can cry! ………..

 CRY! CRY it out once and for all. Crying really lifts off the burden. You’ll feel terrible when you cry, you’ll start rewinding it all in your mind, but just LET IT ALL OUT. You’ll feel hell better later. But then, never ever cry for the same person again.

An unsuccessful relationship often renders people heart broken and shattered in all the possible way. When you are at the receiving end and were deeply involved, you lose the hope to live and these shitty emotions really become life threatening. But no matter what, trust God. We often face situations that we think we can’t handle but we always do and everyone else too.

If you are asked again and again to prove your love to a girl, she is just playing with you. Maybe she is even making a mockery out of you with her friends. You don’t need to chase her and prove that you love her that frequently. You just need to tell her once. It requires a lot of courage to do that. You are putting your friendship at stake. Isn’t that enough to impress a girl? Remeber if she says no. Just move on. There is no wisdom in turning back.  


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