When depression and breakup slaughter a life?


Omar 28 years old young pleasant engaged in a Government organization. Belongs to a very poor family. Omar’s father died in his childhood days due to some illness when their poverty failed to bear the cost of treatment and as a result, he lost his life by leaving behind his family of 6 members. Yes….6 members, his mother and 4 younger sisters along with him.


Their tormented days ………………

Omar brought up in a slum wherein a small cottage the 6 members survived their life by fighting against with their huge scarcity. His mother’s maidservant job was the sole earning for the sustainability of their life. He still remembered those dark days of his life when his mother how hard-arranged for two times meals for 5 siblings. His younger two sisters were 1 and 2 years old, 3rd sister 5 years old, 4th sister 7 years old and he were 8 years old at that time when his father passed away.

His mother never had two times meals ever. Even in her workplace if any of her masters used to give her any eating item then she without delayed kept that item for her children where she only had water in her lunch.

In fact, she feeds flour mixed with water to her 2 small babies of 1 and 2 years old in substitute of milk. When the babies often vomit that as its tasteless without sweet flavor, couldn’t be swallowed by them. So finally she asked her masters for 2 spoon sugar every day for her 2 little babies. When she never used that sugar in the flour mixture instead she used a trick, during her feeding to the babies she just after every spoon of that tasteless flour mixture gave few grains of sugar in their tongue so that they could felt the sweetness and wouldn’t vomit. So by this way at lunch and dinner, she used 1 spoon sugar for each time feeding for both the babies.

For the sake of 2 spoon sugar, she even hadn’t taken any leave from her working place because her absent in job means her 2 little babies fasting for the whole day as they both were now accustomed to the sweet flavor. That’s why even in her illness she attended her job.

Omar 9 years old, the elder son in the intent of helped his mother started working part-time in a tea stall, where he washed the cups and plates along with the vending newspaper. He and his 8 years old sister Sidra went to Government school for free education and Omar was a studious student forever. He always studies under the street light without bothering about the bad weather during the rainy season. As his only target was to stand up on his own feet and take the liability of his poor family completely for forever.

Slowly days turned later 15 years……………….

The 24 years old handsome Omar passed out his degree with good scoring and on the basis, upon his merit, he got a clerical job in Government organization. Omar never spent a single rupees for his any personal expense. He always loves to hand over his full salary to his mother. He now has the major accountability towards his 4 younger sister’s education and marriage but before that, he wants to buy a 2 room small house because he wanted to get relieved his family from that slum.

 Now Omar was eligible to take the family’s responsibility so he didn’t allow his old mother to continued further her maid job but his mother didn’t agree for her full retirement from work so she insisted her son that her workaholic habit wouldn’t be allowed her to take rest for the whole day and moreover she was eligible to work still in her 60s, because she wants to continue her earning contribution habit for her family.

Omar agreed but he warned her mother for not continued her same maid job instead of that she could begin her own small business of tea and coffee stall. As his experience of working in tea stall since his childhood days was enough to guide his mother.

 After many decades passed now his old mother’s get retired from her maid job.

Finally with his small investment from his savings he opened his own tea and coffee stall for his mother. Within a few days, her mother’s small business grew up.

His stringent regime……….

 In fact, he had been continuing his part-time job habit yet after getting his Government Job. He began his day at 4 am with his first work of vending newspaper then he helped his mother in her business for an hour and finally at 9 am proceed to his office. Again after returned from office at 6 pm he gives tuition up to 9 pm. This was his stringent regime of daily life from where he never took a break for a single day also ever in his life. But he gave his mother off for a day from her business during his off day from office when he looks after the stall for the whole day.

 Among 4 sisters Sidra the elder one, close to her elder brother the most as the sibling have the 1-year gap between them for which they behaved like a friend more than a sibling. In fact, Omar shared his every thought and plans along with his younger sister Sidra. There Sidra also joined in a primary school job after passed out her Degree. So that she could stretch her helping hand towards her brother.

The act of lascivious woman………….

Trixie the 22-year-old tempting extrovert girl working in his office. She belongs to a mid-class life but her way of lifestyle was quite different. She often gets love proposals from her office colleagues where few offered her for marriage while others for timepass outing. Her extrovert casual attitude attracted opposites the most. She had a strange behavior whenever she goes for the outing with any one of her office colleague just from next day she used to tag them as her boyfriend intimate one.

 Actually for her its a give and take, a game where if by spending few hours, with them would give her lucrative earning then why not she grab the opportunity when they invest well on her like for costly dinner, movies and attractive gifts. In this way, her 2 needs, physical desire and other needs of life get fulfilled at free of cost by her time pass boyfriends where she could be saved her full gross earning.

 To destruct the strict regime…………….

 When all bachelors and married male colleagues of the office loves to spend time with her, except Omar who never turned at her and she was quite amazed for that.

 Omar who didn’t have the urge also to give a view on any girl. His strict behavior towards girls never allowed anyone in his life. His colleagues often used to go for amusement at weekends or after office hours but he never turned to all those. His way restricted from home to office and office to home in between no halt for him.

  Trixie tried many times to talk with Omar but he avoided her as Omar didn’t respond to any girl ever in his life then how could he suddenly respond her. His often avoidance to her makes her felt embarrassed in front of her peers, she asked about Omar’s arrogant attitude from her peers and they affirmed her that Omar would never be replied her because he was so hard dedicated towards his honesty, morality, and ethics that her tempting alluring image would never mould him towards her and for that they were ready to thrown challenge to Trixie where she also accepted their challenge boldly that within a month Omar would be under her grip.

Now for Trixie, it’s a challenging factor where at any cost she wished to win the game. From next day her loud makeup turned to simple. Trixie knew very well that if she again tried to talk with him then she would be received the same avoidance from him. As now she aware of his characteristics firmly, so she plans it differently for him.

 The journey begins……………

Like other days after office hours when Omar was about towards his home by bus, Trixie also followed him on the same bus. Now on her way when she was being asked about her fare, she noticed that she left her purse in office. She tried to explained the conductor but they not ready to excuse her. In this way, the argument continued for 10 minutes, suddenly at that moment Omar who observed those from the back row of seat paid the fare of her to the conductor before his depart.

By seeing that kindness Trixie also without delayed for a second depart from the bus. Omar was on his way to home when Trixie just interrupted him for expressing her thanks. He first-time response her reply with humble and the journey began from here.

Next day after office leave Trixie again followed him on his way to home and depart with him at the same halt. She interrupted him and said that “yesterday he saved her from humiliation at public by paying the fare and for that she would be really obliged and thankful but she thought only thanks, wasn’t enough for that generosity so she wished to pay him in return for that and now if she would pay him the fare amount then it might hurt his self-respect so she does not dare to give him money but instead that she would like to offer him something.”

Before Omar object to her, she offered him some sweets which were specially made by her. Omar in his low voice told her that he did for the sake of humanity and accepted her sweets. Omar now slowly began to interact with her.

The first feeling of adoration………………

Within a few days, they came close to each other now they both after office leave spend few moments with each other. Omar now likes her accompany his feeling of love towards her grew up with time. Omar was an introvert and reserved person who never knew that how to express his feelings towards a girl, whereas Trixie as an extrovert knew how to portray her emotions. So finally she proposed him that “would he like to marry with her and ready to take her responsibility for forever?”

Omar cried first time in front of a woman because he never thought in his life that anyone could love him so profoundly because his life was full of struggle where no place for any love and emotions. He aware her about his worst experience of life from his brought up in a slum to up to his Government job achievement. Even his strict regime of life from vending newspaper, to help his mother in her tea stall. Finally, he told her that he needs few times for their marriage as he had huge accountability towards his 4 sister’s marriage and to buy a home for them because as an elder son he would never deny his duty towards his family. After heard all those Trixie assured and promised him that she would be definitely waiting for him.

Confession of inclination ……….

Omar felt so happy that after knowing the truth about his financial status, Trixie still ready to marry him. Now he shared his affair with his younger sister Sidra and told that now the time came when he would be ready to buy a home.

He purchased a small 2 room flat and after few days gave marriage to his 2 younger sisters on the same day in a very simple way. Now only his rest 2 younger sisters left for their settlement. His mother felt proud of his hard dedication towards his family she now wants to settle her elder son’s marriage and aware him about her wish.

Finally, after 3 months the time came, when he was ready to accept his another major responsibility in life towards his love Trixie. He went to office thought to ask her about their marriage date finalization but she not came to office, he called up her but her mobile was switched off mode. He continuously dialed her number for the whole day but its coming same switched off.

He not queried about her absent from any of his peers as he never disclosed about their affair to none of the office staff because he didn’t want that people’s gossip about their affair and that’s the reason for which he never talked with Trixie within office arena.

 The truth of deluding reveals……………..

Next day when he found her again absent in office along with mobile switched off mode now he lost his patience and asked the peon that if he had any info regarding Trixie’s sudden leave from office? The peon surprised affirmed him that how could it be possible that he didn’t aware of the cause of her significant leave.

The peon asked him that “whether she did not invite him for her marriage party as today the whole office would be going to attend the function at evening.”

Omar without spelled a single word just left the office and forward towards her home. On the way to her home, he only thoughts that he fell in love with her when first time he found that extreme affection from her who offered him sweets by her own handmade in returned of his help because up to now in his life apart from his mother none woman had made any food by her hand with such love for him. Again when Trixie herself proposed him for marriage and shown her extreme sympathy towards his struggled life. Then how could suddenly she eloped from her promise as she affirmed him that she would be waiting for him until he finished his accountability?

The trauma waiting for him ………….

He reached her home found that the whole house was decorated with flowers and lightning in that crowd he called up her name loudly “Trixie……Trixie………..where are you? See I came here only for you, post completing my 2 major responsibilities. Now we can marry dear ……but where are and why not coming out for welcoming me? I’m waiting dear…please Trixie come out……………”

Suddenly his loud voice made the noisy ambiance silence and someone asked him “Halo! Who are you and what rubbish you are saying by standing over here? He replied would you please called up my beloved heart ..Trixie… she is my life, mine would be wife. Please, sir, inform her that Omar has been waiting here for her.”

Now the person replied in anger “Hey! the young gentleman, I don’t know who are you and what relation you have with my daughter Trixie but today is her marriage and if you are doing mockery by uttering all those rubbish then please stop this nonsense right now because all my invitees are present over here.”

How could love be so cruel?…………….

After that acknowledgment about her marriage, his all dream shattered within a second. Now only unanswered queries left behind which he tried to solved now on his way to home but before he proceeds for the cab, went to a medical shop and bought medicines and a water bottle. Then he took a cab straight towards his home.

On his way, he only thought that………..

  • He couldn’t understand that why Trixie left him suddenly and decides for marriage with some other guy without prior informed him for at least once?
  • If she already likes someone else then why she played with his emotions and always pretends about her love to him since long?
  • Why did she tell him that she would be waiting for him?
  • Did she invite the whole office colleagues then why not she felt necessary to share this major issue with him?
  • Even 2 days ago, they both spent quality time with each other and she neither seemed stressed nor sad in her conversation, then it’s all her ploy?

“Maybe only I love her aimlessly but she didn’t so dare not to confess that ever when she found that I already emotionally so attached to her since the beginning… I forgive her………………”

  When the pain was unbearable……

After half an hour he reached his destination, the cab driver called him “Sir here is your destination so you may proceed. But no replied came from back row seat then the driver again called up him loudly 3 or 4 times and he found that he was in deep sleep. So finally the pilot left his seat and came out and opened the back door of the cab and pushed him and he noticed that he fainted. He scared shout loudly asking for help, peoples gathered then the pilot explained them thoroughly about his passenger and asked whether anyone know him?

Suddenly one of them from that crowd assured that he knew him he is Omar staying nearby, then they took him to the hospital where Dr. assured his death.

Omar before steeped in the cab swallowed the full bottle of sleeping pills. By showing his mother’s prescription he bought those sleeping pills which he often carries in his wallet so that if any particular medicine would off in middle of continuation then he could buy those while returned from his office to home for his mother.

Horrendous news eradicated his mother……….

Omar’s mother now almost lost her mind after seen that unnatural death of her elder son Omar. Sidra his younger sister when came to know about that dreadful news from her sisters she outbursts with cry along with her rest sisters and mother.

Sidra informed to his office colleagues. The whole office shocked by the traumatic news, they all came for the funeral procession with the white flower bouquet.

They all shocked that what made him so upset that he had taken the worst decision of suicide. Because he never gave up even in his worst days of scarcity, in fact, he was a fighter who defeated the poverty with his strongest willpower then what happened now in this phase of life when everything settled so smoothly after a long battle with struggle and he was about to see his good days of life?

How a mother allows her son’s conflagration………

His mother wasn’t ready to leave the dead body of her son for conflagration because as a mother she had only seen the enormous scramble of her son’s entire life in that slum and when he purchased this small house just 2 months ago for all of them then how could he opt charnel house for himself? His mother while mourning told that “If he already decided to reside in that charnel house by leaving his mother in this concrete house then in that case…I’m his mother who gave him birth so my right comes first to go there before him. Moreover, I couldn’t leave his hand nor give him permission to proceed with the funeral pyre. So we both mother and son along will now proceed for that.”

His 4 sisters strength wouldn’t stop his old mother. The whole house and ambiance mourning with his last journey from his small house to charnel house not for office today because today he changed his destination for forever.

Condemnation for her new beginning of life……...

After attending his funeral at 5 pm, now the whole office had been carrying the same white color flower bouquet went to attend the marriage party of Trixie at 7 pm just after 2 hours.

Each and everyone had known firmly that Trixie was only responsible for Omar’s suicide. Though Omar as an introvert and sensitive guy who never confessed about his affair with none of his peer but what about Trixie, when just a few months ago she had taken that challenge from the office staffs that within a month she will prove that her alluring look possessed the strength even to melt a rigid and honest personality.

They all gifted the same white orchid bouquet to Trixie. Trixie amazed that why all of them seemed so gloomy. She asked in prankish that “Hey buddy! Are you all not feeling pleased about my marriage with this handsome rich guy because it’s seemed like you all came over here for mourning not for enjoying and none had given me a colorful rose, all same white orchid……….”

They replied, “you prompt exactly we all came here after attending the funeral pyre of Omar, so how could we bought the red rose for you differently, after all, you both were in the affair and in that sense we thought to gift the same orchid to the break-up couple.”

The amazing fact about you both that today he left his journey of life and you are going for the new beginning but neither we have come to congratulate you for your married life nor we will touch a glass of water also from this marriage ceremony. Though you never earned a single respect ever from your work arena due to your slattern attitude and now you also degraded for your crime act of deluding an honest and innocent guy.”

 The love story ends with his last journey at pyre…….

There in his family, only Sidra was aware of that affair as Omar shared his all good and bad with his only younger sister Sidra since childhood, both siblings carried a strong bonding. Sidra when found that during funeral each and every one of his office colleagues included the senior management had been present over there except Trixie she suspicioned towards her. Though she never met her personally but that day when Omar shared about his affair with Trixie, he showed her image to Sidra.

Sidra, later on, went to her brother’s office in the intent for met with Trixie and after met with her assured her that “Trixie you are a slattern which my brother’s chastity never realized and he quit his precious life for a strumpet. For you, over time means to sleep with the various man and you got the job may be by using your cheap trick but for my brother, overtime means to work since from 4 am to 9 pm constantly and he got this Government job on the basis of his brainy merit list.”

“I assured you that you never be happy ever in your life because one old woman who already lost her mind with her son’s death never let u forgive for your sin act. We brought up in the slum but never our need made us so greedy that we thought to bluff innocent. We had seen a frightful scramble life but when the time  came for my brother and mother to live the life happily exactly at that moment you came and demolished our life when brother quit his life and due to him my mother lost her mind completely.”


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