When manipulative mother destroyed the marital life?

 Darryl 40 years old elegant bachelor Lawyer stayed with his widow mother. Darryl’s friends and relatives often asked his mother about his marriage, as he now 40 years old young pleasant guy who has an established career then why he yet not married?


Paola 34 years old, his gorgeous client she is a software developer. She came to him regarding her sister’s divorce matter. When Darryl has fallen in love with Paola at first sight. Paola’s sister noticed that initially regarding the discussion about her case in his private chamber, he always asked Paola to come with her sister instead of her parents.

When her parents asked Darryl that why he insisted Paola to visit with her sister instead of them then he very firmly replied them that Paola’s sister might feel hesitant for answering her case linked up queries regarding her personal marital life in front of her parents that’s the reason he asked for her elder sister Paola to join with her.

The beginning of the love story………..

Later on in chatting and over phone conversation made them close within a few days. Now the thing is Darryl loves her but felt hesitant to disclose about that. He finally told his mother about Paola and his mother told about her interest to met with Paola and he invited her to their house.

Paola dressed up decent as she already aware that why Darryl called up her to introduce with his mother but both were pretending their innocence. Post introduction his mother first asked her that “why she still unmarried as she already 34 years old and looking pleasant? Moreover, she also heard about her younger sister’s divorced matter from her son then why she as the elder one remained left for marriage since long?”

Paola in her humble replied her that “she was engrossed in her career earlier so doesn’t take the decision about her marriage and also her parents were very liberal minded they never forced their 2 daughters for anything.”

On her replied now Darryl’s mother again harshly replied her “your parent’s excessive liberty to their 2 daughters now at present costing them high as one daughter is undergoing in divorce issue and another daughter still enjoying her celibacy.”

Darryl understood that his mother’s humiliation quite embarrassing Paola that’s why he interrupted in middle of their conversation and asked Paola just in the sense of diverting the situation’s solemnity that “he had a meeting with his client after half an hour so if she wants to go back home then he would be now dropped her in her house?”

Paola understood that why he told that “she replied him yes she wants to go back her home now.”

On her way, Darryl asked her “Paola if you have time then would you like to have a cup of coffee with me?” Paola agreed because both wants to say something to each other but couldn’t, so they need a private space to share about their very personal issues with each other.

They went at V-Cafe ordered for 2 iced coffee, first time Darryl apologized from Paola due to his mother’s harsh tone, when she affirmed Darryl that “by adjourning the conversation in middle exactly like he does in his profession proved himself that no doubt he is a good lawyer…”

Justification towards his mother……………..

Darryl now in his justification acknowledged her that his mother’s behavior changed just after his father’s death 10 years ago. “His father loved his mother a lot for which whatever he earned forever gave the gross salary in his mother’s hand not only that even from property to each and everything he purchased in his mother’s name.”

 That’s why she was so accustomed of that ownership that forever felt an insecurity and fear that if after her son’s married her daughter-in-law snatched that proprietorship from her. Again when she found that now it’s like a trend in society when son after getting married often left the custody of their old parents then how life became horrific in that cage of old age home.

He also told to Paola that “how mother broke his first love relationship 6 years ago when someone he adored the most in his life and they planned for their marriage and like today he invited Paola in his home to introduced with his mother exactly on that day he invited Neru to introduced with his mother and she behaved in same mannered like she did with her. Also, she badly insulted Neru’s parents over the phone and that’s the cause of his first break up.”

At last Darryl confessed to Paola that “he has fallen in love with her at first sight but dare not to proposed her because he didn’t want any 2nd break up in his life again. So before he proceed further in any relationship he decided to take his mother’s acceptance so that if his mother would treat the same way and Paola rebuffed his love and marriage proposal then he might not feel bad on that as the answer already known by him so he would gladly accept that without pointing finger on none.”

Would she affirmed him?……………

The iced coffee melted to its room temperature, after few minutes pause Paola told him after heard a bold confession “Shall we order for fresh coffee but this time not cold one because your frozen life will transform to tempting one very soon. So better order for hot coffee.”

Darryl with his amazing view at her, eager to heard the more clarifying response from her now. Paola whispered that “his impressive honest and carefree open confession not only mesmerized her along with attracted her profoundly towards him.”

Darryl asked her instantly after that “will she excuse him for the 5-minute break?”

Paola waiting for him while thinking about his extrovert confession when exactly post 5 minutes break suddenly she found Darryl with a red rose in his right hand proposed her boldly “Hey! the princess of my life would you like to accept me as your soulmate for forever?” Paola affirmed with her smile by accepting the red rose.

 Paola in her first introduction with her mother-in-law understood that she had the insecurity about her proprietorship for which she never wished to settled her son’s marital life because she didn’t want to loose that grip over her son. Over possessive towards her son grew with time just after her husband’s death. When she realized that now her only son would be her lonely sustenance of her life whom she dominantly could be utilized as per her wish. Actually, she forever wished that her son would remain a puppet of his mother’s hand. That’s, why she felt insecure and always in her first introduction to her would be daughter-in-law she tried to convey the message about her dominion.

As a lawyer, he finally made his client’s divorce post 5 months and now Darryl and Paola had been planning for their new beginning. Here her sister who had undergone with the bad experience about divorce, forever warned Paola that she must think twice before she takes any final decision about her life especially in the case of marriage. Paola never had taken her sister’s advice seriously.

 Feeling of embarrassment ……………..

Finally, they got married, now the question is would the homely ambiance remain stable like earlier? Next day Darryl’s mother at very early morning knocked the newly wedded couple’s bedroom when Paola in her only red sleeveless gown had open the room. Her mother-in-law without saying anything just entered directly in their privacy with the intent of observing her son’s intimacy with Paola.

As a newly married bride, it’s enough embarrassing for Paola when she found that her lingerie which had been fallen on the floor thoroughly observing by her mother-in-law, actually she tried to weigh the past night intimacy that whether her son came out of the shield of virginity or not?

After that when Paola made the breakfast for all and was about to serve to her husband Darryl, her mother-in-law interrupted her and warned her that “though you entered in my house as my son’s wife but you never try to amend the norms of this house which are strictly made by me only and which my son have been following since ages without any interruption.”

Paola stared at her as she did not understand that what changes she had made within that short span of one day? Her mother-in-law now summarized her that “Darryl was accustomed to his mother’s handmade food only since childhood then how suddenly he swallow a different taste made by some other and due to that she never appointed any cook for her house unless Darryl would deny for having the meal.”

Darryl also agreed on his mother’s statement that she was exactly right in her perspective as his mother only knew his taste profoundly. Paola from that day only made food for herself. Even if they went for outside dinner at weekend again after returned to the home he joined at dinner with his mother, so that his mother wouldn’t feel bad.

Paola observed that apart from bedtime her mother-in-law felt enough discomfort to gave space to her newly married son and daughter-in-law even she never felt the etiquette to knock their room while the couple was engrossed in their privacy. Also during their off days, she by intentionally knocked their room at very early morning so that they couldn’t get extra time for spending on the bed.

Darryl forever gave his full earn in his mother’s hand and the overall expense of the house was only looked after by his mother, even he didn’t have the freedom to buy any gift for his wife. Even the expense of their weekend outing was carried by Paola’s earning only.

Overall at the end of the day, Paola was living with her husband along with clauses implemented by her mother-in-law. Due to this, they left to go for their honeymoon.

Just too much for everything…………..

Paola was ready for her procreation but the news made her mother-in-law enough annoyed she did a trick in the name of caring to her daughter-in-law and intentionally served those unsafe items to Paola which ultimately miscarriage her pregnancy when Dr. acknowledged her later on for the cause of that mishap. Now she had firmly decided that she wouldn’t spare her mother-in-law anymore because she had now crossed her all limits.

Paola, after released from the hospital, went directly to her parents home and told them everything. Now when Darryl came to take her back for home she rebuffed him. First time after a year of their marriage Paola frankly criticised to Darryl about her mother -in-law that “up to now she had been over neglecting all those acts because she loves Darryl and for the sake of love she overlooked her mother-in-law’s each irrational acts like her sudden entrance into their privacy, not allowed ever to made any food for her husband, never gave that freedom for travel and expenses for which they even skipped their honeymoon nor even buy any gift for each other.”

 “Not only that she likes her husband always shared her income  also with her mother-in-law so that her mother-in-law’s proprietorship remained as it is forever but after compromising with her each desire of marital life when her mother-in-law now by intentionally murdered her unborn baby in her womb then now she wouldn’t excuse or ever forgive her in this life for this crime act.”

Darryl amazed by her such strong indictment towards his mother as for him his mother would never do such irrational act against his son’s blissful life.

How hard it’s to believe the truth………..

Now the thing was as a son its hard to believe such drastic imputation towards his mother, he tried to summarized Paola that “though he knew about his mother’s over indulgence towards him but it doesn’t mean that she will go to such extent level where she will think to kill her own son’s blood.”

Paola has fallen in love with Darryl due to his open and loud confession about his mother’s rigid behavior which he defined as over indulgence and proprietorship of his mother towards him but he interpreted wrongly because it’s his mother’s obsession.

Earlier Paola thought that Darryl who could show his daring in front of his lover then he would be definitely proved as a better husband in future who wouldn’t behave like other typical mamma’s boy.

But she proved wrong when Darryl denied her accusation towards his mother by dismissed Paola’s statement who recently lost her pregnancy just because of her mother-in-law’s ploy. Finally, she told him that he was the most unsuccessful lawyer who had failed to scrutiny the cryptic truth in his own personal life.

Even she assured him that “his mother never endured any second woman’s presence in her son’s life and that’s the main cause of which she never thought about her son’s marriage till his 40 years. Above when she found that her daughter-in-law had been conceived then her hesitancy raised towards another attachment in her son’s life as she won’t ready to share her son’s affinity with none in this world apart from his mother.”

Paola this time wasn’t ready to agreed with her husband and finally, she gave her ultimatum that either he would take a judgment on that or rather disowned her.






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