When marriage counseling needs in love marriage?

 “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth………..William W. Purkey.”



Vasco and Gianna both working at the same senior secondary school where Vasco 38 years old 5’1” dark complexion unhandsome yoga teacher of junior and secondary classes. Gianna 32 years old 5’4” fair texture with a stunning look. She was a history teacher in the second class.

Gianna who always strict with her students very introvert. Her colleagues often enjoyed movies with dinner during the weekend but she never. Her parents often told her for spending time with her friends but she had never, always following strict scheduled of home to school and school to home.

Her colleagues also get amazed about her such non-interest in the enjoyment of life at her 32 years aged. Though her eloquence attracted all. She joined her job 2 years ago. Both Gianna and Vasco came to school by the same bus at the same time as they stayed in the same way.

The first feeling of love………..

Gianna resides 4 km ahead of Vasco. So every day she catches the bus prior to Vasco. Gianna never observed that one of her colleagues had been traveling by the same bus. She had always drowned in her own thoughts.

Vasco everyday first went to 4 km behind until Gianna would catch the bus he waited for her again in the same way while returning he used to leave the bus with Gianna at the same halt, afterward he returned to his home.

In this way, he had been traveling 4 km twice the same route only for Gianna since 2 years but not yet told her that he really concerned about her.

Vasco has fallen in love at first sight with Gianna but he wasn’t had so alluring in corresponded to her so never showed that desperate to propose her since 2 years. He always glared her from distance withholding the thought that if God had been made him bit shapely in corresponding to her then he might be proposed her valorously. But unfortunately, his unpleasant look always stood as the barrier to him.

His gaped had been notifying often by other peers, even they often queried about his such vision but he shrewdly skipped their wordings. As he didn’t have that prowess to manifest his affection to all.

Time for unmasking emotions………...

Vasco’s parents here now wanted to fix up his marriage so they were searching for befitting bride for him. They already selected few and when they asked Vasco about their selection then he objected as he already finalized someone else.

Now he decided that he would unfold his affection towards her.

 Next day while returned back to his way he stated to her that “since 2 years he had been trying to revealed his feelings towards her but dissuaded due to his unattractive appearance. Though he knew that he wasn’t eligible for marrying with her. Still, he couldn’t be paused himself anymore to clarified about his affection for her because he loves her and wants to marry her.”

After hearing those valiant statements from Vasco she amazed by his intrepidity and replied him that “how could he dared to dream up a reverie about his feelings. Apart from his unpleasant look his height also didn’t stand up to her mark. If they would stand beside then it’s seemed quite waggish to others.”

 So she admonished him for his waggishness and whimsical nature. Vasco, after humiliated by Gianna not offended despite his determination of getting her in his life now, became more strongest than earlier.

Feeling of abashment…………

It’s difficult to suffer the ignominy of defeat. Now Vasco had the discomfort of losing his self-respect in front of his colleagues as he was wide assured that Gianna would utterly be disclosed about his marriage proposal towards her colleagues for the aim of disgraced him in front of the school.

Gianna didn’t unfold about his proposals to any of her colleagues because she wanted to give him one chance for coming out from his illusion also she didn’t want to give the opportunity to peoples for scoffing.

Now her eyes always on his every action because she wanted to see his audacity. Vasco still following his old scheduled of traveling by the same bus with her but the only difference was now that Gianna’s eyes couldn’t skip that.

A year passed by…………..

In this way a year passed by but neither Vasco left his scheduled of following her nor Gianna was ready to read his mind.

Suddenly one day Gianna came with a little child of 5 years at the bus stop when Vasco had been waiting for her though in this one year she never talked for once at least with him. She still acted like a stranger to him.

But that day Gianna came to him and asked him valorously “Vasco you still holding the hope of marrying me right? Because your persistence of following me since 3 years had been agitating me enough now. So today I decided to reveal you one truth about my life afterward I am quite affirmed that you will definitely divert your way and will stop following me for forever.”

Statement flabbergasted him…

Vasco was perplexed about her sudden introspection. He gazed her first time from so close again when Gianna upfront came to him for saying something and it’s a great pleasure to him.

Now Gianna acknowledged him that “the 5 years girl is her daughter Kim with whom she is staying with her parents home because she was divorced.”

The phenomenon of her life dumbstricken him. Now he understood that why she committed so rigid life. But her proclamation wasn’t enough to dissuade his mind from her as he was in intense love with her where nothing would distract him from his hard determination.

Now he asked Gianna “would she like to give the opportunity to this bad looking man for taking care of her and her little angel for forever?”

He also told that “if he would be handsome then she would might not be rejected him brutally because people’s loves to adopt the glittered dazzle one in their life where no place for non-pleasant one but we often forget that the outlook is gifted by the nature whereas the inner perspective is the self-creation by human being.”

Will time could change her perspective?……….

Now Gianna was in dilemma about him so she needs time for answering his proposal. Vasco agreed for giving her time to rethink his proposal.

Gianna now talked with him often, even they now spend time while on their way to the bus by sharing their likes and dislikes with each other. Gianna in every aspect had been trying to compare Vasco with her ex-husband.

3 months crossed when Vasco didn’t show his inquisitive about her past. One day Gianna questioned him that didn’t he had any query about her past then he told her “your ex-husband wouldn’t be definitely a good person unless how could he left his cute little baby with his wife and why to remind those ill memories which only gives you pain moreover I wants to become a part of your present and future so why to scratched that past. Moreover you still untarnished for mine.”

The nightmare of past…………….

During her college days, Gianna felt in love with Paul 5’8” tall handsome guy. Due to his flamboyant attitude girls often pay attention towards him. Gianna and Paul after passed out from college decided for marriage as when both found that now their frequent meeting would be interrupted soon.

They did court marriage in absence of their family with the witnessed of their few friends. Now they openly went to the hotel for quenching their physical desires. Gianna often asked Paul regarding their married proclamation to their family but he eruditely eloped from that issue every time.

After 5 months of their marriage now Gianna had been expecting for her pregnancy. She aware of that to Paul when he prompted her for abortion but still he wasn’t ready to unfold about their marital status to none of their family members.

When Gianna interrogated about his cause of evasion then he replied her that his parents would not grant their marriage as Gianna belongs from a middle-class family and Paul coming from a rich status. She just astonished about his opinion because it’s his decision of getting married to her then it’s also his responsibility to address her in front of the society.

When all doors seem closed ……

Gianna alone went to the gynecologist for aborting the baby as she didn’t find any way left for her their Dr. affirmed her that she already crossed her phase of abortion because it’s already late of 4 months. She aware Paul that her pregnancy had lost its abortion termination period so she had to give birth to their child.

Now the real wrangle began when Paul unmasked his real aspiration as he married her because he needs a forever solution of quenching his lust but now it’s become a vexation for him where he wasn’t mentally prepared for surviving the lifelike typical married couples.

Gianna by holding her breath now disclosed the bitter truth of her life next to her parents because now she badly needs their help.

 After listening to their daughter’s daring confessing her parents understood that she already got punished for her biggest mistake of life where only she would pay for that. So without showing their rampage, they showed their maturity where She already drowned in the quagmire fantasy of love.

Gianna under the safest net of her parent’s support took divorced fromPaul and gave birth to her little daughter. Finally, she got released from the college fantasy love.

I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best……Marilyn Monroe.”

New beginning …………….

Gianna now after 5 years was enough matured to understand the real definition of love, affection and caring which she found within Vasco who still not left her hand after knowing the past about her.

Vasco who showed his extreme patience of unalloyed love where Gianna had to condescend in front of society by abolishing the term of outlook and status in legitimate love.

Finally, she acknowledged his marriage proposal willingly after 3 and half years when the extra 4 km traveling of Vasco ends up with their marriage.

Vasco asked Gianna on their first night that “might be their grotesque pair would be perceived facetious remarks in public but would she had that hardihood to confronted with those?”

She replied him that “If you accepted gallantly my slanderous sordid past then your unpleasant look not being a big issue in front of mine where your elegance lies in your standpoint towards life which makes you exquisite the most than your physical outlook.”

She realized that she had fallen in love with Paul by viewing his exquisiteness whereas his perspective was enough abhorrent and hideous and there Vasco’s standpoint made him alluring than his physical look.

 “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because the reality is finally better than your dreams………..Dr. Seuss.”


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