When my confession devastate my life?

 Quina 25 years old glamorous wife of Devin 28 years old, both were from same IT company. Despite working under one roof they behaved like an alien. Why such rudeness between the newly married couple, who just married 3 months ago? Where the essence of love and romance gone within this short span of an interval?


The beginning of love story……………….

Quina, after completion of education, engrossed professionally. A strange observable thing about her life that she never has fallen in love with none in her young days. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have the feeling of romance then why such unusualness? Her parents often asked her that if she has feeling towards anyone in her life but her all time negative reply surprised about her attitude to her parents.

So finally her parents decided about her marriage while searching for groom it’s a coincidence that they liked Devin’s profile in the matrimonial site who belongs from same IT company where Quina added a few months ago. This one coincidence ultimately tied them.

After their engagement, they both went for 3 or 4 personal meeting and during that interval, they both grew up supple feelings towards each other, shared liking and disliking, gifts and romance. Despite belonging from the same company they never blessed for the regular meeting due to rotational shifts.

Later 3 months Quina and Devin finally got married. The first night with thrilling lovemaking began the journey of the couple. The shyness goes away with the profound intimacy. His foreplay of sucking and licking continued for an hour with the ending of coition.

Devin poured his utmost love on his wife. Now the mamma’s boy tied to wife’s apron strings. A day never missed in Quina’s life on those days when her adorable husband missed ever to pamper her beautiful wife.

Moment of embarrassment…………..

Quina still remembered the day while her husband’s flirting and sucking lips had been suddenly noticed by her in-laws as his excitement often skipped to lock the door when her in-laws entered the half door opened the room with the intent to surprise them about the ticket confirmation for their honeymoon. When his parents found that her son was in foreplay mood with his wife when his hands squeezed Quina’s chest and waist in their liplock posture, they just turned back and murmured “why didn’t you lock the room son… from next time please make sure to lock your privacy” and left the room hurriedly with controlled smile, an embarrassing ambience grew up within a fraction of second.

Suddenly Devin’s arousal paused in mid by his mother’s statement and they both were so embarrassed that neither on that day Devin took dinner with his parents nor Quina had continued her etiquette of serving her in-laws at the dinner table.

There her in-laws also felt enough hesitation to call for dinner to both, they understood the newly married couple’s embarrassment. Devin’s father laughs at his son’s craziness, told his wife that by seeing his son in such intimate postures his arousal grows.

Now her in-laws affirmed that their son and daughter-in-law were pleased in their marital life but her mother-in-law now often witnessed to such intimate sequence of kissing and embracing of her son, as she also knew that neither her son would change his habit of locking the door for his naughtiness nor he would ready to leave her daughter-in-law during working hours for have fun.

Confession of past ……………….

 Even post returned both from office, Devin did not allow his wife to spend time in the kitchen. Whenever she proceed for the kitchen with the intent of helping her mother-in-law, he asked her trickily either for the excuse of water or for helping him in search files. All those excuses were easily understandable by her mother-in-law that her son now wants to rejuvenate himself after the long exhausted working day, with his pretty wife by lovemaking.

Later 3 months of their happily marital life now Quina felt the happiest woman on the earth whose husband and in-laws adored her the most. She enjoyed her husband’s utmost attraction towards her thoroughly. For her now Devin was the only authentic person in her life upon whom she could blindly trust. Now, this blind faith made her disclose the horrific past about her life to her husband.

That day Quina was determined about to reveals her past. She makes up her mind just before the attempt for foreplay. Devin was ready for his arousal when she told him that she wants to share something very confidential with him before they proceed for coition. Devin in his romantic mood while embracing and rubbing his nose on her shoulders told her that he wasn’t in his mood to listened to her during their thrilling moments, but Quina now forcedly pause him to utter her confession.

Quina told him that “during her 13 years old she had been raped randomly for a year almost by her cousin when he came to their home for stayed a year for completion of his higher study.” Devin just within a fraction of a second changed his posture, he removed his hands from her waist, took two step back from Quina.

Quina acknowledged him that till date she never disclosed this significant issue with none, neither to her bosom friend nor to her parents because she felt that none couldn’t prove so trustworthy with whom she could share her bitter secret of life without hesitation and fear and that’s the reason for which she confessed those in front of her soulmate who was now the most reliable adorable person in her life upon whom she could reliance without any second though. That’s why earlier she never felt the urge to fallen in love ever in her life but post marriage Devin’s utmost affection helped her to wash away all those from her subconscious and after her affirmation now she felt really light, the heaviness washed away with her confession. 

Opposite’s irrelevant reaction………………..

Devin’s back step from his wife never allowed him further to go near to his wife. He after listened all those became shocked, Quina tried to hold his hand but he went out from the room and they stayed separate overnight. Devin with his shocking heartbroken news spent the night on terrace and Quina with her suppressed pain in the bedroom.

Now from next day morning Devin neither talked with her nor even gave a look on her. Quina expected that reaction from him so she would like to wait for his normalcy. Days passed by but he neither back to his earlier form nor he ready to wave off all those from his subconscious. Even after that night he neither touched her nor shared the bed with her, now he used to sleep on the couch.

Quina randomly tried to convince him with her love but no usage of all those now for him. She now really screamed about Devin’s pause which made her enough worried about her marital life. Post a month one night Quina tried to embrace and kiss him while he was in his intense sleep. Devin in his partial consciousness when found that Quina trying to embrace him, he just woke up instantly and pushed her back and she bumped into a door feet way.

She got hurt on her forehead but he didn’t even bother about her wound. He outburst with annoyed and told her that “she lost her chastity very earlier then why she spoiled his life because he was virgin and expected a virgin bride for her and moreover she wasn’t fit to bear his child.”

She outburst with the cry as his statement of the accusation made her broken from all corner of life because up to now Devin was the only centric focus of her life. She regrets that why she uttered her past?

Life wasn’t ready to give her 2nd chance……………

Quina now understood clearly that Devin lost his all affection and attachment from her. Her past affirmation snatched her blissful life, she forgets to smile suddenly the colorful life turned faded. There her in-laws also observing since a month that suddenly the romantic couple turned to serious and unromantic. Her mother-in-law queried her about their sudden silence but she failed to reply her.

Now the beautiful physic of Quina turned ugly to Devin. In fact, he also affirmed her that now “he felt yak..kk… about her organs with whom up to now he engrossed profoundly.”

Even he hadn’t take meals together at the same table. In this way 3 months passed away now her in-laws also confirmed that something might happen between them. Quina now in the biggest dilemma of her life that how could she reveal the truth about her marital dispute to her parents and in-laws when she firmly knew that her own confession destroyed everything. She not even uttered a single word about her marital dispute with her parents over the phone in those past 3 months whenever they called up her to ask about their well-being. Her parents fixed up their younger daughter’s marriage so they came to Quina’s in-laws home for inviting them.

Now when they asked their son-in-law about his wellbeing, Devin aggressively replied them it’s seemed like he had been anxiously waiting for that moment of their presence so that he could reveal the truth in front of both the family, that “he was in trauma just because of their daughter Quina who made his life miserable. For which he doesn’t want to continue his life anymore with Quina so they should take away their daughter along with them for forever.”

Both the family astonished about Devin’s statement. Now the whole circumstances were waiting for Quina’s upfront confession, elder’s eyes now particularly on her behavior. Quina wasn’t ready to unfold that ill secret in front of all but she withstood her husband’s statement without rebuffed it.

When her parents and in-laws found her speechless then they requested Devin to make it clear for them but Devin wished for Quina’s open proclamation not backdoor.

Finally, he told them that “he wants divorce..…” Quina understood that Devin humiliating her by insisting for open confession but later his begging for divorce forced Quina to replied them that ‘she will only give her confession in front of her lawyer…’

Both the families utmost tried for resolving the popped up issue between them but unless and until they aware about the root cause of the destruction they neither interfered nor came to any conclusion.

Quina’s parents came to their elder daughter’s home for sharing their happiness but while returned they took their daughter along with them for forever with the trauma.

Quina, at last, confessed the bitter truth in front of her parents and finally, they got divorced and there Quina’s younger sister’s marriage broke up with the news of her separation. Her bitter confession devastates not only her but along her sister’s life also.

 She in her defence just uttered finally in bench that “I’m the rape victim of past but I did the crime of uttering the  HONEST CONFESSION to my husband because he is the only trustworthy for mine whom I relied the most, with this hope that he will understand my traumatic pain of past but instead that he accused me that I lost my virginity and now I’m not fit to bear his child. Now my query to the judiciary is will Devin was virgin because neither I went for any medical scrutiny about his virginity nor I would ever go for the query to his peer’s group about his past?”

Quina realised now that Devin taught her the biggest lesson of life that never share the bitter truth ever to your utmost adorable closed one also in the whole life because they are not God, simple human being after all at the end of the day who possess all those 5 emotions of life.. love, hate, jealousy, anger, fear. But we in our profound love often do such mistakes of over faith the opposite and when the breakup happens. She regrets for forever that “If she did not reveal her past on that night then she might be living happily with her husband now!”



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