When relationship advice need for arrogant comparision?

When our love towards our children became centric towards their achievement then a transparent unhealthy comparison cultivates in our absence which in future may be the stand as the biggest cause of the destruction of our children. Then might be time will also fail to rectify that mishap as its already too late for its correction and exactly at that moment we only repent for our deeds.


Diego and Raya parents of two teenaged children, Raisa 15 years old girl and Rio 17 years old boy. They both brought up in a nuclear family where only during summer vacation they used to visits to their grandparent’s native home.

Diego and Raya both were working in a software company where both almost leave the house at the same time at 9 am. Diego used his own car for his office so he returned as per his ease at 8 pm while Raya would go with company’s car of pick and drop one so its take time for her returning at 9 pm.

 His grading ……………..

Rio a sharp intelligent boy since his childhood his persistence of excellence always beat the turbulence. His scoring always stuck to above 90%. His class teacher had a big hope on his Secondary board scoring along with his parents as for them his scoring would be going to give them a special honor among in their relatives and in peers group.

Rio was very stubborn by nature. Since his childhood whatever he had demanded his parents without a second delayed fulfilled that. Earlier after passed out with 98% at his 10th board exams his parents gave a trip to Hongkong Disneyland. This time he asked for Royal Enfield Classic 350 bike from his parents and he was damn sure that he would surely get that with his excellence grade.

Exactly that happened he passed out with 95% in his Secondary board exams. He ranked topper in his school where from Principal to teachers all apprehend him with their best wishes for his brilliant future.

Diego after got that good news of his son’s highest scoring immediately called up to his parents. It’s no doubt really a great news for a parent but for Diego, it was like the happiest day of his life seemed like his son had fulfilled the biggest dream of his life.

Diego’s family…………

Diego belongs to a rich family. They were 2 siblings, Diego the younger one and his elder brother Marco, who with his wife and 21 years old daughter Zia lived at their parent’s house along with their parents.

Marco was not so good in his educational career that’s why he did not even get a good job for which his father hand over his own Spice business to his elder son though the majority and all finance regarding issues in that business had been taken by his father only. Though Marco was a devoted son but his father doesn’t have that reliance upon his son’s average brains.

Conditioning for the property will……………

Diego’s parents had a great desire for their children’s high education but with time when they aware that their elder son Marco wasn’t met up to their expectation while the younger one Diego was quite good in his educational career then his father planned their future as per his standpoint.

Their father now crossed his 80 years old so he made the property will for his 2 sons and their family.

 The property got shared in 35:35:30, where he gave 35% share to each of his sons and rest 30% was in their name, and the last significant clause which his father added was that “among 3 grandchildren who show their best scoring in their academic performance would be supposed to get their grandparent’s 30% share in their name.”

When desires get fulfilled without effort………..

Marco solemnized his daughter Zia’s marriage in her early 21 years ages as his father had a strong desire to attend at their elder grandchild’s marriage before their older age could knock the door of death.

Now when they found that only Rio their only grandson whom they adored the most was the sole qualified to meet their expectations then without delayed they decided that at the 18th birthday of Rio they will hand over their 30% share to their adorable grandson Rio in front of all.

That’s the big cause of pleasure for Diego and Raya, where without exercised any effort their parent’s 30% share would be going in their bucket. Where now Diego became the 65% shareholder of his parent’s property.

What about Deigo’s another child ?…………...

Raisa 15 years old daughter who studied in standard 10th. Raisa very introvert and unobtrusive in nature. As her mother used to return home from the office at 9 pm so she often served dinner to her tired working parents. She was quite self-dependent in managing her own task also often she managed cloths of his elder brother Rio.

Even she helped her mother with her household chores. Whenever her parents and elder brother felt sick she used to gave her utmost care to them by leaving her own study. In fact, Raya felt quite good sometimes due to her daughter’s affectionate.

Raisa who wasn’t so good in the study like her elder brother but she never failed in any class only passed with her average grade which was enough cause of abashed for her family.

The Orthodox yardstick for average grade……...

Her parents always depreciated for her average performance in front of her elder brother Rio, which her brother enjoyed a lot. Rio often in prankish told to his parents that “they should give his younger sister’s marriage early as like his cousin sister Zia.”

Actually, such typical thoughts cultivated by their grandfather to Rio. As for his grandfather “if girls failed to show their excellence in education then they should get ready for early marriage because for him why to invest unnecessarily for average grading despite invest for the topper in their study and in all rest things.”

Such orthodox mentality already absorbed their elder cousin sister’s life. Zia always had a wish of becoming a school teacher which her grandparents not allowed her.

Marco and his wife never had that backbone to say anything against their parents whether it’s regarding their daughter’s marriage or whatever. As Marco’s earning was based on his father’s spice business so for that he always being indebted towards his parents and moreover he glorified their every sole decision since ages.

18th birthday………....

Diego and Raya had been planning for their son’s 18 birthday party. They invited Rio’s friends, their few office colleagues and especially to their parents the special guest along with his elder brother Marco and his wife. As Diego was anxiously waiting for that day when his father would be hand over his share officially.

The day finally came when Diego and Raya had been celebrating their elder son Rio’s birthday where they conceitedly proclaimed their son’s highest scoring in front of all.

All venerated Rio when Diego gifted Royal Enfield Classic 350 bike to his son for achieving highest rank with the pronouncement that Rio became the pride of their family. All were in admiration mood about Rio. His uncle Marco, aunt and grandparents applauded Rio.

There Raisa was standing at far had been gazing those as she never got such felicitation in regard to her any small achievement ever.

Finally, the desires fulfilled……………

Finally, Rio’s grandfather proclaimed that he gifted his own share of 30% property to his adorable qualified grandson Rio in front of all. Diego finally became the shareholder of 65% of his parent’s property where Marco his elder brother was enough satisfied with his 35% share.

Rio post acquired the exorbitant acclamation by his father and grandfather turned his angle of inclination. He admitted at the top college of the city where with his new friends’ group his arrogance now seemed in his postures with his new bike.

With time after 3 years, he changed a lot seemed like grandparents 30% property share made him enough stubborn. He now returned home late from his tuition often smoked and consumed alcohol also, but whenever parents tried to pause him he revolts them.

Rio always recounted his parents that “he had been utilizing his grandfather’s earning not their, as his grandfather had given him enough for his amusement then who were they to address all those to him.”

Self-awareness of delinquency…….……..

Rio became a spoiled brat only due to his parents and elders. He inherited his delinquency from his father. Diego and Raya now understood that they were the delinquent of his son haughtiness where Rio now crossed his every limit of his audacity. Not a single penny was left with Rio now due to his prodigal personality.

Raisa who never scored highest but her persistence of average made her high-minded who exactly felt her status in their family like her uncle Marco who still never interrogated about property’s impartial sharing with her grandfather. As he was quite satisfied with his moderate life.

Diego and Raya now realized every second that their over appreciation and overlooked their son’s every small mistake since his childhood and also by fulfilling Rio’s all desires unnecessarily made him aggressive towards life.

Is really highest grade carry symbol of excellence?…….

Rio’s highest grading made his parents covetous for acquired their parent’s share of the property. At the other site, such mastership on the property for an 18 years old was enough sufficed for his cause of annihilation.

Deigo’s father always neglected his elder son due to his average marks in education whereas Marco always beholden towards them on the other side Diego who stayed far from his parents always earned the highest recognition for his good establishment by his parents.

Raisa also never being glorified ever by her parents for her affectionate towards them who never demand anything from her parents but still, they always overlooked her good qualities by measuring it’s with mark cards.

Diego understood finally that in real life the biggest achievement is to be a good human being rather than scoring in mark cards because in practical life only a good human being could able to achieve its goal finally.


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