When relationship counseling needs for collapsed marriage?

How suddenly the known face became a stranger in life……………The couple who did love marriage but now they behaved like aliens. Lance 45 years old the General Manager of a brand watch company. The company’s brand and the icon itself generates a feeling of dignity for the employees. Lance’s wife Fiona 40 years aged pretty. They had a 9 years old son, studying in standard 4th. Lance’s father renounced his mother and him after being engaged with another woman in his life.


His childhood…………..

 Lance’s father image had been faded from his subconscious as his father renounced him and his mother when he was just a year old. His mother brought up him in a very hard way by stitching clothes at a tailoring shop.

His mother never kept a single photograph of her husband because she hates him a lot so she didn’t want to aware her son of his father’s image.

Lance during his school days often asked his mother about his father, when he found his friend’s father adored their son. His mother often evaded his queries by explaining that “he went far from them to a different country for earning money for them and will come back when he will accumulate good fund.”

Relatives and Society’s ascription……………

Lance’s mother was good looking fair-spoken but still, her husband left her and for that her closed ones to society all accused her. During those crucial phases of life when she was in her 25 years old stand alone with a year old baby exactly at that point her in-laws and relatives condemned her about her husband’s sudden renouncing without patronized her and her son.

In fact, her in-laws also denied to give them the share of their property. For them, she might in relation with another man for which her husband repudiated her in her young ages. Society’s irreverences became painful for her as days passed by. Though all were quite affirmed about his father’s culpable act towards his family but still seemed like they enjoyed by pointing the finger on innocuous.

Lance always found her mother in simple wearing, she never wore colorful because all colors now she loves to used only in her son’s wearing. Her well pleasant look of single status with the small baby was enough to cause for men to emphasized her in the intent of coming close to her.

New beginning …………

When she aware that none of her closed ones also would be trustworthy for her credence then she decided to leave her in-laws custody. As up to now, she had been swallowing all those allegations but now after few years when her son became 5 years old, She didn’t want that her son would aware of his father’s viciousness with his growing.

So she went far away from her known ones so that the society’s negativism would never touch her son’s present and future. Where none could be recognized her identity and would be interrogated about her husband. Where the darkness of past could never touch her present life.

 Now she stayed with her 5 years old son in a small rent house. She had the urge to nurture her only son Lance in a well-cultured way so that she could feel pride on her fosterage where her husband’s ill impact wouldn’t be overshadowed Lance’s future.

 Later 30 years…………

Lance now became a young exquisite guy in his 35 years old who post completed his MBA and 10 years tenure of his job in the brand watch multinational company as a General manager. His extrovert and prankish outlook make him influential in his group and office. Lance had been exploring his splendid life every moment with his friends and adorable mother.

His alluring look often influenced him to go near to girls. Also, girls always love his enticing accompany and which slowly elevated his voracity.

His mother now pleased by seeing her son’s growth in his career with time. She had that intense satisfaction that she as a single mother with her low earning from stitching work had been quite skillfully brought up her son Lance.

 She now wants to settle her son’s life by rendering his marriage by fulfilling her ultimate responsibility. But before that, she wanted to reveal her past about his husband’s renouncement. So she summarized her son about his father who never bothered for his wife and son. After known, the truth Lance assured his mother that he wouldn’t definitely do any such act for which she felt ashamed of him.

Love at first sight……..

 Lance who was one of the senior most of the company also a seducer for his female employee who often used to gift a brand wristwatch to his companion to enhanced their voracity. Lance had an amazing standpoint to weigh his companion while gifting that precious wrist watch of that brand company. He always initially thoroughly read their mind by spending quality time with them because on the basis of their IQ he affirmed the price of his costly gift.

 Where he had the intent of enjoying his lust with his charming companion where he never fell in love with any ever in his professional life because he knew how to overwhelmed with those gorgeous with his honey-tongued seductively. Girls also never deprecated him when they found one the foremost eligible exquisite bachelor had been offering them for their accompany.

Lance’s ever-charming look though mesmerized many girls but he was being captivated by gorgeous 25 years old Fiona, who had been newly joined the brand watch company just after completion of her education. Lance’s overlooked in her every mistake in work viewable by all in the office arena. He in his safety net always tried to abolish her errors before it could point out to others. In this way, within a short span, Fiona and Lance became good friends.

How to define the unusual emotions?…….

Lance who up to now never in his life missed anyone’s presence like he had been missing now day by day for Fiona not only that even he felt enough unmindful if he found that Fiona due to any cause did not attend her office any day then he personally called up her queried about her well being and even insist her to join him at office soon.

Such uneasiness for someone he hadn’t felt earlier so he himself was quite amazed about his such dependency on Fiona. Now at any cost, he wants to overcome from that infatuation so again he applied his old regime of physical intimacy with others. He thought might be he drowned in Fiona’s alluring attitude which enhanced his lust towards her. That’s why he might feel so intensely about her day and night.
Lance in his dream now wants to love her first time because he never gave the place to any girl in his life who would dare to touch his subconscious mind. For him, the relationship with girls means particularly to quenched the desire of lust. He even never turned twice to those girls with whom he once did his physical intimacy.

Would she really meant for him?……..

Lance now had the urge to spelled out his feelings towards his dream girl Fiona. He now proposed her “Fiona would you like to spend your whole life with me by accepting me as your husband?”

Fiona has completely differed from other girls she hasn’t possessed a habit of coquettes. She never allowed any men to come near to her without her affirmation then how could she allowed Lance whose philandering attitude already being portrayed by her office colleagues to her. When they found that Lance by overlooking them constantly prioritized to a newcomer then they felt jealous about her presence in Lance’s life.

Fiona in discourteous way affront Lance by saying that “he might in reverie where he always consider girls as per his conclude but this time his assertion had crossed his all limit of his dalliance.”

Lance first time discarded by a girl who was working under him but still showed her extreme prowess towards her senior who could be sacked her out from the company for her such effrontery but still she never bothered for once also about her upbringing career.

Feeling of humiliation…………….

 Unfortunately at the next day was Fiona’s birthday about which Lance didn’t aware. All staffs celebrated their new employee’s birthday. Fiona shared her birthday cake with all from peon to her co-employees and seniors except Lance. But Lance who knew that Fiona would never rebuff him today at least in her birthday because she was in the quite pleasing mood as she had first time celebrated her birthday with her new office peers. Though just before a day they both met with dispute then how could she so easily would grant his wish also?

But Lance was now enough confident about his feeling so he was ready for anything. He now candidly pleaded Fiona that “would she gave him one opportunity to rectify his life?” Without saying any more words now he wished her by gifting the most precious and costly watch to her while gifting that he clarified the uniqueness of that wrist watch which was a rare piece made up one and which he heartily wanted to ties in her right wrist in front of all.

Fiona in her harsh tone replied that he might forget about her yesterday’s replied which she explained to him while making him understand that she didn’t have any such feelings towards him nor she had the urge to accept his precious gift. Lance who never found any girl in his life who upfront denied his gift now his adamancy towards her became more prominent than ever.

Dauntless interpretation…………..

Lance who had a nickname for his fans of lady killer now became more arrogant towards Fiona which he never pretends in front of his Love Fiona. Lance next day in office at morning sharp at 11 am called up to those employees who last day celebrated Fiona’s birthday and in front of whom, Fiona assaulted Lance.

So he called up all of them in the conference room where he today had been going to acknowledged her that he didn’t have that craze about her Physical look though he still loves her and will forever but he had the urge for some significant confession about him for which he wants his official witness presence. So now he in his plucky confessional speech narrated Fiona that…………………

 “As you all are the employees of this company where I always treat with all of you as your friend more than your boss because as a General Manager of the company my first and foremost priority is my perfection towards work than rest other things. So, in that case, its overall my responsibility to look after my every sole employee’s perfection towards their work and in that case I need a calm and friendly environment where from upper management to the subordinates all were enough freedom to express their every viewpoint towards the refinement of the company.”

“Yesterday I proposed Fiona in front of you guys and for which she interpreted me in her standpoint and which is quite justified. Being a philanderer to accept me as faithful is quite awkward for her and which I too realized last night.”

 As a monogamous………………

  “Fiona you may be to a certain extent assumed about my personality but let me clear you now in front of all our employees that I never raped or forced any girl to sleep with me it’s true that in this office there are few with whom I spend my moments and for that I took prior their permission because it’s my desire and every man has a desire for sex then what wrong in that if I offered those girls whom I felt hot and simultaneously the opposite also felt the same unless why could they agreed with my offer?”

“I never built up any relationship with none girl though they always eager to continue with me but I have certain restrict norms in my personal life where after I achieved my Goal never turned to them because I’m not a polygamist.”

“Yes………I slept with them in the hotel room where I sucked and fucked…….them and along with me they also had taken the full pleasure of my foreplay of sex. So in that aspect, I think it’s a mutual acceptance of quenching both sided desires.”

“So now my question to you my dear Fiona (in mockery)! That if along with me the opposite had also enjoyed my 5’11” physique thoroughly which might not they also ever tasted from their so-called husband or boyfriend then why my dear Fiona(with a smile) you ONLY blame up my character while pointing this in the sense that I might spoil those women’s lives?”

Don’t ever judge in split second………….

“Then how could you judge me straight away without knowing about me thoroughly. Every human being possessed the positive and negative qualities then without knowing about my good qualities you shouldn’t allow to tag me as a good or bad person and moreover, you joined the company just 2 months ago where hardly anyone aware you about the glossy part of this company. So today let me you aware the other side of mine as the General manager of the company.”

“Listen dear (with a smile) in this company my dedication is far more stronger than my any other competitors of the rest 4 branch of the city. Fiona, you might be noticed while entering the office through the corridor that there is a big golden emblem of our company and beside that one royal image and that particular image you found in my room and here at Board meeting room also where the mid one is our MD CEO Director President of the company and at right the Vice Chairman of the company and at left you found me the General Manager. Only that particular image has placed with the Brand Emblem because we 3 are the one who with their utmost hard dedication ennobled the company at its highest altitude in Country.”

 “Now lastly I personally in front of you all pleading to Fiona that if we both behaved like aliens then it seemed really awkward under the same roof. Even why our work gets hampers for our personal issue and moreover in the professional sphere no such place for emotions and feelings which I always up to now used to tell others now the day comes when I have to implement this logic on mine.”

 Feeling of remorse………………

Lance after his thorough interpretation when about to go out then his all employees now remorsefully apologized him for their support towards Fiona as for them it’s more significant to keep themselves in their boss good books. His daring confession made her frigid.

Lance exactly from that moment diverted his etiquette towards his all staffs. Suddenly the blithesome personality diverted to morose and which seems cleared by all. Now he paused gazing at girls apart from work now not even he communicated with them.

Fiona now slowly change her mind she actualized that Lance now had been making over himself a loyal one. His every act had been thoroughly scrutinized by Fiona in those past 2 months. Now Fiona described him with her shamefaced that she was wrong with her perception and for that seeking apologize from him.

Finally, emotions grew………………..

Lance with his smile affirmed her. Now they again turned buddy but this time Lance with his full awareness tried to make a distance from his buddy because he didn’t want to smash the relationship with his dream girl again by his any small mistake so he now more alert than earlier.

Lance not even ever touched her hand nor offered her lift in his car ever. Fiona now has fallen in intense love towards him but she wasn’t able to verbalize it with her words as already once she rebuffed him then how could she proclaim him about her strong fondness towards him?

Disclosure of affections……………..

Fiona decided that the way in earlier when Lance proposed her and she rebuffed him in front of office colleagues and again when Lance justified his morals in front of all, exactly how it’s her turn of proclamation about her strong affections.

Finally, after 3 months in front of all employees, she assured Lance that she had been ready to spend her whole life with him. The whole ambiance got a pin of silence as all were waiting for their boss’s affirmation.

They married with their family’s confirmation. Fiona now quit her job as it seemed quite ridiculous to others when they found General Manager’s wife had been working under him as a simple employee.

Later marriage would the love sustain?….

Lance’s mother was quite happy for the new beginning of his son’s life. She adored Fiona like her own daughter, in fact, Fiona also in her all issues would like to interact with her mother-in-law more than her husband Lance because of Lance always busy with his office so it’s very hard for him to give time to his wife Fiona. Fiona post marriage had a quench to experience her ever romantic husband’s extreme romanticism towards her, which she never gets unfortunately from Lance.

In fact, he deliberately used to come home late from the office which was also being noticed by his mother. He cleverly eloped if his mother queried him about his such avoidance towards his marital life. But Fiona never interrupted him in his work because she was well aware of the significance of Lance’s General Manager status of such big company.

After a year Fiona gave birth to their son. Now Fiona became a mother whose foremost priority now towards her baby then rest all. Lance’s mother now apparently understanding that though her son’s marital life seemed perfect by others yet it’s not like that because her son had already cultivated a distance in his marital life.

 The scenario was transparent…..……..

With time Lance’s affection towards his wife faded and which was now quite transparent in his total act of abstinence. His mother now personally queried to her daughter-in-law about their closeness though it’s too confidential yet as a mother, she at any cost wished to save her son’s marital life because she had a fear that like her husband renounced her and Lance, then would Lance also going to follow his father’s footstep?

Here Fiona one day while returning from the Pediatrician clinic after regular checkup of her baby suddenly on her way she noticed Lance with some other girl just towards the way of a star hotel. She in her curious followed them and exactly she found which she didn’t want to be the witness. Fiona became stupified about his act because for her Lance was completely changed but she was wrong.

Is history going to repeats again?………..

Now after returned when her mother-in-law asked about her grandson’s health report then Fiona was unable to reply her any query because she was already out of her mind. She stared at her mother-in-law without uttering a single word. Now her mother-in-law when found her unnatural attitude with voiceless she assumed that might be something went wrong which made Fiona nonvocal. She now insists Fiona to spelled out the truth.

Fiona had been wailing with her words that she lost her love for forever because now she understood after crossed more than a year that why Lance was not showed ever any desire towards her. Fiona now told each and everything about Lance’s characteristics, their affairs, his philandering attitude towards office female staffs to her mother-in-law.

Why so stubborn ?……………..

Lance’s mother now presumed that her son also had been following his father footstep of polygamous. She now valiantly interrogated Lance about his such ill character that night when Fiona witnessed that she had seen him in the afternoon when he went to a hotel with some other woman for fulfilling his illegal desires of lust.

Lance when found that both his mother and wife had now caught him then he unmasked his honest intention of marriage with Fiona. He told Fiona that “when she first time insulted him in front of his subordinates on that day itself he had taken a pledge that at any cost he would be forcing her to bend in front those employees.”

“As he had given his 10 years of hard dedication to achieved that designation of General Manager of the Company for which if any newcomer would be had the intent to devastate that within a second then it would be ruined his career which none could compensate that. So he just gave a morally rationalized speech in front of all staffs so that in one gun shot he would again earn his honor with sympathy by all includes Fiona and exactly that happened within few days Fiona herself proposed him in front of all.” He also told…….

So it’s was just my gambit by which I regained my everything because I knew how to crack my lost deal and which I cracked finally.”

“But one thing I let you aware Fiona that my father renounced my mother and me when I was just one year old but I will never do any such irrational act because I have a social status for which I need a flawless personal life.”

Is blood really talks?………………….

His mother now first time in her life Slapped him and told she really felt ashamed of his deeds, earlier she felt proud of her son that she won the game of life by given Lance a well respectable life. She left her husband’s house and his linked up everything because she heartily wished that his husband noncommital characteristic would never touch her son’s personality but she proved wrong because blood is after all blood and she couldn’t change that blood.


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