When relationship forced for a forbidden life?


Jaya and Amit had an arranged marriage. Amit who worked in a private company, they have a 2 years’ daughter Hia. Amit’s elder sister Reema already married and have an 8 years’ son Raju, her husband working in a state Government office. Amit’s father passed away 4 years ago, but her mother not dependent on her son for her own expense as she getting her late husband’s pension. Therefore, she was quite independent at her 65 years of age.


Very often her sister-in-law Reema visits her parents’ house to spend time with all, especially for Hia as her son Raju was very attached to his little 2 years’ sister, not only he loves to play with her also Hia too loves his presence. Every Sunday without failed Reema with her son came over there. Sometimes Reema and Jaya go shopping and movie along. Reema often gifted clothes and chocolates to her only niece Hia.

Jaya was delighted in her blissful marital life, both Amit and Jaya love each other too much. In this way, her 3 years of wonderful marriage life was going quite smooth.

Will her happiness sustain for long?

Amit usually after office hours comes straight to home and while returning on his way he often bought toys and chocolates for his sweet baby Hia. He does not have any bad addiction to drinking alcohol or spending long nights with his friends. Just after his office work, he loves to spend his all-time with his adorable wife Jaya and Hia.

That day, unlike other days, Hia and Jaya both were anxiously waiting for him. As its now 8:30, Jaya called him many times but his number was in switched off mode. Now she feels discomfort, as he never used to so late. She called him at his office number but they told that he left over from there at his said time 6:30 pm. Then where he went?

Now Jaya told her mother-in-law and called to Reema. After hearing that, Reema with her husband and son Raju came over there. They all were now quite stressed as it’s 10:30 pm.

In this between Jaya called up her every possible place from friends to relatives everywhere, but all replied same that Amit neither called them nor he went at any of their house or anywhere else along with them.

Then where he went suddenly?

Reema’s husband went to search him along with few friends of Amit at their locality and his office area. However, none response came from anywhere.

There Jaya could not hold her tears now anymore because she now screaming with horrific negative thoughts about her husband. By seeing all those, her mother-in-law and Reema too cried with loud.

Now it’s 12:30 am-midnight, the whole house was screaming with frightening of fear and anguish. None of them in their family neither touched the food nor had slept in that night. Jaya stood like a rock at the gate of their house for the whole night, waiting eagerly for her husband.

Their little Hia cried for hungry as she not eligible to understand the depth of the situation. By seeing that Raju took Hia, in his comfort of the lap and made her sleep by feeding water.

Will the sunrise of next day bring darkness for her life?

Next day at very early morning, Jaya told to that entire she now goes to police station already a night passed and she couldn’t wait for this uncertainty. Therefore, Jaya with Reema and her husband went to local police station for lodge FIR about Amit’s sudden missing.

At the police station, police inspector asked Jaya so many personal things regarding their marital life in front of all, like….

  • How were Amit’s nature and behavior towards all along with Jaya?
  • How was their bonding of relationship?
  • Whether they had any fight between them regarding any issue?
  • How was their physical relationship?
  • Whether Amit was satisfied with her?
  • Has he had any rival at his work field or enemy at outside or in the family?
  • Did he take any Bank loan or he is badly in debt?
  • Did he have any ill addictions like consuming alcohol or drug?
  • Lastly, would he have entangled in any extramarital affairs?

These are those questions, which she faced the first time in her life. Jaya replied to Inspector that ‘Amit is a very good person, he doesn’t have any such ill habits nor he has any ill relations with anyone. In fact, he never did any such work for which his family feels ashamed of him. Moreover, they have very strong love bonding then why should he look at another woman.

Even Reema and her husband told to the inspector that they already searched at all local hospitals but due to God’ grace nothing, such accidental incidents had happened with.

After heard all those Inspector told to Jaya that they already took the complaint of FIR and photograph of Amit, now they could go from there, if they would get any information regarding him then they would inform them.

After police station, they all went to Amit’s office but there also his office colleagues told that neither had he had any fight with anyone nor he had any ill relation with any others, and yesterday too he left office at same time of 6:30 pm, but after that where he went, none of them were aware of that.

Now the series of queries begins in her life…

After giving the confession about her marital life at the police station, now her closed ones mean her in-laws were waiting to throw her bunch of queries one after another.

The first question was asked by her mother-in-law, like

  • What did she tell to Amit for which he took that worst decision?
  • Why he suddenly left his home without informing anyone?
  • What did she demand from her son?
  • How could be it possible that as a wife she does not know about her husband?

Now the second question was asked by her sister-in-law Reema, like

  • What did she do with her younger brother?
  • Did she have a good physical relationship with her husband?
  • Whether Jaya’s family told her brother anything?
  • Did she fight with him?

Here too Jaya replied the same to her closed ones that neither she had any such contradiction between them nor she demanded anything from him and Amit also loves her a lot.

Here 3 more days gone Jaya went to police station to know about her husband along with Reema but they not received any information yet from there. She requested repeatedly but they only consoled Jaya by saying ‘keep your patience’.

In this way, a month passed and in this long month Jaya without failed after every alternate day she used to visit at the police station with this hope that might be this time they show her a ray of light. Even she begged at their feet for getting her husband back in her life, but ultimately no result came out. Only one word that inspector told her repeatedly that ‘keep your patience.’ We are trying our level best to search him.

How suddenly closed ones behave so brutally?

2 months passed now her mother-in-law and Reema quite changed in their behavior towards her. For them, she is responsible for all this unless why their son suddenly left the house. For Reema, might be Jaya did something worst about which when her brother came to know, decided to leave her for forever.

Her mother-in-law knows very well that Jaya and his daughter Hia is completely depended on her pension for their survival. She even started abusing her as an unlucky symbol for her son. Jaya would never have been able to give a reply to her any such harshness.

Both her mother-in-law and Reema now assaulted her boldly and desperately, they abused and blamed her for the sudden vanishing of Amit.

Her mother-in-law now not even touched to Hia nor she allowed that little child to enter her room. Even Reema and her family too behaved in the same way with Jaya and Hia too. Raju who earlier was so close to his sister now he too due to his mother does not turn at Hia.

Little Hia missed all of theirs’s love and caring especially to her brother Raju, but unfortunately, she not able to understand the depth of the situation.

Jaya did all the household chores since morning to night as now neither her mother-in-law nor Reema helped her in any work not even they touched Hia, even if she would be cried for long too then also none of them turned back at her, while Jaya was busy with other work.

Jaya and Hia now became untouchable for them. Jaya understood that now she is no more Amit’s wife as he left her alone, only one identity she has in their family and that is a maid.

Doesn’t she have any other option left?

By seeing all those, Jaya once went to her parents’ home with Hia but there also her one and only elder brother not allowed her as after her father’s death her mother was dependent on her brother, whom he and his wife carrying forcedly as a burden above that how could they take one more burden upon their head?

So ultimately, she came back to her in-law’s home for shelter, she had none another place where she would go to take shelter with her little 2 years’ daughter. She compromised with the circumstances.

In this way 16 years passed away now Hia is 18 years old. In this between her mother-in-law passed away and just after her death Reema and her husband without delayed for a day too harped at her mother-in-law’s home, it seems they both were waiting for that day only, as Amit was not there so her mother-in-law too transferred her all property to her daughter’s name.

They now live at the rented house where Jaya for their survival worked in a small tailor, she stitches clothes for kids and ladies. Hia now goes to college.

Who is responsible?

Jaya in her entire life only got humiliation from her closed ones. She from the very beginning said repeatedly that both she and Amit had been carried a good marital bonding among them then, why her in-laws not ready to listen to her voice?

If we assume for the timing too that Amit got entangled with any other woman and for that he married and started a new life with his second wife at some different place where none could identify him and his chances of being caught is almost zero, because he doesn’t have that daring to face either Jaya and his family nor to the society. Then, in that case, we might stand a valid cause in front of Jaya as the reason for his such ignored towards her.

Next, if we assume that Amit met any accidental death while returning from his office to home, then also a strong question will arise at the mind that how could be that possible because his office and home covered 5 km. As per the statement of their office colleagues, he left office at his as the usual timing of 6:30 pm at evening when roads were full of rush with traffic then if any such accident happened within this 5km, then the local hospitals might have had the record about that but nothing like that happened too.

Jaya only received a degraded life by marrying with Amit, her in-laws blamed forever her where she herself in the trap of that worst situation but as per Reema she might not be good in bed with her brother for which he might opt for a different life with another woman because he doesn’t want to take Jaya and Hia’s responsibly.

Amit, who is the one for whom two life got smashed but he is really a coward or cheater who didn’t have the guts to face his primary responsibility. In fact, our society too blamed for that act indirectly to innocent Jaya that she didn’t have that capacity to hold her husband forever, so harsh like him.

Whereas he is the blunderer who did such sinful act despite that he might be leading a happy and respectable life by hiding his identity from the society and there for his act Jaya and Hia gave the penalty or compensate for their whole life.

She sacrificed her whole life…

Jaya never did that daring of second marriage nor she left her mother-in-law too despite being so humiliated day by day, she didn’t bother for at least once too about her desire. Her only focus was how to brought up Hia, in those situations.

Their Hia in her entire childhood only forbidden by her closed ones, her grandmother, Raju and by all where once there was a time when this same Hia used to be the apple of her closed one’s eyes. She brought up in such environment where she habituated of seeing such humiliation of her mother every moment in front of her eyes without her mother’s fault at all. Both treated as a pariah.

Hia hates her father and it’s quite justified for her, for her Jaya is everything, in fact, Jaya plays all role in Hia’s life apart from a mother like father, grandmother, brother ……. everything. She idolized Jaya. They both are now quite happy with each other and in those 18 years, Jaya too lost her all hope of returning to her husband.

Jaya as a wife did her all responsibilities with utmost dedication towards Amit’s family. However, she was not bound to do that where her husband himself eloped from his all responsibilities towards his own family.

For Jaya, her entire life was entangled with this one mystery that why Amit had suddenly disappeared from her life in this way?

The new beginning of Hia…

Hia, after passing out her Degree now doing a job at BPO, her mother now worried for her daughter’s marriage as she doesn’t have sufficed wealth for giving Hia’s social marriage. Moreover, after paying the rent of house then the rest amount goes in Hia’s educational and bread expense then from where she would get to save from that small job of tailoring.

Though due to her frugal nature she still saved Rs.1 lakh rupees for her daughter’s marriage expense and as per Hia that was enough for her because as a single mother she did her all duties perfectly. Hia’s BPO job now relieved Jaya to a certain extent regarding her savings for Hia’s marriage purpose.

But above all now the biggest issue which is waiting for Jaya is how she would be going to face the groom ‘s family when they asked about her husband, Hia’s father. This one question now stands as a real hurdle for her daughter’s settlement in life.

Ready to go to any extent…

Jaya who already passed her whole life in humiliation now ready to go to any extent for her daughter’s well-being settled life because now she became bold enough to face the society desperately moreover when the matter relates to her only daughter who is everything for her and for whom she up to now gulped all pain and rejection in her life.

One after another, marriage proposal she refused when this only question about her husband stands as a barrier for her Hia. Because she wants such type groom for her Hia who after knowing all those truths regarding about Amit and their financial condition, desperately and gladly accept her Hia along her qualities not by judging with her parents’ past.

Moreover, apart from a mother as a woman, she doesn’t want such coward typed guy for her Hia who after taking the responsibility of a life suddenly left them at the middle in life like Amit did with her.

At last, she got the groom who was eligible for her Hia and for whom their past doesn’t matter to begin the present. In this way, Hia’s marriage finally fixed upon 22nd Jan.

 The very special day…

Since morning Jaya doing all work by his own hand, as it seems she was waiting for this auspicious marriage day of her Hia in her life, she invited to Reema and her family but they did not come as they broke their all relations with Jaya and Hia long back.

Jaya doesn’t have any relatives whom she called as well-wisher for her, so she invited few neighbors and few friends of tailoring shop. Up to now, she stitches clothes for others but the marriage costume of Hia made by her mother.

Guests were coming one by one gifted Hia as their blessing with wishes. Hia received many gifts but for her, the costume made by Jaya was the most favorable gift for her. Hia finally went her in-laws home to begin a new life with her husband Ajay.

Now her responsibilities finished….

Jaya now completely get alone in her life up to now she survived her life just because she wants to alive for her Hia, but now she did her all responsibilities perfectly so as a mother she feels proud of her, while thinking those thoughts suddenly she saw one wrapped gift was left over at Hia’s small study table.

What makes her shudder?

Jaya opened the box by seeing that she was just shocked, her hands started shivering, her steps trembled. What was in that box which shuddered her?

The pendant which Hia wore after her birth but it was missing with Amit’s sudden disappearance. Even Jaya searched many times to get back that but with time she assumed that it might be lost by Hia when she was just 2 years old. That pendant was gifted by Amit to Hia at her birth.

when Amit left the house and during those crucial phases when Jaya was completely entangled in searching her husband.

Then how after a long gap of 23 years she gets back that pendant. Jaya now over-sanguine about Amit that he came at Hia’s marriage function to see her daughter from far.

Now I can sleep calmly for forever…

In this long 23 years for Jaya, her husband’s suddenly vanishing stands as a mystery for her life. A most difficult puzzle, which she failed to solve. Sometimes she assumed that Amit might die or kidnapped.

After getting back to Hia’s pendant now for Jaya the puzzle gets solved very quickly. She now understood that Amit neither died nor kidnapped. In fact, he leads a happy life with his second wife and family and he doesn’t have that guts to face her in this life, so he hides self from her and society.

She laughed loudly told thanks to that Almighty that at least before her death he aware her by unfold his character.

But the only agony will remain forever for Jaya that if he decided that he doesn’t want to stay with her then at least he could be left a handwritten for her so that she would never hope for his coming back in her life again.

As a woman, she not allowed any man further in her life to fulfill her desires, after all, she too a human being then why she always withheld herself from all those desires because she has the fear of society?  Moreover, she is a mother so she never allowed for such audacity.

Every night in those 23 years, she at least prayed for his well-being but now she gets released from that. Now Jaya is completely alone neither Hia is beside her nor Amit’s thought. She told lastly to God before going to bed that ‘tonight I sleep calmly with my utmost satisfaction of detachment from my all emotions’.



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