When relationship help to make life?


 “In this life, we cannot always do great things. But we can do small things with great love. -Mother Teresa.”


Tansy, Laura and Gina 3 daughters of a widow 58 years old woman whose husband passed away a few years back. Who worked in a jute factory where his income wasn’t sufficed for 6 members in the family even he couldn’t be saved enough for his 4 children.

Parents saving for the right shareholder…………..

 So their mother had been carrying the biggest anxiety about his 3 daughter’s marriage expense along with only son Jacob’s education. Her only hope with her younger son Jacob who was studying at 10th.

Among 3 daughters the mid one, Laura hadn’t possessed that much pleasant look in comparison to her 2 sisters Tansy and Gina who were fair with their charming look. That’s why his mother hadn’t faced that much impediment during her 2 daughter’s marriage.

Laura was the only one among 4 siblings who was enough good in her study. That’s why she at anyhow completed her secondary board exams. Where her rest 2 sisters weren’t even completed their 10th.

Their mother assured her 3 daughters that the education was far more important for her only son Jacob in comparison to her 3 daughters because in her prospect her daughter’s whole life expenses would be carried by their husband where they not at all need for higher study for earning to contribute in their family.

What solid cause for such orthodox prospect?……….

Laura’s mother when after her husband’s sudden death due to illness found that her family ebbed away during the crisis. Then she went to the management of the company for providing her husband’s job to her for sustained their 5 life.

They did not agree easily with her such logical request so finally, she knocked the door of the union of the factory where they assured her but placed minimum criteria for that job and that was the candidate should be minimum school passed out.

Then she told them that she wasn’t so literate for that job so would they give that job to their middle daughter Laura on behalf of her because only she was school passed out in her family. As her rest 2 daughters not studied after 10th due to the financial crisis and her son had been studying at 8th standard.

The union of factory finally agreed with her and they gave her husband’s job to her mid daughter 20 years old Laura.

Prime liability……………

Laura now doing her late father’s job. She gave her full salary to her mother’s hand always where her salary’s one part was kept aside first for her younger brother’s education. She wanted to complete her Degree but her limited income was fixed for the survival of 5 members along with her saving for her sister’s marriage with brother’s education so she couldn’t have that liberation to expend a single rupees for her own personal cause.

Her mother’s prime wish was to provide high education to her only younger Son Jacob because she wants to see him established at any cost. For that, her rest 3 daughters were also ready to sacrifice their further education for their adorable younger brother.

Every day after returned from the factory Laura would take the class of her younger brother Jacob. As she was good in the study so she often helped him out from his difficulty in the study since childhood.

The hope of bestowal………..

Here Tansy and Gina rest two sisters now after seeing Laura’s engagement in earning they also now involved in work for the purpose of earn. As their lower education hadn’t allowed them for any official job so they both opted the work where not brainpower only physical labor required. Finally, they went with tailoring work.

Tansy and Gina never gave a single rupees of subvention to their mother. Despite they both preferred to kept their earning along with them only. To disburse an amount of money means to pay it out, usually from their saving fund.

Their Mother even asked often about their income but they both never felt that urge to disclosed that to mother also. As both of them well known that if they unfold their earning then might be their mother would ask to endowed them with their wealth in the family.

Their Laura never dissipated a single rupees for her own medical expenses also. She understood that her elder and younger sister were quite astute. They never dissipated a single rupees even in their mother’s medical expense nor even they ever gift a small pen to their younger brother Jacob also from their earning.

Prenuptial agreement ………..

After 3 years, Jacob hab been pursuing his Degree when Laura’s mother now wanted to settle her elder daughter’s life by arranging her marriage. She was in utmost strain about the fund and well groom for her daughter that who would like to marry her pretty daughter Tansy.

Tansy when aware about her mother’s cause of stress then she upfront told her mother that she doesn’t need to take over stress regarding her marriage because she chose someone as she had an affair with the tailor shop owner’s son who had been handling their garments business.

Her mother after met with the groom and their family finally arranged her elder daughter Tansy’s marriage. During the marriage, Tansy makes up herself with heavy gold ornaments which she and Gina her younger sister made for themselves for their marriage prospect while investing their full earning from their tailoring job.

After a year now her mother gave her younger daughter Gina’s marriage with a well-established guy where Gina also exactly liked her elder sister Tansy made heavy gold jewelry for her marriage intent.

Both the sisters have perceptively invested their hard income in their gold jewelry for their future establishment because they had full of incredulity towards their mother’s affection. As when they found that their mother’s supreme focus was at their younger brother Jacob’s education then they planned for their safe future because they were not liked Laura who dissipated her entire gross in the family expense.

With time predicament changed……….

After 8 years now the circumstances changed, Jacob now became a Software Engineer who had been earning with his 6 figures and her 2 sisters with their husband and children were delightfully leading their lives.

Laura now 29 years old where her mother now had been planning for her marriage as of now she did flawlessly her all duties towards her family. So it’s now her rest 3 siblings liability to take care of their mid sister Laura’s marriage.

Laura who hadn’t so pleasant like her 2 sisters so her mother encountered several rejections while selecting groom for Laura. Few made provisions for their requirement of high cash with the gold asset.

Her mother after knowing all of those now acknowledged to her rest 3 established children withholding the hope that they would definitely contribute fund in that noble cause of marriage for their benevolent adorable sister Laura.

Would they really changed with time?……

 Laura’s 2 sisters now in dilemma about their mother’s open requisition. So they very prudently assured their mother about the rational problems of their personal life. Tansy told her mother that her husband had undergone with the huge loss in his garments business since few months so at that moment for her it’s not possible to provide the fund for her sister Laura’s marriage and for that she felt really bad.

Again Gina portrayed the same way to her mother that her in-laws were decided to voyage for pilgrimage, as her husband had been proffering a big amount for that voyage, so she couldn’t arrange fund for them and for that she felt regret.

Finally, the last hope of ray was Jacob. Jacob after getting his job booked a flat at posh locality for which he was under the debt of bank.

Self-seeking standpoint………..

 In this way years passed by when Jacob also settled his own life by marrying a rich family girl and now he stayed with his wife at his posh residence where only his rich 2 sisters Tansy and Gina were allowed as per their status.

Jacob once offered his mother to stay with him at his posh residence. Then his mother asked him that “would his unmarried sister Laura stay alone in that rent small house or she would also stay in her brother’s bungalow?”

By hearing that Jacob in an immodest manner replied his mother that “his proposal was Only about his mother not for his sister because if he assured about his sister’s accommodation with them in their bungalow then his in-laws might felt awkward in their high-class society. Moreover, Laura was the self-dependent woman then why should he provide favor to her.”

 When emotions not allowed to cross the limit………..

Laura during her initial days in her work field at the factory job, there was a guy named Paul who liked her because of her honesty, innocence and hard dedication towards her family. Both fallen in love but she never dared to expressed her emotions ever to Paul.

He proposed Laura for marriage but Laura who already had enough accountability towards her family rebuffed him, but Paul wasn’t admitted her exclusion.

Paul loved her truly so he decided to persuade Laura’s mother. But the thing was how could he directly go her house without her affirmation and invitation?

His intrepidity allowed him to forthrightly interpret his affection towards Laura to her mother.

 Laura’s mother who disavowed his marriage proposal because she illustrated him about their family’s condition. She made him aware of telling that………

  “We are in difficult situation of scarcity where only Laura is the sole earning member of our family upon whom the entire responsibility of our whole family’s sustainability and if she goes from this family by marrying you today then tomorrow we 4 members of this family will die in poverty because none will come to feed 4 of us.”

Rational promulgation…………

Paul and Laura looked at each other and weighed up the situation. Laura while affirming her mother’s rational statement told him to go back from her life. Now Paul after listened to their opinion again induced her mother by that saying that……

 “If he marries with Laura then he will never interrupt her for contributing her earning to her family in fact then he will be also with dignity endows his allowance to them.”

But her mother disapproved his such benefaction because she made him understood that might be he in his love and affection could think such generous but would his parents acknowledged his such kindness?

“Moreover if he for that moment able to convinced his parents for such generous endowment then why should she and her family going to take their benevolence.”

She also told him that “Laura is her daughter so with pride she is accepting her contribution but if she marry with you then you will be my son-in-law then, in that case, we should never accept your bestowal which will degrade my self-esteem.”

Will he still wait for his love?………….

Laura who tried utmost to made him understand that she had the liabilities towards her 2 sister’s marriage, brother’s education so until she fulfilled her target she wouldn’t think about her marriage.

As the factory job had been given by her mother which she had been doing on behalf of her mother because she wasn’t eligible for that job so she referred her name. In that case, how could be she so self-centered which deprived her morale?

Paul now when failed to indoctrinated Laura and her mother then he declared Laura that he would wait for her completion of accountability until she approbated but would never leave her alone.

 Circumstances forced to take oath……….

 There Paul’s parents couldn’t be swallowed their only son’s such hard taken pledge but still, they agreed because they couldn’t force him into marrying another girl. 

Suddenly Paul’s mother got a heart attack and in her bedridden, she bound her son to take the oath that he would marry within a month before she counts her last breath.

Paul now sacrificed his love for his mother as he gave his word to his bedridden mother so he married a girl as per his parents choice within a month.

After 10 years feeling of bewailing………..

Laura’s mother now repent of her deeds because she realized that how self-involved her 3 children who not bothered for their benevolent sisters and for that only she was the cause for Laura’s unsettlement in life. Laura dissipated all her time and income in her family.

She now announced valiantly………….

Laura’s mother now in her 70 years old wants to amend her biggest misjudgment by exclaimed that she was the mother of only one child Laura whom she gave birth from her womb, so only Laura had the right to solemnize the rituals post death of her.

 Even she told that her 3 children Tansy, Gina and Jacob would not be allowed strictly to touch even her feet or her body after her death unless her soul would not get the peace. In this way, she wants to diminish her sin.

With end arise a new beginning for her……….

 Exactly this happened after her mother’s death when her 3 siblings came to see their mother for last time she was not allowed them by acknowledging them about her mother’s last wish.

In front of society by heard such offended statement from Laura Jacob told her that she might captivate their mother towards herself unless how could it be possible that a mother denied her 3 children by supporting her only.

Her 2 sisters while supporting their brother’s voice also told Laura that “she doesn’t do any excess favor for the family because if their mother would give their late father’s job to them then they would also serve their same dedication towards the family. Moreover, Laura had been still enjoying that earning from her job which made her self-dependent.”

They also told that “their mother had always been over concerns about her mid daughter Laura which she proved with her deeds and last statement, her actions clarified her impartiality affection towards her 4 children.”

“It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool than to talk and remove all doubt of it…….Maurice Switzer”

Laura without uttering a single word after that funeral ceremony left that place with those ungracious closed ones far away for forever by resigned her factory job.

As now she had none in this world for whom she would admit such condemnation and for her, she did her all amenabilities so now she freed her from all egoistic relationships.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent……….Eleanor Roosevelt.”


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