When the blissful affair turned to damned?

Laverna 19 years old gorgeous pursuing her Degree 1st year. Like others, she also enjoyed her college days thoroughly with her group of friends by making lots of fun every day. In that group, almost all got engaged except she left. It doesn’t mean that she didn’t get any love proposals actually it’s all about that craziness of wishing for such Romeo typed typically guy, who fondled her 24*365 even when she dressed up unlovely also.


  Every weekend the group planned for movies then the restaurant. Where her friends always booked for last row seats along with their preferable partners, in the intent of their lovemaking so that they could utilize the ambiance of darkness and silence of the movie hall for their closeness without interruption for nonstop 3 hours.

She observed suddenly their behavior divert towards her. When the common friends suddenly turned to couples and behaved like an alien with her. She felt discomfited when her presence not bothered by them. So she changed her seat so that they get freed from her resistance.

 When they met finally………………

Morris 21 years old tall elegant guy continuing his final year of Degree from the same college. He came with his friend’s group for the movie where he also faced the situation exactly like Laverna.

There Laverna who now sat alone in different lonely row bit far from her friend’s row of seats, when Morris joined her when he found that only one person was sitting in that entire vacant row.

A small love story began, when the coincidence of their introduction revealed at the beginning in their introspection. They both felt glad at least now they could be allowed for the last row of seat in the movie hall along with their friends.

In this way, the journey of pleasant love goes on. Morris never felt tired ever to fondled his love, soulmate Laverna. His commendation begins from her physical alluring look to her intelligence, not only that he even never skipped to comments on her makeover, dressed up, carried accessories, etc.. Laverna felt blessed about her love because whatever she dreamt about her Prince charming, Morris possessed everything within him as per her provision.

Pretends as blissful for such adoration………….

Girls have a rigid habit that during their gossip about their personal affair in their friend’s group forever tries to pretend about their partner’s sovereignty. Where Laverna forever highlighted about Morris’s over indulgence towards her.

Slowly with time, their attachment grew when their love now craving more from their relationship. Their lip kissing, sucking and embracing now seemed not sufficed for their arousal, where Morris failed to control over his ejaculation and both were eager for their physical intimacy.

 Laverna belongs from a mid-class family whose father working in a private limited company and mother a homemaker. Like any other parents, they also had few dream about their daughter’s career and marriage. Her parents often denied to good marriage proposal which they had being offered by their relatives for their young good looking daughter.

Dauntless act for love ………...

There Laverna and Morris suddenly one day just in their obsession had taken that extreme frantic step of marriage in the absence of their closed ones. As usual, Laverna’s parents break up their all relations with their only daughter for that audacity…….. and it’s quite obvious when their relatives found that for the sake of that good for nothing their daughter Laverna had eloped from the house then how could they show their face in front of their relatives.

 As they both prior planned for that particular date of their marriage in court under the witnessed of their friends, where friends also objected to their untimely marriage by against of their family but when both were already determined about their adamant decision and not ready to listen to them then why they interfered in their personal issues? So they only participated with them in that court marriage and wished them for their blissful married life.

After marriage, the definition of love changed….……..

Morris after getting married with his soulmate when entered at his home with his newly wedded wife then faced objection first by his elder brother and sister-in-law. Their first query towards Morris was “Who will take care of your wife as you already one existence burden upon us whose food to education expense carried by me only above that one supplementary your newly married wife?”

Morris’s elder brother was the sole earning member of their family upon whom he and his widow mother were completely dependable, so his annoyed upon his younger brother’s such adamancy was quite obvious and justified.

Not even they welcomed their newly wedded daughter-in-law nor asked for dinner. Laverna never expected such hospitality from her in-laws but it’s just beginning when so many unexpected scenarios were still waiting for her in her upcoming married life about which she might not be dreamt also.

Mother’s abruptly presence in life…………

Laverna waiting for her husband in his bedroom after humiliated by her in-laws when not even her sister-in-law or mother-in-law had asked for her changing. It seemed like they tried to realize both that it’s their sole decision for living together where no such decorum needs to maintain with their daughter-in-law.

 She felt hungry as its 11 pm and none hadn’t asked her at least for a glass of water. Now she opened her college bag (not any luggage bag) where she had taken 3 sets of clothes only along with her notebook of college where suddenly she saw the lunch box which her mother used to gave her every day for her college.

She took the lunch box and had it with her tears and told to herself “mother you know everything that your Lavee is in hunger! That’s why first time in this life your handmade food quench my hunger with its utmost satisfaction!”

 “Morris entered with few biscuits and a bottle of water for her but she refused told him that her mother came to feed her daughter but she missed to carry water along with her. So now she would only accept that water offered by him.” He amazed by her such replied then understood that she missed her parent’s presence so told all those.

Feeling of utmost satisfaction………..

They both after getting each family member’s harsh comments now anxiously waiting for their coitus. Now she received that utmost pampering by her adorable husband Morris which aid her to washed out her all unkind thoughts from her subconscious.

Morris sucked her pink lips now he undressed his love by his own hand first time with a very slow manner then licked her each organ thoroughly. He failed to continue his foreplay for long as his ejaculation forcedly eager for its mating where Laverna’s desire wants more from his foreplay. Now in that utmost pleasant moment of physical intimacy where they both wants to pause that crucial time of utmost satisfaction.

The real journey begins post first night……….

His elder brother next day called to both in their mother’s room wherein the presence of his mother his brother acknowledged him that “now he no more a collage going (bindass means carefree) bachelor despite became a married man who had the responsibility of his wife. So from now onwards, he would take care of his own family’s responsibility. Why and how he would go to implement that, it’s not their headache? As he didn’t take their advice before execute his marriage so if he could do that then he might also plan for his upcoming life.”

His elder brother was 100% justified in his rational statement because he already had his own children and family’s accountability then why should he going to commit towards his younger brother’s family.

But still, it’s his generosity who for the sake of humanity gave Morris a specific tenure of 6 months for his career establishment and completion of final year exam of Degree. His exam would be going to strat after a month but he never felt the urge for the preparation of his subjects instead his main focussed was now on Laverna’s physic.

 Suddenly regime changed………..

There Laverna whose college and education now paused for the uncertain period of time. Suddenly the regime of her life changed just from the next day morning. Earlier she woke up at early morning and get ready for her college without turned once ever in the kitchen, as her mother was there who feed with her utmost care by her own hand to Laverna, when she was in hurry for the college but now none was there even to asked her whether she need anything or not?

 Her sister-in-law sacked the maid from next day and told to Laverna that “her husband couldn’t afford the expense upon maid so from now onwards all those household chores was being looked after by Laverna in behalf of maid and only after that she would be allowed for 2 times meals until Morris contribute his expense in family.”

She now herself went to the kitchen to make something for her but she didn’t know even how to cook. In this way, her new work scheduled of life began for 2 times meals.

Feeling of embarrassment……….

There with time, Moriss’s behavior changed abruptly he started for consuming alcohol, returned home at late night, then forced Laverna for physical intimacy. Where Laverna whole day constantly worked for her 2-time meals there her husband never bothered about his wife seemed like nothing hadn’t changed for him as he was still in the myth of his bachelorhood.

 Laverna conceived for 4 months which increased her strain level due to her husband’s irrational attitude towards her. She often told him that “she felt quite embarrassed to asked for that 2-time meals from her in-laws above that if they came to know about her conceiving then what self-respect would be left further in their eyes? Already she was enough embarrassed by their sarcastic statements upon his drunk attitude.”

She also told him that if he wasn’t eligible to take the responsibility of her then why he married and spoiled her life? Moreover earlier she tried to coped with that 2 times in suffice meal where she never asked for more from her mother-in-law but now she was pregnant where her hunger not get satisfied by that 2 times in suffice meals. Morris slapped her after heard all those because he didn’t ready to heard those bitter truth from his wife.

Laverna cried because she understood that all Romeos are not meant for taking responsibility of their soulmate. They were suitable only for time pass in their well shaved decent image because they were not made for typical married life.

All emotions washed away very soon…………

 Morris failed to crack his Degree, there 6 months passed away as per his elder brother’s given tenure to him for his establishment in the career. Laverna’s life became a nightmare in those past 6 months. She experienced the torment of love from her college affair. He rapidly forward towards the destruction of his life without bothering about his wife and would be the child. His elder brother and mother also tried often to make him understand the seriousness of family life but his stubbornness ultimately exhausted them upon his irresponsible attitude.

 His overindulgence towards her always attracted the most during her initial college days of the affair which turned to abusive post marriage along with physical and mental torture. His indulgence suddenly washed away after marriage when he realized that how to ease its to spend few peep talks on special someone for mesmerized her in the intent of fulfilling his sexual desires of life but how difficult it’s to take the responsibility of expense for forever of that special someone.

She knew that if she gave birth her child in that unkind atmosphere then her child also would get an avoidance life by them forever when she had a firm belief that her parents never be so inclement towards their child.

 Later 7 months, she finally eloped from his in-laws home and shamelessly knocked his ultimate destination. Yes….. her own parent’s sweet home……So the 4 months affair + 7 months marital life = ends up with the worst experience of life in finally 11months……. When the blissful affair turned to a damned marital life…

Her father opened the door, they not at all amazed by seeing her on their doorstep ultimately in that worst condition where her deteriorates health with dark circled eyes revealed about her worthless marital life.

She felt very downcast when her father told her “hope you seen the world thoroughly but took 7 months time, don’t’ worry it’s never too late to start the life.” Her mother just told her “Lavee go to your room and change first unless dinner will be frosty…”



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