When to achieve success you forget the world?

Daria 21 years old a meritorious ambitious girl. Her father working in a private limited company, suffering from leukemia and mother a housemaker. Her elder brother Evan, who was doing his final year of Law. Their parents always wished to see their son as a successful lawyer. For Daria, they planned for the teaching profession. Daria never scored below 90% ever in her study life.


Man proposes, God disposes …………..

One day while returned to home from Law college suddenly he met with a frightful accident by a bus. The young son’s death demolished her parents drastically, seemed like they almost lost their all hope from life but still they always pretend that they slowly tried to come out from the trauma in front of their daughter because Daria’s final exam of Degree was at doorstep and at any cost they didn’t want to break her concentration.

Daria passed out with the good scoring of 85%. She affirmed her parents that she wants to pursue Law. Her parents amazed as they already planned for her teaching profession then how suddenly her decision change after passed out Degree. She told them that she wants to complete the incomplete dream of her elder brother Evan. Her parents cried by seeing her affection towards her brother, they affirmed her and in this way Daria took the admission in same Law college. Now her ultimate aim was to achieve her brother’s dream of a successful Lawyer.

When life wasn’t ready to give time………….

Daria was engaged in her studies thoroughly when suddenly one day after returned from office her father showed her few images of guys and asked for select any one among them. When did she ask her father that why and who they were? Her father not felt necessary to replied her back. He then asked the same to his wife. Her mother surprised and also asked the same like her that why he showed those images and who were they?

Now her father affirmed them that he had decided to give Daria’s marriage within a month as he didn’t have enough time in his hand. Daria and her mother shocked by his reply. Now the interrogation began suddenly with why and how…….by both of them.

He finally told them that Evan’s unnatural death had taught him an eternal lesson of life that “Life is uncertain so finish your major task without pending it for tomorrow .”

 Her mother protested told her father that “it doesn’t mean that for the fear of tomorrow’s uncertainty we should compromise with our present. Moreover, Evan died just 5 months ago then what peoples would criticize that how could we plan for our daughter’s marriage when they found that also a year not passed after that traumatic incident?”

 parent’s unbending decision ……

Her father wasn’t ready to listen none because neither he disclosed his personal issue nor he diverts his decision about his daughter’s early marriage. Her mother even so annoyed upon her father’s nonlogical decision of early marriage of their daughter when he firmly knew about the significance of their daughter’s career then what made him so stubborn that he even ready to compromise with his biggest dream of a life where he wished to see his child a socially established person.

 Finally, after a few days contradiction, he affirmed that he couldn’t change his decision despite by considering the situation he now wants at least to solemnized her daughter’s engagement with their choice able groom so that after completing the examination of her 1st year of Law, they could ritualize the marriage.

 In that case 3 things would happen at a time like, first Daria would easily crack her 1st year of exam without any stress and second vital aspect was in this between 1 year tenure they both Daria and her would be husband would get affluent time to know each other thoroughly and finally Evan’s death anniversary would also over by that period. So this was finalized.

Suspicious about the intention……………..

Her parents finally select the groom as per their daughter’s eligibility and status. Post introduction to both the family now they finalized the date for the engagement in a very simple way by keeping things in mind about Evan’s accidental death just a few months ago.

Though her mother affirmed about Daria’s engagement and marriage to her father but her suspicious thoughts about the early marriage of Daria was indigestible. She even personally queried her husband often that “why he became so stubborn suddenly about Daria’s marriage issue when she was only 21 years old and also let her complete at least the Law final year exam?”

Promise need for betterment……………….

 But her father never unfolds the significant and hidden cause behind that. In fact one day he called up his wife and daughter in his room and shared significant docs of savings and property along with them but before that he wants the apology from both as he had taken the vital decision of Daria’s life without bothering about their wish.

 “First he had taken the promise from his wife that whatever situation would arise tomorrow she wouldn’t be compromised with them and she would definitely solemnize their daughter’s marriage with their choice able groom Calvin, as per their finalized date after 1 year. Then he told that as a husband he never disrespect his wife’s decision ever in his life but the first time he has shown his adamancy in this vital aspect by going against his wife.”

Next “he had taken the promise of his adorable daughter, Daria, that she would definitely complete her Law and also established as a successful Lawyer and for that whatever impediment would come in her way she must trample all of them without bothering about the world and closed one.”

He told Daria that she might be offended on her father now because first time her father disobeyed her wish but with time hope she also forgives him when she would see in future that whatever he did for her it’s only for her betterment. So his intention was only to secured them.

When life changed after engagement suddenly……………..

Later 4 months of engagement, her father’s health deteriorate rapidly, though since few months his health not supported him. Whenever her mother or she asked for Dr. he denied visiting the hospital along with them or unless sometimes assured them that while returned back from office on his way he would visit the hospital.

Suddenly that day around 3 pm her mother got a call from her father’s office that her father had been hospitalized during the emergency.

 When her mother reached the hospital, Dr. affirmed her that she should call up her daughter and rest relatives as ‘he didn’t have any more time left, already counting his last breath…… her mother shocked queried the Dr. that why he told that?’

Dr. amazed asked her that how could it be possible that as a wife she didn’t aware of her husband’s disease and told her that her husband had been suffering from leukemia.

Her mother didn’t know how to respond to that dreadful situation she called up to Daria when she was at college and told that she should come to the hospital as soon as. Daria post reached hospital found her father counting his last breathe when her mother outbursts by seeing her daughter, told about her father’s frightful disease.

Before Daria would react on that her father’s weaken eyes last time gazed her and whispered: “my little child, nothing will ever pause your way of aim……my blessing will forever with you………” He closed his eyes along with those precious words, seemed like waiting for his daughter to conveyed his last message.

Truth reveals with death…………….

Her father’s death now revealed each act of past that why he was in the sudden hurry about Daria’s marriage, why shared each aspect of savings, why avoided to go for Dr. along with them and why taken the promise from them?

Her mother told Daria that “her father had already aware of his frightful disease leukaemia but he never shared with us because he already knew that just a few months ago we faced a trauma of Evan’s death and if he revealed about his certain death then it’s really horrific for us to accept that, so he did all his pending responsibilities with full plan firmly again he never wants to distract your mind from education when the 1st year exam is at doorstep.”

How to defeat the pain?………….

When father’s death shattered their lives. To accept son and husband ‘s death wasn’t easy for her mother but she has shown her extreme strength in front of Daria so that her mindset never divert from her real aim.

She still remembered every night after she slept, her mother used to sat for an hour in front of her father and son’s image and cried in the low voice so that the murmuring wouldn’t break her sleep and made her feeble with tears.

Daria was in horrific pain but neither she was supposed to drop her exam nor had the freedom to outbursts her pain. Seemed like God had been taking her real exam of life where she promised her late father that nothing could stop her way.

So finally after 2 weeks of her father’s death, she appeared for the 1st year of Law exam with the heaviness in the heart by defeating her utmost pain.

Entering of someone………….

Calvin 26 years old handsome, a software developer. He came along with his family after got the worst news, at the funeral of her father and from that day they came closed slowly to each other. As now they at least continued their conversation over the phone up to 5 to 10 minutes otherwise earlier the call ends up with few seconds only, restricted to Halo!….Hi!….

Later 3 months her result came out with good score. Now her mother wants to solemnize her daughter’s marriage. As she gave words to her husband that after completion of her 1st-year exam she would be ritualized the marriage when already a year passed when they did her engagement with Calvin.

Daria hadn’t ready to leave her mother alone in this phase when her mother emotionally needs her the most but they both tied up with their promise to her father.

Finally, she married with Calvin in a very simple way as neither Daria nor her mother had the mindset to celebrate. As already the family had met with 2 closed one’s death in the adjacent year so by considering that Calvin’s family also affirmed for the simple marriage.

The beginning of new life………………

At the age of 22 years, Daria got married to Calvin. His elder brother Malvin and sister-in-law Gina with their 2 daughters along with his parents all welcomed their younger daughter-in-law Daria with warm-hearted. During initial days she didn’t have any issue with all of them but with growing time she faced many challenges.

Daria after returned from college used to prepared first for evening tea and snacks and then dinner for all, then she served dinner to all of her in-laws and finally after released from the kitchen she sat for study at 9 pm to 12 am. It’s her regime whereas she needs more time for her study which she couldn’t get post marriage due to her family’s responsibility.

 Apart from this her brother-in-law’s 2 daughters, who studied at 4th and 6th standard always come to her for their homework and study, when she sat for her own study at 9 pm after finishing her household chores. Earlier she helped the children in their study, but slowly her study load increased where that 3 hours timing wasn’t sufficed for her exam preparation of 2nd year Law.

Impediment by in-laws………….

She noticed that her sister-in-law Gina who neither do any job nor study then, in that case, she should take care of her children’s study but Gina had never shown any interest towards her children’s study ever because she loves to spend her time with amusement like either in shopping or outing with her friends.

She told about that obstacle to her husband Calvin that if her 3 hours study time also get shared by the children by guiding them in their study, then how could she prepared for her own papers?

Understanding spouse…………

 Calvin after listened those next day with humble he told his mother and all during dinner that “children’s study level is going to increase day by day with their syllabus so why shouldn’t they opt for any private teacher for them who will guide them at evening in their task and syllabus?”

Gina instantly replied “Calvin as far my knowledge you have never taken the class of my children then how could you know about their study pressure and who told you all those? Hope your wife complained you about my children if I’m not assuming wrong.”

Now her mother-in-law replied to Calvin that “we opted for educated bride for you so that she could be helpful for the children in their study at our family but your wife seemed quite discomfort to help the little children in their study, though Gina also a Graduate woman but her children felt more comfortable with their new aunt than their angry mother. Moreover, if we invest on private tutors for children then what’s the use of Daria?

 After hearing all those allegations about Daria, about which they not even spelled for once but their invasion made Calvin and Daria understood that they all were in blaming mood so no used to talk with them regarding that any further instead he with calm finished his dinner and moved away towards his room.

 He has taken the responsibility…………….

Calvin next day called up someone at early morning in their house. He introduced the new lady teacher for the children with all and instructed the tutor that from now onwards she would come regularly to guide the children and for this job only he would pay to her.

Gina and Malvin along with his parents were now quite pleased by seeing that caring about children from Calvin. Daria understood that he saved her by this way.

Is she ready for Procreation?………………

Since few days Daria noticed that she felt weak and nausea often. She thought might be its due to her stress in the study along with her avoidance towards her health made her feeble, so she overlooked that. But her mother-in-law observed that and she called up to Dr., after thoroughly check up Dr. assured them that Daria had been conceiving for 4 months.

The good news made her in-laws enormous pleased. But Daria hadn’t ready for procreation now she was in the dilemma that how could she give her full effort on the study when now her body also needs rest. She told Calvin that she wasn’t ready for this unplanned pregnancy because she wants to first complete her study of Law then only she would plan for their baby.

Calvin next day went to Dr. along with Daria, he told the Dr. that he wants to terminate his wife’s pregnancy. But Dr. assured them that her termination tenure of pregnancy had already passed as her pregnancy continuing for 4 months now if she has taken the risk of abortion then it would be life risked for her. So at any cost, she has to continue her pregnancy.

How to cope with her physic?………..

Daria with the extension of her pregnancy now became feeble. Her mother-in-law now strictly restricted her that she should avoid late night study as it deteriorated the health of the mother and her baby but she never cared. She understood that if her in-laws found her physically weak then they would not allow her for college either for study, so from now onwards she always pretends in front of all that she was enough strong and healthy.

Calvin only realized that she was in extreme stress about pregnancy and exam both physically and psychologically as both were now on the parallel journey. He never slept until Daria finished her study up to 12 am, instead he often gave her soft and supple massage to relaxing her body.

The time came for labor pain along with exam…….

Dr. affirmed her delivery date after her scheduled exam date. So she now confirmed both the date and was relaxed that at least she would first get the scope for appeared the exam.

But due to her over stress, she began her labor pain one month prior than her exact scheduled date of delivery. So finally she delivered her baby boy, 15 days prior to her exam.

Post delivery of her baby she thought that a year ago during her 1st-year exam, prior 15 days of the exam he lost her father and during her 2nd year, exactly prior 15 days of her exam her Baby came in her life.

Is it any coincidence or what? So she reminded again to herself by her father’s last said words about her that ‘nothing could pause her way.’

After a week she got the discharge from the hospital. Now she had one week time left for her final revision. She without bothering about her physical pain or anyone’s statement just immersed in her study. Finally, she appeared for her 2nd-year final exam with a weak physic.

 Agonizing impediment…………..

Post completion of her exam now she has taken her baby in her hand coddled with her motherly touch as of now the baby also missed her mother’s coddling. Finally, after few months the result of the 2nd year of Law came out with the expected good score. Now her journey for the final year began with the new hurdle. But she knew that like her past 2 years hurdles failed to stop her way exactly none barrier would pause her final year of the journey.

Her little baby boy who now the apple of in-laws’ eyes cultivated the extreme hindrance for her with time. Her day began with her baby now instead of thick Law books. As the infant often need her mother for his feeding and 24 hours caring constantly where she couldn’t skip now. Now her workload increased from taking care of her baby along with kitchen responsibility. Also, she declined her visit to college by avoiding her important classes of the final year.

Deprived of mother’s affection………….

 Daria’s mother came to visit her grandchild and daughter in her in-law’s home. At first, she blessed them both with valuable gifts of gold and vital useable stuff for the infant also she wished Daria for die-hard dedication towards her aim and study.

 As a mother only able to read her child’s mind, she understood that how difficult it’s for a new mother to manage her infant and family along with the continuation of the study. When just a few days ago she overcome her labor and exam strain. So she requested her in-laws that “she wants to take her daughter and grandchild along with her for residing in her parent’s house for a month so that Daria could take rest and she takes care of both her grandchild and daughter during that period.”

Invasion by in-laws …………..

Her mother’s used terms of ‘rest’ regarding Daria seemed like became the cause for the beginning of the revolution in the family.

Her mother-in-law aggressively now outbursts upon her mother who told her mother that “What did you think that we all are egoistic over here who not give rest to your adorable daughter during this phase? Moreover, if you take away both of them along with you, then the society and relatives might be criticized about us that how irresponsible we are who left their daughter-in-law and her baby under her lonely mother’s guardianship in this phase when she needs more caring by ours. So we never allowed our grandchild with you, if you want to take your daughter then you can but not our grandchild……”

After listened to the harsh statements from her in-laws, her mother without uttered a single word further with them just left their house.

Objection by husband…………..

Calvin after known all those by Daria now told to his mother that “she by disgrace his mother-in-law made him ashamed in front of Daria’s mother for forever. Moreover, after her marriage, Daria wouldn’t be stayed for at least a day with her mother when her mother needs her the most in her solitariness where already she lost her husband and son a year ago then how could they objected her from staying her parent’s house?”

His mother replied him that “now he taught well that how to protect his wife and do fight on behalf of his wife with his parents.” Calvin understood that his family did all those intentionally so he planned and act in a different way.

He now hired a maidservant and assured his family that the maid only do work on behalf of Daria means whatever work schedule she had now all those would be served by the maid like evening meal preparation and when she would go to college then maid would take care of their baby as a nanny and the salary of maid also given by him.” Daria understood how firmly he again saved her.

When the baby needs his mother only……...

Now her problems partially resolved but what about her baby how could he cope with the nanny? It’s really the biggest issue arose for her when her baby not at all ready to stay with the nanny particularly for those days when she goes to attend for her vital classes at college.

Above all her in-law’s often teased on her higher study like they used to say that “how selfish mother for whom her career was more lovable than her baby and family.” They also often said to Calvin, against her that “look my son for your wife today you are ready to argue with your mother but I’m assuming you, Calvin, she is a very career oriented woman who prioritises her career the first then rest all thing then be aware of her who knows tomorrow after getting established as a Lawyer she might throw you from her life……”

There her results of the 2nd year came out withholding same persistence of good scoring. Now her timing of study increased with passing months when she sat for her study at 10 pm and continued up to 3 or 3:30 am and woke up again at 5 am.

Barbarian behavior towards an infant……….

There as an infant he forever preferred his mother’s lap than others. Daria never took her baby all times in her lap, in fact, she became prudish with her newly born since just after his birth when she only took him in her lap during his feeding time and for changing diapers. Otherwise whatever be the cause whether the cute one laughed or cried in the intent of getting his mother’s 24 hours indulgence, she never touched him in the sense of fear that the overindulgence towards the baby might not be weakened her path.

Even many times when she had been engaging in her study by sitting beside the infant and exactly at that moment the baby cried with his loud for her lap, she just called up the nanny to took him in her lap so that he slowly accustomed to nanny’s lap more than his mother’s lap because she knew firmly that she has to continue her unkindness until her final year exam would let over after a year.

Even every night after feeding her baby, when she left the baby in her husband’s supervision for his sleep and she went to next room for continuing her study up to 3 am, he started to cry loudly then Calvin with his lullaby stopped the baby. Daria amazed when she found a father sang the lullaby for his child.

 Not only that she felt horrible when her crawling baby often at night knocked her room and she not even turned him because she didn’t want to waste her 1 minute also when her exams stand at threshold point. Finally, she now appeared for her final year exam.

Finally, the dream came true………..

Later few months she passed out her degree of Law with her excellence. She thanks to her late father with her tears because he chose Calvin as an honest, affectionate and adjustable husband for her, who in real mean hold her hand until she arrived her goal by defeating against his family.

Apart from her mother and husband, none felt good about her biggest achievement. She never bothered about closed one’s offensive comments nor she ever allowed her physical or any psychological deficiency during her long journey of 3 years.

She cracked her each year of Law’s exam by carrying the baggage of variant blockade. In the first year her father died, the second year, underwent with pregnancy and delivering the baby and in the final year, she agonized her infant which sometimes revealed her monstrosity who didn’t bother about her baby’s agonize in front of her aim.

So she dedicated her achievement first to her late father and brother Evan then to her mother, husband, and baby the most because without their support and sacrifice she wouldn’t be climbed her aim. Daria now after 15 years established as a successful Lawyer upon whom her husband and son forever feel proud.

So many times she cried but again remind herself of her father’s last said word that “nothing could ever be paused her way to reached her goal.”


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