Why the 30th marriage anniversary devastate her life?

Clive 25 years old handsome, celebrating his parents 30th marriage anniversary.  The couple shining like a new penny still in their 50s. Then what is the cause of the breakup at 30th marriage anniversary?

Why the breakup at 30th marriage anniversary…………

Zara 22 years old fiance of Clive, present over the party along with her parents, Saul, the business partner also bestie of Javier came along with his wife. Zara the would-be daughter-in-law of Javier, forever attracted towards her mother-in-law Sylvia the most just due to her so caring and affectionate nature and moreover as a daughter-in-law what more she wants when God already blessed her with such a softhearted mother-in-law.


The letter by an alien……..

Clive really felt proud of his parents’ such affectionate bonding. Javier in their marriage anniversary going to proclaimed about the final date of marriage of his son Clive with Zara.

All were enjoying the party by endowing the couple. Suddenly one courier came in the name of Sylvia. Her family amazed that who sent the registered documents in the name of her. Her son unsealed the courier found some legal papers with a handwritten letter in his mother name. He was about to read the letter in public but Zara held him as the letter in his mother’s name, so only she had the right to read that at first but for Clive, his mother doesn’t have any personal life secrets which she needs to hide from them. Clive by avoiding Zara’s words read it loudly after gone through the letter Sylvia, Javier and all amazed that how could it be possible? The invitees whispered that definitely, any closed relative had sent such precious gift to the couple?

What’s was written in that letter which amazed all?………

“An alien has shared his will when he was counting his last breadth with Sylvia where the testator has bequeathed Rs 1 crore along with his house for Sylvia…..because apart from Sylvia none was there in his life whom he could nominee for his property” name of the testator not mentioned anywhere in that docs only the postal address was the single clue for scrutiny about that testator.

Sylvia and Javier both were quite surprised and now tried to scrutinize the particular because as far their knowledge neither they have any relatives nor friends or known one who belongs to that particular interior state. Then who was that specific alien who transferred his all savings to Sylvia?

Suddenly the letter paused the enjoyment of the anniversary party. Now by overlooked that mystery they both waiting for the over of the party. It’s almost about 10 pm, almost all guests were left except few closed ones like Zara along her family and Saul with his wife, bestie of Javier were still on the premises.

The past revealed the truth………

Why the breakup at 30th marriage anniversary? Javier who yet not had gifted his beloved wife but was ready for his introspection because for him now its far most significant to digs the truth behind the ‘will’ than to spend quality time with Sylvia, in their very special 30th marriage anniversary. Now the introspection began between the couple…

“Javier: Sylvia tell me now who is that alien?

Sylvia: How should I know because I don’t have any farthest relative also who belong from that interior state.

Javier: Ok…then let us suppose as per your confession that you don’t know him but here is my question then how could a stranger bequeath his all savings in your name?

Sylvia: That’s I too surprised that who is that crazy man whom I don’t know but he knew me?

Javier: Exactly darling you uttered the right word ‘crazyman’, yes…..he was crazy but only for you because in this world only Romeo types could do all such things for their Juliet! So now tell me who is that adorable Romeo whose obsession till remembered you in your 50s?

Sylvia: What do you mean by that I’ve extramarital affairs?

Javier: Good to hear the term from your mouth darling and hope those present over here could predict the same like mine.

Sylvia: But why don’t you rely upon my statement that I really don’t know him.

Javier: Oh..kk… so you will not confess that you know him right then take swear in the name of our son Clive.”

Proclamation about her past…….

 Zara and Saul by seeing the humiliation of Sylvia in front of all stopped Javier for his such confidential query to his wife should behind the lock rather in open but Javier was so hyper that his snobbish male ego doesn’t bother about his wife’s self-respect. Now Sylvia was ready for her bold affirmation about her past in front of all because as a mother she would never take swear on his son’s name.

Sylvia Outburst with cry by holding his husband’s feet that she knew him its none other than her music teacher Andre. Javier in pranking told her “oh…kk… that poor fellow! Whom I hired decades ago during our initial years of marriage when I was mostly stayed out of the Country to relocate the business. So now darling, could you portrayed your love story because we all over here were anxiously waiting to listen to those unknown sequences of yours.”

Saul again paused his friend that it’s a very confidential aspect of their life where they need privacy, so they all now proceed for their residence but Javier was so adamant that he wants his wife should be humiliated by all in open not behind the screen so he requested Saul and Zara’s family for witnessing the statement of his beloved wife.

 So darling, now you may proceed about your romantic journey of life and before you start let me clear to all that ‘those who so ever-present over here is being requested that don’t interrupt my sweetest wife in mid of her confession unless she might miss those thrilling sequences of life’….(in mockery) breakup at 30th marriage anniversary!

Her marital life……..

 30 years ago when she was 25 years old pretty simple Secondary passed out and Javier 35 years old Masters in Accountancy along with few additional professional degrees, got married as per their parent’s choice. Their parents arranged the marriage with this hope that opposite poles always attract to each other but the proverb not meant for all. Javier and Sylvia had the only similarity that they both brought up in native culture but still, Javier left his town in his 18 years old for his higher studies and then he never turned at his native. Whereas Sylvia left her native after her marriage.

Sylvia was very introvert and Javier the opposite one, their nature, habits, the attitude not at all matched at any viewpoint. Javier forever loves to see his partner in bold outlook along with aggressive behind the lock on bed whereas Sylvia loves the simplicity and formal about her partner. She was a very good classical singer along with mild spoken. She never believes in showing off about good qualities because her self-proclaimed reflects the snobbery in personality, unfortunately, her husband was a terrible snob. His tastes if we compare with his wife Sylvia then it’s a complete mismatch. Yet having a complete difference in personality as a matured couple they hadn’t any allegation towards the opposite.

Javier spent his maximum days out of the country for his business when Sylvia here at city stayed alone as her in-laws stayed with their daughter at native home. Sylvia wished to stay with her in-laws but it’s couldn’t happen because of Javier’s unscheduled return and back from the country.

As a newly wedded bride her all desires washed out with time not even she went for honeymoon even Javier left her in the house just after the first night of their marriage. The whole long day in a new place where even she hadn’t anyone with whom she could at least interact, life became horrific. After finished the household chores the only task which left for her was ‘waiting for a single phone call from her husband’. Her eyes always stick on that landline red phone as mobile wasn’t there during those periods. She always received the call just within a fraction of second after it rang up, whatever she was doing either cooking or washing but never gave the chance to Javier to waiting for pick up the call ever whereas  Javier, so careless that even often he waved off to call his newly married wife. She loves music which was another sustenance of her life, every day without failed she sat for practice her classical notes.

There Javier used to come home after every interval of 3 or 5 months with costly gifts of dresses and jewellery though for her those moments along with her husband were far more precious than those costly gift items. She forever told her husband that neither she goes for any outing nor she goes for any job then what’s the usage of those dresses and jewellery in her life.

  He stayed for a week or fortnight then again back to pavilion. For Sylvia, only those 7 or 14 days were not sufficed for her marital life though with time she accustomed.

Their private moments……

Sylvia during those countable days always tried to explore her marital life with her husband. She prepared all choice able items for him and served it with her utmost care and affection. Not a single second she let go for her own purpose always around the clock beside her husband but for Javier, it’s quite ridiculous.

Whereas for Javier his all love and enjoyment restricted to the bedroom only. He used rough sex with her. He offered her always to have a glance at pornography for innovative posture, to wear lingerie gifted by him during their intimacy but she rebuffed for all those when Javier instantly replied her “I know your taste, Sylvia, you still behave like a small town woman even after spent 4 years in City, your mindset hasn’t changed in all these.”

A man always loves to see his woman in bed as per his choice whether it comes to the question of wearing lingerie or apply innovative sexual postures.

Is everything normal between them for procreation?

In this way, their marital life crossed 4 years of journey. Sylvia randomly insisted him for her procreation because for her Javier spends his maximum days at out of the home and Sylvia at home alone with her loneliness and moreover, her in-laws and relatives often asked about her conceiving. Javier never bothered about all those but now his parents and friends often queried him about their family planning where he skipped the issue by showing the cause that due to business and workload he not yet decided about that.

His parents now forced them to go for the medical check-up, so that at least they could aware that if the couple had any disorder or not? Therefor Javier its now question of social status among his peer’s group so finally they both went for medical examination.

Reports came where it’s written that Sylvia has some complications regarding her procreation and if she undergoes with some treatment then it might be cured soon but Javier was perfectly fine with his reproduction strategy.
For a woman, it’s the utmost painful news in her life that she wasn’t Ok for conceiving. She now felt blessed by getting Javier in her life as her husband who after aware the truth still adored his wife equally like earlier. Even she offered Javier that if he would like to marry another woman who would be medically fit to bear his child then he could do this without a single thought where she would definitely release him without asking for a single alimony from him ever.

 Now the question arises that is Javier really loves her? Is the medical report tells the truth? Would Sylvia ever get the essence of pure love? Would the small town girl ever be praised for her sole quality? Who will open the eye of Sylvia? Why as a highly educated person he opted for a less educated bride for him? Finally what the real intention of Javier for continuing with Sylvia even after know the biggest secret of his marital life?

To know the answer to the bitter secret of their marital life and breakup at 30th marriage anniversary, follow the remaining part in the continuing postWhy the desire for love is Sin for a woman? 



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