“Why the desire for love is Sin for a woman?”

In my earlier post Why the 30th marriage anniversary devastate her life?” we have seen that how a complete mismatch couple had completed their 30 years of marital life without complaining to each other then how suddenly during their 30th marriage anniversary that courier gift of the property will documents from an alien, had revealed the bitter truth of their marital life?


“An alien has shared his will when he was counting his last breadth with Sylvia where the testator has bequeathed Rs 1 crore along with his house for Sylvia…..because apart from Sylvia none was there in his life whom he could nominee for his property” name of the testator not mentioned anywhere in that docs only the postal address was the single clue for scrutiny about that testator.

Javier who was a highly educated successful businessman married to less educated beautiful Sylvia (a small town girl) where he spent his majority months out of the country. For Sylvia, her husband’s one phone call was the only hope for her alive, above that when she aware that she wouldn’t be blessed with the baby ever due to her internal complication her desire for alive almost shattered for forever.

Now the question arise that is Javier really loves her? Is the medical report tells the truth? Would Sylvia ever get the essence of pure love? Would the small town girl ever be praised for her sole quality? Who will open the eye of Sylvia? Why as a highly educated person he opted for a less educated bride for him? Finally what the real intention of Javier for continuing with Sylvia even after know the biggest secret of his marital life?

Now let’s begin the remaining part of her journey…….

The phase of depression………….

Sylvia slowly became downhearted neither she had the urge to satisfy her husband nor had the desire left to continue her marital life. Javier now really scared by seeing her in such abnormal way where she even forgets to react also.

Their tastes vary but Javier also likes her classical music singing though he never encourages her for all those nor praise. He noticed that now Sylvia even stopped whispering her classical music during her cooking and other household tasks.

 He booked the table for a classical music concert. Sylvia first time reacts after a long, Javier observed that she enjoyed the music till the end. At night he asked Sylvia that why doesn’t she again start her singing practice but for Sylvia, everything had been paused for forever because nothing could quench the desire of her motherhood.

 The affection of spouse……………

Next day at evening someone knocked the door, Sylvia surprised after opened the door, she was speechless by found him on their doorstep. It’s none other than Andre 34 years old handsome, the classical music singer of last night music concert. Before she asks anything to him Javier came to welcome him in their premises. Javier formally introduced his wife with Andre and make him for sit. The couple appreciates his voice now Javier told in front of him to Sylvia that from now onwards Andre will teach her classical music and for that reason, he invited Andre in their home.

He told that Sylvia loves singing but a few days ago she underwent through a trauma for which she lost the urge to sing further, so now he wants that Andre teaches her good classical notes. Sylvia surprised by seeing her husband’s such caring first time towards her when she found that Javier had been seriously thinking about her psychology.

Andre agreed but he told Javier that he would come twice for the week as he attached with a music school so not get time for weekdays only weekends were fine for him, Javier agreed and after few days he returned back to his work schedule.

Entering of someone special………..

Andre the teacher of Sylvia who found that Sylvia was quite hesitant for singing in front of him on the first day. He understood that as a married woman her discomfort was natural, so to make her ease he began to chat with her.

Andre an introvert a soft-spoken guy who led a very naive and unsophisticated lifestyle coincidently Sylvia and Andre possessed the parallel characteristics which made them close very fast. Both began to like each other with their plainness and ingeniousness. Sylvia first time had been appreciated for her naivety by someone in her life which really touched her heart.

Within a short span of an interval, they turned to bestie now they both were quite open to sharing their feelings and emotions. They spent a good hrs to knew them thoroughly. Andre had none in his life whom he called as his closed intimate one because neither his parents were alive nor he had any sibling.

Andre has fallen in love with her and now Sylvia was everything for his life. But he knew firmly that as a married woman if she came to know about his feelings then neither she nor her husband tolerates him for a second also in their premises, for that he never dared to utter his emotions in front of Sylvia. Because he doesn’t want to lose Sylvia from his life. He was satisfied by having a glance on his fantasy woman.

Is it love?…………….

 Sylvia who forgotten to smile and react, once again alive just because of her bestie Andre. Sylvia who never realized the exact definition of love because up to now she always did her responsibilities towards her husband. As a wife, her dependency on her husband was quite justified for her sustenance. She forever tried to come close to her husband but their opposite characteristics always stood as a barrier in their relationship. Javier who never in those 5 years of marital life appreciate his wife even for her single recipe but he always humiliated her whether it’s the matter of wearing lingerie or to have a glance at porn during their physical intimacy.

The small town woman first time had been praised for her each and every quality whether it’s for her scale of voice or for any other household task. They both enjoyed their singing practice thoroughly. Andre amazed by her such good quality of voice, he always encouraged her to take singing professionally but Sylvia’s naivety wasn’t made for to earn few bucks from her music because she never thought like modern women, she learn music just for her inner satisfaction as it gives her the utmost inner pleasure of life, but Andre knew that if she think it seriously for her professional career then she would definitely grow high.

The essence of true love realized once …………

Sylvia never forgets about that day when her favorite monsoon just arrived with the thunderstorm. Andre completely wet knocked the door exactly at his dot timing of 6 pm. When she found him in wet she gave her husband’s cloth to Andre. Then they sat for their music class, by seeing the rain droplets Sylvia in her utmost pleasurable mood sang the monsoon classical rhythm.

 She in her cheerfulness just forget the world by leaving her place, her first steps automatically forward towards the lawn. Now with the rhythm of rain droplets, her first steps began to dance on the velvety wet grass, with her amazing classical song. Andre from balcony gazing her natural beauty suddenly Sylvia’s eyes fall on him, she gesticulated him to come out from the shed, Andre seemed like waiting for that gesticulate. His slow shy hypnotized steps now proceed towards her, now only 2 steps left which could abolish the distance between them, he read her twinkling eye’s expectations.

Andre embraced her by wipe out the gap between them for forever. His strong grip now gave the utmost satisfaction to Sylvia where she was eager to surrender her all strength upon him. They kissed each other but only lip kiss no suck or lick in between them. They just lost their consciousness during that extreme thrilling moment in that heavy rain. Andre took her in his lap and his slow steps now proceed for lovemaking. The first time Sylvia unconsciously flew with those utmost pleasurable moments from where her subconsciousness wasn’t agreed to come out at consciousness.

Post their physical intimacy when Andre held his soulmate Sylvia in a warm embrace suddenly the phone rang up and they both just within a fraction of second reached from their unconscious level to conscious status.

First time in her life when she missed her husband’s call, Javier surprised because she never did it before but he ignored. There Sylvia and Andre when found themselves in that utmost intimate phase they felt so embarrassed that not even ready to look at each other or interact. Their prime reaction of guilt not allowed both to eye contact with each other.

Their last introspection………..

 Sylvia: I cheated my husband and for this one act God will never forgive me ever.

 Andre: Why Sylvia God punish you alone? because I’m the culprit who is responsible equally then how Almighty forgive me?

Sylvia: Andre you know, the first time in my life I get the essence of pure love only from you because you are the one who realized me who I’m and your motivation made me feel that, as a human being I might be also born with few qualities like others.

Andre: Because you changed my life, Sylvia… I have none in this world whom I called as my closed one. I LOVE YOU……. but don’t worry Sylvia in return of my love neither I expect your love nor your accompany because I know you have a respectable family with a lovable husband who adored you the most.

Sylvia: How easily you confess your emotions because you don’t have any boundings but is there anyone who asked me ever that what I wish and wants?

Andre: No dear I’m sorry and I’ve to because I love you without your affirmation but don’t worry I’ll go from your life for forever so that you never felt that insecurity for me.

Sylvia: Crying….about to say something but her voice not supporting her.

Andre: (In her feet holding his hands begging for forgiving) Don’t cry Sylvia, forgive me please..please…I promising you 1st, that I’ll never show my face ever to you. I accepted you from the core of my heart as my wife and for me, nothing is ill in our intimacy and relationship. Now I give you my 2nd promise that I’ll never marry nor touch to any other woman in this life again. Lastly, my 3rd promise that you’ll live in my heart till my last breadth and God will fulfill your all wish without punishing you because from now onwards I grant his all punishment with wide open arms as I don’t have the fear of losing anything from this life…

He left the premises with teary-eyed, Sylvia’s watery eyes signalized him to stay for few more minutes so that she could confess her emotions and few confidential truth about her marital life like Javier’s forever avoidance to her and her medical unfitness for procreation because she never disclosed her personal issues with Andre ever that she was not happy in her marital life unless why she as a married woman has fallen in LOVE with him? Why her desires erupts after getting the aroma of love from Andre? Because that gap had been fulfilled by Andre which she never gets till now from her busy husband.

Dr. opened her eyes ……………

Sylvia’s life once again undergone into an intense depression. Life again within a few days brought her in the previous phase from her she began to stand herself by left behind her all pain.

 Now the question is will she ever come out from this severe depression or she give up from life?

Later 2 months, one day while doing shopping at grocery market suddenly she fell down on road, by seeing that few peoples helped her to reach the nearest hospital. After the checkup, Dr. asked her that whether she felt any discomfort? She told yes since few days she often feeling nausea and fatigue but she ignored initially thought might be due to carelessness towards health would be the reason for those.

Now Dr. affirmed her that from now onwards she should take care of her health cautiously because she was pregnant. Now their introspection………….

 Sylvia: reacts on Dr. how could it be possible means I’m medically unfit for procreation as per the medical reports?

Lady Doctor: What are you saying and moreover can you show me those medical reports?

Sylvia: Sure Dr. I’ll come tomorrow with my reports.

Next day Sylvia entered the hospital with all those medical reports.

Doctor: Come in Sylvia, be relax now and show me those reports.

Sylvia: Handover the medical reports to Dr.

Doctor: (After gone through those reports asked her) Sylvia could you answer me honestly few confidential aspects about your marital life?

Sylvia: (Bit hesitant) why not Dr. you can ask me…

Doctor: How is your relationship with your husband and would he loves you?

Sylvia: Quite good bonding we have and he loves me a lot.

Doctor: Ok… How many years you have completed of your marital life?

Sylvia: We crossed our journey near about 5 years.

Doctor: Have you ever gone through these report carefully or who told you that you are unfit for pregnancy?

Sylvia: I’m the only school passed out Dr. so, I can’t understand those medical terms which are written in the report but my husband is highly qualified, he read those reports and affirmed me about those medical terms.

Doctor: Now the last question would you love your husband?

Sylvia: (stand up with annoy) Why you asking me such unparliamentary questions and moreover what’s the link of these queries with my medical report?

Doctor: Sit down Sylvia and be calm down first.

Sylvia: You are my Dr. but how could you ask me such very confidential issues about my marital life and moreover let me know you, my husband and I both loves to each other a lot.

Doctor: Lier………..You are a liar and your husband the biggest liar….

Sylvia: What?……………….. What do you mean by this that we both are lies?

Doctor: Ok…… let me clear you step by step…..First, as per the medical report, you don’t have any complication for conceiving but your husband is unfit for reproduction means uncured complications for which he will never be a father and that’s why he lied that you are unfit to bear his child because he is very shrewd who utilized your ignorance and faith.

Now secondly is. You are pregnant now but the child is not from your husband because he is unfit then it proves that someone X is there who belongs to your child’s biological father.

Finally, neither your husband nor you loves to each other but definitely pretending the society that you are a happy going couple. So, Sylvia hopes now you understood that why I as a Dr. asked you such confidential things.

Sylvia: Her teary-eyed now admitted the truth.

Doctor: I know Sylvia what’s the importance of child in a woman’s life so not only as a Dr. but also as a woman I’m supporting your decision of bear this child. Because nothing wrong in this as like yours case many couples of this society now taking the favor of IVF or Surrogacy for continuing their happy marital life where the sperm and egg donor for procreation is carried by others.

Sylvia stood up from the chair and touched the Doctor’s feet and began to cry like a child. The doctor held her hands and solace her that she would be with her so no need to worry about other things and prescribed few vitamin and iron supplements to Sylvia.

Unmasked the real face ………….

Sylvia after back home from the hospital, outbursts in the cry, she realized that why God sent Andre in her desolate life. She was depressed and desolated after she lost her true love Andre but his purity of love became a blessing for her infertile life. Also, his entrance in her life made her aware about the biggest truth of her husband’s infertility.

 Now Sylvia was in a dilemma that whether his husband grants her child as Javier knows very well that he wasn’t the biological father of this child then how could he tolerate that or how could he reveal about his infertility? She was eager to listen to his reaction and reply over that good news. She called up her husband and affirmed about her pregnancy when Javier amazed with joy and told her that “Sylvia you respond to the treatment of infertility and that’s why God blessed us with baby, thanks to medical science, you make me so happy that I don’t have any word to express my joy over phone, I’m coming soon darling and take care”.

Sylvia shocked by his reply now she overconformed about Javier that he was really a shrewd person who knows well that how to tackle his less educated wife. Now she also confirmed that Javier doesn’t have any issue regarding her pregnancy but Javier lost his respect and love forever from his naive wife.

After 5 years of their infertile marital life now Clive, her son became the only resort of her life. Now neither she waits for her husband’s phone call nor she regrets her intimacy with her love Andre because she understood well that her marital life was meant for adjustment where no such place for emotions and feelings, where only duty and responsibility was the final word for sustenance.

Later her bold proclamation in public………..

 The whole ambiance turned speechless now after an hour of thorough bold confession of Sylvia to her husband in front of her son Clive, Zara’s family and Saul’s family.  Javier stood up from the couch by left his wine glass began to clapping and then slapped Sylvia in front of all.

Javier: “you slattern! after 30 years of marriage, you are pointing on my infertility? I’m a man with flawless character, and moreover, if I’ve any such infertility issue also then does it mean that you as a wife go to sleep with another man for the fulfillment of your desire?”

Sylvia (cried): “you are absolutely correct dear, as a woman I forgot that I shouldn’t have any right to love and desire! Could you tell me as a human bing is there any difference in desire for a man and a woman? If there is no such difference then why my desire for true love became illicit for you because as a husband you never tried to know my emotions unless you couldn’t leave me alone for prolonged years in this house as a caretaker where my only sustenance for alive was the one phone call of yours…….”

Javier: “Yes…. The desire for love is sin for a married woman…. So now I want as the owner of this house and as your legal guardian that you get lost from my house and life.”

Now Clive interrupts his parent’s introspection and warned Sylvia that “none’s ill act could amend my birth identity after 25 years of my birth because for me Javier is my idol father no such poor fellow who devastated our happy family.”

Ultimate truth yet to reveals…………..

Post received humiliation by husband and son when Sylvia was about to left her husband’s house with guilt suddenly Saul paused and said her that he as the bestie of Javier wants to reveal something about him.

Saul acknowledged in front of all that he never thought to disclose about one bitter secret about his bestie but now when he found that Javier was constantly humiliating his innocent wife then he unfolds that….

 “Javier hasn’t loved his wife Sylvia ever in his life because he loves Zinnia, a call girl with whom he is in relation since ages and that’s the real cause of Javier to relocate his business to Singapore. He promised Zinnia that he will never leave her that’s why he stayed mostly out of the country with his choice able woman who had been satisfying his sexual desire as per his eroticism that’s why he never liked his wife’s naivety. Javier as a highly qualified person opted for less educated bride Sylvia because he knew well that Sylvia’s ignorance couldn’t dare to query about his personal and professional life ever, also he will forever treat Sylvia as a puppet of his hand like he did by hiding his infertility written in that medical report.”

 Javier forever shared his ploy with his bestie and that’s the reason Saul aware of his secrets of personal life.

Saul also acknowledged Sylvia that “Javier intentionally appointed Andre for her, when he came to know about his infertility he scared that how could he faced the society, family, and friends when everyone was asking about his paternity. Now for him, only two ways left that whether he proclaimed about his infertility or either make his wife pregnant by someone other where neither Sylvia nor even God will point the finger on his manhood. Now when in that night at music concert he found that Sylvia reacts in her desolation on Andre’s singing then he without delayed invited Andre at the very next day in his house so that he could affix a bonding between Sylvia and Andre and moreover he was quite affirmed by Andre’s nature that he was typically like Sylvia who will easily mingle with her and exactly that happened as per Javier’s wish and plan. So everything was preplanned by Javier where they both acts like a puppet as the string was controlled by him.”

 Now Sylvia clapped and affirmed Javier finally that “I was about to leave the house with this Guilt that I did wrong with you but now I’m proud about my true love with Andre with whom I physically intimate once in my unconsciousness where our sex on bed was completely pure like Andre’s purity who neither sucked or licked me like the way you do with me, it’s symbolized that we did that in our unconsciousness unless if it’s our lust towards each other then we might continue that in your absence where you would never come to know, as you stayed out.”

Zara after heard those bitter truth now declared Clive that ‘she now break up her relationship with timid Clive for whom his mother Sylvia did sin but not his characterless father unless as a son he might hold his father’s hand to slap her mother also if a man failed to respect his mother then how could he respect his wife?”

 Zara held his mother-in-law Sylvia’s hand and assured her that “from now onwards I’m only your daughter, not daughter-in-law and if you feel sad about your ungrateful son then in my standpoint, forget him also because now Zara is your only daughter who will look after you forever proudly.” She left the house with Zara……………..afterall at the end it’s a matter of self-respect of a woman…..” 


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