Yes, it is true love and it can happen!

Nelson, 25 years old the final year student of Medical, has an intense affection for his beautiful 22 years old friend Justine, pursuing her management. He always finds the excuse to stay with her even he would go to the extent of creating situations so that he could be with her as long as possible.

“One day we will never have to say goodbye, the only goodnight!”


His all acts don’t surprise Justine, as he treated her like a precious diamond or a delicate doll. The care and the gentleness with which he handles her would melt her heart. His subtle hints like talking about family and kids were enough for her to read his mind. As a man talks about kids only with his love whom he loves because he wants his kids to look alike her as he knows only she will be a great mom to his kid.

“I only want two things in this world,

I want you and I want Us!”

Therewith time they gelled decently. Nelson completed his interns and now he has been connected with a private hospital and Justine also doing good in a multinational company. Now the couple is planning for their marriage but Justine’s parents have some issue in regard of groom’s caste and community.

Nelson when came to know about Justine’s parent’s non-acceptance then he started to plan everything rather give up on her when Justine started freaking out because guys have the solution to all the problems when it comes to living with their love. He cannot imagine his life without her. He would create such a scenario that no one would get a hint about their relation, till their names had been beautifully scribbled on the wedding invitation.

“I love you more than words can show

I think about you more than

you could ever know,

until forever this will be true

because there is no one

I would ever love the way

I Love You!”

When dreams shattered………….

They spent their days happily. Abruptly one day she developed a skin disease. Slowly Justine started to lose her beauty. She lost the pigment from certain areas of her face and body, causing whitish patches, often with no clear cause, which greatly reduced her self-confidence and self-image. She would no longer think of the good things in her life and all she would think to be about this disease she unluckily has. The disease itself would not ruin her life as much as she herself would ruin it thinking about it. Nelson realized that Justine not only lost her self-confidence also she lost the desire for alive.

She tried to skip from her husband at bed because of her growing ugliness. Nelson afraid to lose her for something as sex and he respects her too much to see her naked. For him, she would have to initiate the talk if she wants to have it if it happens otherwise, its an alert.

He kissed on her forehead more than her lips, again he would never ask her to sleep with him against her wish because he respects her decision and wouldn’t stop loving her even if she says NO for intimacy. Love is accepting a person with all their failures, stupidity, ugly points. Love is seeing perfection in every imperfection.

Nelson: I LOVE YOU!

I’m who I’m because of you!

You are every reason, every hope

And every dream I’ve ever had,

And no matter what happens

To us in the future.

Every day we are together

Is the greatest day of my life.

I’ll always be yours!”

When responsibilities abolish the pain……….

Destiny once again torturous with them and on a fine day while returning from office to home he met with an accident and lost his eyesight. The incident completely turned Justine’s life.

For Justine now the whole world is around her adorable husband Nelson. She now even forgets about her own skin disease which made her ugly and agonized so much that she lost the urge to live the life.

Her husband’s blindness engrossed her life so much that since morning to night, she stayed beside him for his every small basic need of daily life so that her husband never felt for a second also that he had lost his vision and with time, Nelson also became completely dependent on his wife.

She never let a mere disease hamper or have an effect on the aspirations of her life. She never let such a situation affect her emotionally or in any manner whatsoever. She doesn’t just sit and rue over the fact that what life has done this to her.

Nelson never ever for a moment seen her sad or unhappy. She told him how she had faced difficulties and unpleasant situations before. Now in facts, she was entertaining and hilarious at times. She manages all the things of her life very well even in caring their relationships also.

“Justine: I love you!

Nelson: I love you too!

Justine: Prove it, shout it to the world.

Nelson: ‘Whispers in-ear’ I Love You!

Justine: Why did you whisper it to me?

Nelson: Because you are my world!”

Everything is predestined………

Despite her gradual ugliness their married life continued as usual because for Justine her blind husband didn’t aware about her ugliness and hence there wasn’t any difference in their married life.

He continued to love her and she also loved him very much. But as days passed she lost her intact beauty gradually. Love is a feeling when you don’t want to sleep because the reality is better than your dreams.

One day she died instantaneously. Her death brought him great sorrow. For Nelson, it’s the utmost traumatic phase to cross that but he finished all her last rites and wanted to leave that town as soon as because that place tortures his wife’s memory, their golden days of togetherness.

While leaving the town a man from behind called and said, “now how will you be able to walk all alone? All these days your wife used to help you. He replied I am not blind. I was acting because if she knew l could see her ugliness it would have pained her more than her disease. So I pretended to be blind. She was a very good wife. I only wanted to keep her happy because everything is predestined.”

Distance can stop me from kissing you,

 but it cant stop me from loving you.

Till my last day, I’ll be loving you!”

Attitude makes a difference in Life!……………

A person who is capable of turning the negative into a positive one. It is something which not really everyone has. Every day we see people depressed and unhappy with some of the issues in life. Some issues are not really even issues if we see. Nelson just got a greater perspective of life with her and how not to bog down when life feels unpleasant. It is simply the way you see life and how important it is to see the good aspects of life.

Attitude does make a hell lot of difference! You can either make your life wonderful or awful just by the mentality you keep. Love means caring for other’s happiness more than your own. Howsoever painful the choice may be.

Sometimes it is good for us to act blind and ignore one another’s shortcomings, in order to be happy. No matter how many times the teeth bite the tongue, they still stay together in one mouth. That’s the spirit of forgiveness.

Yes…it is true love!…………

Love happens when two people are emotionally and physically compatible when they care for each other when they can think of a future together. Unfortunately, physical appearance can only attract, not make someone fall in love.

 Yes, men take time, but when they do fall in love, they are compassionate. You will never see as loyal a guy as the one in love. Other girls just fail to charm him. Lust disappears. He will want the whole of you, know about every single pore of your body. He will bleed at the thought of you departing, he will dream about future kids with you, he will want you to own his money.

Things that you cannot imagine. The way you sleep, the way you hold him in public, in private, the way you observe him, the way you listen to him talk, the way you own him. Carry yourself well in front of his company, that’s all he expects. Nothing more. But when it comes to love, physical appearance rarely matters. Looks fade away. Looks subside, I mean to portray about true love here. The spirit of pure love is forgiveness, unity, and togetherness!

“Love is an invisible bond that combines two souls together!”  


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